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Top of the Hill – What Pegman Saw

The weather’s iffy, I’m only working at 4 pm, I don’t feel like doing housework (like I ever really do, eh?) nor any garden work because, frankly, I shall be getting my workout in later and my back hurts already.  Wait!  It’s Saturday.  Lemme do a Pegman! 😉

This week Pegman takes us to Coniston Water, Lake District in England. This location was suggested by the talented Kelvin M Knight. Be sure to check out his blog where you’ll find articles, flash fiction and short stories. Thanks for the great suggestion, Kelvin!

Your mission is to write up to 150 words inspired by your Google tour of the area. Feel free to use the image supplied with the prompt, or use own from your own virtual travels. Once your piece is polished, please share it with others using the linkup below. Reading and commenting on others’ work is part of the fun.

Thank you to both Karen and Josh for hosting this weekly challenge. It is fun to choose our own pics, though I have a tendency to gravitate towards certain types.  Will go outside my comfort zone next week!

Top of the Hill

Shanna reached the top of the hill and took in her surroundings feeling like she was one with the clouds.  Not a soul in sight.  She inhaled, taking it all in.  As she exhaled slowly, she felt her heartbeat slow, her muscles relax and her mind clear.  She really needed to do this more often.

“Excuse me.  Ma’am?”

Heart in her throat, she spun around.

“Bloody hell!  You can’t just sneak up on a person like that.”

“So very sorry.  Didn’t mean to scare you.  I thought I was alone on this hill till I reached the top from the other side.”

“Are you from here?  Gosh, that sounds so corny!” she laughed.

He smiled, “I am.  My name’s Damian.  And you’re not from here.”

“Shanna, from Canada.” she blushed, “And, thank you.”

“Mind if I join you in your reveries?”

“Please do.  I’m done with being alone.”


57 thoughts on “Top of the Hill – What Pegman Saw

  1. Q,

    You gots your humor and you gots your meditative repose and you even gots a little romance going on, so it’s the trifecta for Pegman! Brava mama!

    The pace, the peace and the pleasantries are popping in this tale. Well played!

    Peace and peachy goodness

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  2. Great dialogue, and what a lovely setting, especially for a “meet cute” moment. If only it were as easy in real life as simply declaring that I’m done being alone. Or maybe I have to go to a deserted hill in another country and say it? Definitely open to new ideas at this point!

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  3. Im with penny: the last line definitely opens the tale. There has to be a story behind being “done.”

    And the guy uses the word “reveries?” Sounds like she met a poet or an English professor! Sounds like a keeper at best, or at worst perhaps someone so fond of thought as to lack action. Nicely done.

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    • So very glad it did.. and excuse me, Lady, we are around the same age and I am NOT using the term “certain” just yet. 😉


    • I’m killing myself laughing here… I commented on another blog and for some strange reason was thinking you were her. So sorry, Ina! And yes, you are very young at heart! 💜💖🧡


    • And I will blame my phone and the itty bitty picture of you and my lack of attention to your name and because I’m getting ready for work. All of which are excuses. Please accept my apologies!


  4. Bless your heart, Dale. No need to apologize. It never is a problem to be taken for someone younger than I am. I love your energy and the way you attack life. I love the simplicity of my life now. For everything there is a season.

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  5. Dear Dale,

    Sounds like a new beginning for her. Love the ending with all of it’s possibilities. ❤ 😀 Well told in your inimitable style.

    No time for me to write Pegman this week. Sigh.



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  6. Who knows what will arise from these two. Like how you have them approaching the same hill from different sides, meeting at the top – something portentous in that 🙂

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