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Love Song – Friday Fictioneers

Good Wednesday afternoon, ladies and gents!  The sun is shining beautifully here on the south shore of Montreal.  Tomorrow it is supposed to rain cats and dogs and then we are expecting a week-long heatwave starting Friday…  I’ll try to enjoy today as much as I can before work!  That said, before I go back out there and attack the weeds, I share with you this little 100-word story based on our hostess with the mostest’s own picture of her Luv’s music room.  Thank you, always, Rochelle, for not only being here week after week, encouraging us to write and up our game, but for always supplying your own fabulous take on the prompt.

As always, do join in by clicking on the blue frog below.  It’s a great challenge that teaches you how to choose your words carefully.  100 ain’t a whole lot to write a story!

©Rochelle Wisoff-Fields – Jan’s Joint

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Love Song

“…. and this is my music room.”

“You play all these instruments?”

“Yep!  Wanna hear some?”

“Yes, please.  I’d love to.  What is your genre?”

“You tell me after you’ve heard me play.  How about that?”

She nodded yes, thrilled that he was going to play just for her.

He picked up his guitar and she marvelled as his fingers caressed the instrument.

The melody was beautiful, his voice a rich baritone.

“So? What say you?”

“I’d say a country-influenced crooner is what you are.  You must have loved her very much.”

A shadow crossed his face.  “With all my heart.”

100 thoughts on “Love Song – Friday Fictioneers

  1. Dear Dale,

    There’s a whole ‘nuther chapter in those last two lines. Even with sparse descriptions, I have a clear picture of who these folks are. Well done, my friend.



  2. well done you! I could easily write a story with a thousand or more words but hardly one with 100…. We have a very famous Swiss writer (had, long ago) who apologized to a friend: Please accept my apologies for this long letter. I didn’t have the necessary time to keep it short.
    That’s me – minus the writing talent! 🙂

    • Well thank you, Kiki! I think I do ramble on other types of posts 😉
      I love receiving long letters… he should not have needed to apologise.
      As for you… who says?

  3. Q,

    How poignant and romantic this is! Him playing for her, and she understanding him in ways that transcend their connection, and strengthen it!

    Your pen has been busy with some quality work recently. But I am greedy in wanting more!

    Peace and hearts that flow

  4. That’s beautiful. Though it does remind me of a serenade, performed on a 12 string guitar. Norwegian Wood (Beatles). Not in remembrance of a sweet love gone, but in the hope of seduction. Ho-hum.

  5. Thanks Dale. It does bring back memories. And the evening turned out brilliantly. Not for him. But loads of his friends dropped in. Wine, guitars, singing. Laughter. And I met the singer with a local band; he had a Triumph Spitfire, sang Rod Steward covers, and we thereafter dated.

  6. Dale, your story is really affecting. I loved it. As the Carly Simon song says “there’s more room in a broken heart”. He is brave to put himself out there and I am sure he will be able to love again. His visitor sounds like a compassionate person.

  7. How delightful that within one short song he could portray his love and she could see that it was for another. Hopefully, they can put all that aside and connect somehow. Nicely done.

    • Exactly. Moving forward… I am not a fan of the term “getting over it” – you never get over it… but you definitely can move forward.
      So glad you liked.

  8. So much conveyed here, well done! As someone who plays guitar and writes my own songs, I know how intimate it is to share a song with just one other person, and have them really hear what you mean. And yes, the deepest music comes from the strongest emotions.

  9. I did write one or two love songs, including one for Connie. But my best effort was one called, “Don’t Let the Screen Door Hit You on Your Way Out.” – She hates that one! 🙂

  10. And there was I thinking she was his love interest. Would love to know who she is – a journalist? – and who the lost one was. What’s unsaid says so much in this one.

    • I think she actually is his new love interest. He is just sharing a special part of his past as he starts to move forward…
      Glad this one got you questioning.

  11. She is quite perceptive. I love how she first thought he was playing for her, and then, somehow knew the song was written and sung for another. Beautiful and poignant, and I, too, want to know more!

  12. Country music have the best stories in their lyrics. And your post could easily have been a country song. I feel like these two are starting a relationship, and connecting in a beautiful way.

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