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Friday Without Plans

“A deliberate plan is not always necessary for the highest art; it emerges.”
Paul Johnson

I cannot remember the last time I had a day off and nothing scheduled.  Dye-job and a haircut, notwithstanding, I felt quite free to do whatever the hell I wanted.  Was really.  Really.  Nice.  Work has been busy enough… it’s rare that I work a forty-hour week and I think I was just shy of it by half an hour… Might not sound like much to office folk (one of which I was for over thirty years) but lemme tell you, schlepping tables and chairs, trays of food and drink, setting tables (who knew that by tale number 14, the shoulders would burn from putting tablecloths on?) walking to and fro and keeping that smile is not for sissies.  An eight-hour day is a LONG day in the service industry.

K,  no more bitching, I promise you.  So, like I said, the only thing on my agenda was my hair.  At 9-stupid-30 a.m.  On my day off.  Of course if I hadn’t chatted with a friend till 2:30 in the a.m., maybe 9:30 would not have been so stupid.  Whatevs.

I called my mother on my way back from the salon as she lives a hop, step and a jump away to invite myself over for a cup of coffee and ended up with a nice open-faced tomato cheese sandwich to boot!  Chatted with her and Yvon until his lift arrived at noonish (he goes for physiotherapy a few times per week).  Figured I’d leave Mom to watch her shows or relax or read or do whatever the hell she wants and made my way home.  After all, I had a no-agenda day to not plan!

Today was gorgeous.  Sun was shining, then there were some clouds to cool me off, then the sun popped out again.  Yep.  Was gonna take advantage of NOT having to wear black pants, three-quarter-sleeved-buttoned-up-to-my-chin shirt and strangling tie.  Put on my bathing suit, a spray of sunscreen and vacuumed my pool.  Then I jumped into said pool.  Wunderbar!

Zeke figured out how to keep cool…

As I’m having Tammy and Andre over tomorrow for dinner (Mick’s best friend and his wife), I took out some steaks, lamb and chicken.  We will be having a mixed grill…  Keep ya posted 😉

I have been on a mission to weed a bit every day or so and have made some mega progress.  It is starting to look quite lovely here.  The front is mostly weed-free and other than those little mother****s in my unistone driveway, walkway, backyard, things are looking good.  I will have to pull out all the stops to get rid of those suckers.  I can still see Mick cursing over the whole bidness.  Using a pressure washer to blast them away, then spreading sand and sealer over the whole thing to stop them from coming back… effort which, frankly, does not last long enough.  Note to self…. next house has NO unistone…

No, I shall not show you the drive-way per se because, well… it’s past midnight and I just realised I did not take any pics.  Just see above, same shit is my driveway.  Only WAY more intrusion…

So, I tackled some of the backyard, some of the front yard then got fed up and cleared out some of the roses and other flowers.  I am amazed at the sneakiness of weeds.  They try to meld right in, sometimes succeeding quite well…. can you spot the uninvited guest in the Black-Eyed Susans?  While the flowers are still not out, it’s even easier for those buggers to hide…

One of these things just doesn’t belong…

And others are just showing off, thinking they’ll be kept because they might be as beautiful as the flowers… And as penance for ripping them out anyway?  Say hello to scratched hands because they just know we are going to go as far down as we can to ensure we get their roots out and won’t notice those nasty thorns just waiting for unsuspecting hands (and even when we do suspect and are careful, there is always that one thorn hiding…

Come and get me, Bitch

But once cleared out, things are starting to shape up…

And, since we’re on the subject of lovely things…. we are, aren’t we?  The other day I took some pictures with my real camera and had not downloaded them until today.  So all pics taken the other day are still applicable to today because.  Because I said so and today there is no schedule, right?

Dragonfly outside my office window enticed me to go out with more than my phone camera.  I went very slowly to not scare it away and managed to get a few decent ones.

I shall end this with one last image.  On Friday’s, CBC Radio 2 does what they call a “Deep Dive”, with host Rich Terfry.  He plays a whole album – but not just any album – an album that has made an impact in one way or another – as one would have in the vinyl days (yes, I know, we can still do that today), meaning, each song will be played in the same order as on the record.  In between songs, he gives us tidbits on it’s creation, on the members of the band, on how it came to be, etc.  Tonight’s choice was The Band’s album Big Pink – 50 years old this year!

After that, it was the programme:  “Marvin’s Room” with the hostess Amanda Parris.  A one-hour show featuring R&B in all its formats, old and new.  During these two shows, I washed and hung up my clothes, nuked some leftovers brought home from work, and ate. No way I was planning any food cooking.

By 8 p.m., Odario Williams came on with his show “After Dark”.  A cool mix of all sorts of genres of music but most of it on the easy listening tempo.

I was relaxing in my lounge chair when I realised there was a squirrel, just lying on the wires above my cedar hedge. I’m thinking he was enjoying the tunes, too!  That, and the neighbour’s kids screeching as they were playing in their pool…

Think I’ve kept you long enough with my rambling on…  A major heat wave is starting tomorrow in the Montreal area. We will be hitting some wicked temperatures for a good week… highs of up 35°C (95°F) with a humidex factor bringing it up to 45°C+ (115°F)!  NOT looking forward to working from Sunday to Thursday in that…  Till then, stay hydrated, don’t over-exert and enjoy… in no time at all we’ll be complaining about the cold…

A few of the 10,000 things that make me happy and grateful

61. Summer heat

62. Not working on a weekend

63. New haircuts, new look

64. Swimming pools

65. Left-overs made by someone else





44 thoughts on “Friday Without Plans

  1. Gosh, I feel exhausted reading about your ‘lazy day’. But, now, it wasn’t lazy, merely unplanned. Ah, an unplanned day. Mine suffer from the planner’s pencil even while I’m struggling to open my eyes. So what’s for today? Ah yes, breakfast, shopping, writing, writing, writing. I might change that to ‘process photos’. And what I write also changes. Then there’s the reading … An unplanned day? Well, there are those that don’t go according to plan.
    BTW: feeling with you for having to work in such unworkable temperatures. Heck, I don’t think English temperatures ever reach so high, at least not on the east coast with its Siberian blasts.

