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Time to ‘Fess Up.

It’s true.  I cannot lie.  I am lazy.  No, no, don’t bother, ye who get “exhausted” reading my posts about all the things I have to take care of.  No, no.  That’s me being pushed against the wall, forced to take care of whatnot and whoseit, truth be told.  I so love a clean house.  Hate cleaning it.  I love a beautiful garden.  Hate weeding it.  Love a clean car.  What is UP with men getting all excited to clean theirs?  I think my mother rubbed off on me!  She always says she was meant to be a “Poule de Luxe” – which literally translates to a “Luxury Chick”  I could  be A-OK with sitting on my arse, book in one hand, something cool and refreshing in the other and while away the hours while someone else does the work.  Of course, I would never have that satisfaction you get from a job well done.  Or done as well as it could be.

I do this to myself EVERY SINGLE YEAR!  I take a stroll around my front yard and note the roses are surrounded, kept from showing off.  Those evil weeds just keep coming back.  I do have to hand it to them.  They are so very clever, insinuating themselves around the bases of plants that will gladly rip my skin off as I bring an end to their existence.  Of course I could use a claw-thingy (oh look, it’s called a “Cultivator” – thank you Google), and I do… but let’s face it, you can’t remove the corpses with other than your hands, encased in gloves, or not.

Having finally cleared out the weeds, I walked around my little “patio” in the front and was promptly refused access by the overgrowth of some tree – sorry.  I have absolutely NO idea what each and every plant is except for the lilac – and that’s coz I love them and I planted it there.  Anyway.  I sure hope my timing was okay but I spent a good hour pruning said trees and bushes so that I could, if I so wanted to set myself up to, sit on my little patio and watch any passersby pass by.

I can tell you.  I foolishly (or not) did not take any before pictures, but it shore to look perty now…

Now that I am looking at the picture, I am reminded that my, ummm, “shaping skills” must next be made to work on hedges and other shrubs… that one in the patio pic, in the back… looks like it’s having a bad hair day, morning-after-the-night-before style, don’t you think?  Maybe I should leave them to the experts.  Like when I call them, because I so want to spend more hard-earned dinero on this house before selling it, to trim my cedar hedges.  Mick used to do it every year but, since I need to pay, I think ever two is just fine.  Which means it’s this year.

Speaking of Mick, lemme just apologise to him right now – again.  He used to do almost all this stuff by himself.  The trimming of trees and laying down of mulch – reminder to self:  GET THE BLOODY MULCH so I don’t have to break my back for the rest of the summer.

And, finally, I get to the point of my post.  Talk about taking the scenic route…

Why, oh why, did your work ethic NOT rub off on us, Mick?  OK… maybe it was too late for me, (old dogs and all that) but could you not have been that little bit more influential on your sons?  They really did not have to take after me in this certain aspect.  OK… Maybe I’m being a little harsh on myself, maybe I’m not lazy per se, just not particularly organised, or rather, consistent.  It would definitely make my life a lot easier if I were.

So, I’m trying to change things up here.  I’ve been trying to show the boys that doing a little each day keeps things less discouraging.  That, I, too, work a full-time job but still get shit done.  That it’s okay to have moments to relax (post on my fabulous yesterday to come tomorrow) but that there must be times spent doing one’s share.  Would be insanely fabulous if they could do so without my having to nag and complain.

Trying to have MY newfound work ethic rub off on them…

… or something along those lines… 🙂

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  1. Dear Dale,

    I must fess up that my favorite part of your post was watching John and Paul mug it up for the camera whilst listening to one of my favorite songs. From one non-gardener/housekeeper to another, I feel your pain. Personally, though, I think you’re too hard on yourself, my friend. I think (and I’ll bet those closer in proximity) would agree, your plate is plenty full. Take care of you.



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    • Dear Rochelle,

      As always, I thank you for your kind words… and yeah. I probably am a tad harder on myself. But, that keeps me in line!

      Lotsa love,


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  2. OK …. you fessed up with the problem – and worked on a short-term solution … so what’s the plan? Of course I have a suggestion …. two of them … 1) Find a Sugar Daddy who will either do all the work or hire it out while you sit eating Bon Bons while blogging … or … 2) Move to a condo or an apartment. Meanwhile, git er done! … and hang in there!!!!

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    • Ah hell naw… Sugar Daddy implies old fart… 😉
      Condo – nope. I wanna be mistress of my own home without rules and regs… 😉
      I got ‘er done and I’ll keep gettin’ ‘er done 😀

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    • Laugh away, Andrea!
      Are you implying I was enjoying myself? That I got some sense of pride in my achievement?
      As my kids would say: Ayt… (coz alright is way to long to write…)
      Maybe. 😉

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  3. Sorry, nope. I still do not believe you’re lazy. You simply do not like certain jobs. I don’t either. I hate cleaning–though I maybe like it more than gardening. I love gardens, but getting covered in dirt and being bitten by insects, nope. So good for you for getting it done!

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    • Thanks, Merril!
      I’ll take it. Yes… jobs that I so appreciate being done by others… Though, I will admit that when gardening, I was writing a blog in my head and at other times, I feel like it becomes more of a mediation. Which is always a good thing because heaven knows real meditation – sitting down for any length of time… just ain’t gonna happen!

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  4. Gardening is hard but it is a fulfilling job. I love to see my garden when the carabao grass has just been pruned and the plants are flowering in all their glory.

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  5. Well, I’m sure by the time I add my comment you’ll have been told 100 times that you’re not alone in your wail. So it’s hardly worth me saying how I, too, loath to tackle the essential jobs, though I’m happy to walk ten miles across thistly meadows, deep in mud, tangle with the Frisian cows, climb and straddle 15 stiles, and all for a photo of an orchid. Okay, so there were loads of wild roses to shoot along the way. But it’s those essential chores that turn us into lazy sluts who’d rather veg-out than to get it done. Well, no, actually, I’d rather write. And if the dust begins to accumulate, well, as Quentin Crisp said, after a year, the extra dust hardly matters.

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  6. Q,

    I think you are reworking this whole ‘lazy’ business into a personality trait from whence it ain’t. Lazy? Pfft! Lazy feeling at times because you worked your tail off and then came home to do mom business for a couple of irascible young gents AND tending to the business of getting a house sold AND helping out other members of the fam with their business?

    Not lazy. But when you pile all these things on the other, like so much laundry (which you gotta do as well), it gets you thinking on a calgon bath at some far away resort. And who wouldn’t?

    I ain’t blowing smoke though, it’s just true. And as for Mick’s impression on those young pups? Oh, it’s definitely going to shine through as time moves along. He was a good man whose best is living on, and I know you look for signs all the time. Be patient, it’ll happen.

    Love and icy hots,

    Your other ‘non-lazy’ amigo in arms

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  7. Well, we all put stuff off. I love to be in the garden and at my laptop but loathe cleaning around the house (not to the extent it’s gross, you understand, but it’s not perfect). Cut yourself some slack there lady – as others have said, you have plenty enough stuff on your plate without ladling a helping of guilt on top 🙂

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  8. I think you are not the only one struggling. Don’t we all have ti fight laziness, at least from time to time. Yes, there are those few who seem to be working all the time, but I think it’s only appearance.

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  9. I think you may have inspired another post for me. I’ll do it right after my nap, a movie and that book I’m reading. Maybe I’ll do it tomorrow or the next day at the latest. Thanks for the idea. ;0)

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  10. I’ve embarked on a new work ethic, too. It’s all about housework, which I can put off until the cows come home. Too, bad I don’t have any cows. So like you, little by little, and it seems to at least not be piling up.

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