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    • As you said… it was not lazy, just unscheduled. I do have that never-ending list of things to do but yesterday, I was going at a pace that caused zero fatigue! Today, however, as I am having friends over, those jobs I didn’t do yesterday like clean the bathrooms? That HAS to be done! Plus my marinades for my meats – I’m on that next 😉
      While I would never work in a place requiring a skimpy dress and heels, there could be a happy medium…. like ditch the tie and allow us to open the top two buttons – makes all the difference! We really are a province of extremes, weather-wise…

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  2. Dear Dale,

    That’s quite a busy day for a day off. 😉 I do know about the intensity of food service work vs office work. It’s a tired and sore that goes right through every muscle and bone in your body. 8 hours is a long shift. And there’s the extra added attraction of clientele. I feel ya, my friend. Enjoy the new do. Looks good.



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    • Dear Rochelle,

      Sigh… they always seem to be… but, like I said, I was in zero hurry so it didn’t feel quite so busy. And there were many, MANY breaks…
      Down to the bone and root of muscle tired and sore, indeed. Let us not even talk about the days where we do 12 hours… coz they happen!
      Thanks. I’m already loving the fact that I woke up and my hair was just a tad flatter but no sections all “awry”.

      Lotsa love,


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  3. Q,
    Why do lazy days rarely behave ‘lazily’? It always seems like we try to cram every loose end into the dang thing and before long BOOM!
    Zeke and that squirrel do have the right idea on how to beat the heat though . . gotta say.
    And vinyl . . don’t get me started on that. Most peeps born after a certain age behave as if they’re the dead sea scrolls. I try to tell them it’s still the best way to learn a new song but nooooo.
    Here’s to peace and new ‘do’s

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    • B,
      Well… I never said this was a lazy day… just an unscheduled one with no cramming. It was a go with the flow of what to do next with many breaks in between 😉
      Yep.. Zeke and Mr. Squirrel had the right idea.
      If they don’t behave like thy are the dead sea scrolls, they act like they are way cool because they have “come back” to them. It most definitely is the best way to learn a new song.

      Peace, new ‘do’s and vinyl and… coffee

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      • Q,
        I always feel like my flow just ends up going on days such as this! I get caught up on something or other and before I know it . . my day off is all but gone.
        Yeah, and what’s up with that? I hate to break it to these kids but the vinyls ain’t come back to say ‘wat up?’ to ’em. They came back to educate . . .
        Peace and feeling no pain

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        • B,
          Same. Or rather, it’s a different kinda flow… and yesterday, my cooking flow got interrupted by the insertion of various shots, thanks to my eldest… I don’t usually overcook steak… there is barely any pink to be found. And I woke up to a disaster in the kitchen. Thing I hate doing but was in no shape to take care of.
          You right, you right… that’s what’s what. Education.
          Peace, feeling no pain as a result of feeling no pain…

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          • I can imagine the look on your face when you saw that steak. You are a very go with the flow personality but . . . you are dang serious about your food. And so dang good at making delicious art of it!
            Sorry about the morning after, but it sounds like you had a great time and that is what counts bebe!
            Peace and easy feelings

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          • Well… I was rather pissed off at myself for being too pissed to cook properly… truth be told.
            I am surprisingly not in any pain. 😉
            A great time was had, hadn’t seen Andre and Tammy since February and the boys stayed home for supper which really made it special.
            Peace until work in this hotter than Hades day on a holiday no less!

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          • Looks can be deceiving… some of it was 😉
            Everything? 😉
            Nope… Can’t figure out the why… but Imma take it, tell you what… (Jeez… you have rubbed off on my… I sound like you, now!)

            Peace and cool swimming pools…

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          • I find that Imma just makes me feel good, don’t you agree? It’s abbreviation with some soul to it . . not just cutting it short for the sake of it.

            Peace and chillaxing

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  4. I too am quite exhausted reading your ‘free day tale’…. Know the feeling
    And although I tell myself over and over: Weeds are just flowers with no name!!! I’m not convincing anybody, least of all myself.
    The worst offenders here are the acacia, they grow within days of found a space in our garden, grass, terrace, cement, stairs to something of a super star in invading nature terms. They are closely followed by all sorts of honeysuckles (which look lovely but their smell is killing me) and ivy. Dale, if ever you’ll find the time and interest, watch those ivies: They are the masters of universe in terms of camouflage. Wherever they get a hold of, anywhere they ‘make’ their leaves looking like the imitated plant/shrub…. It’s totally fascinating and totally irritating.
    We are in the middle of a heatwave already for the whole week and it’s getting no better soon. We have temps in the high 30°C and me with my milky skin (a real blonde, turned white too early) am hiding inside our cool stone house, thanks God! BUT soon enough you will have another one of your dreadfully cold and snowy and icy winters, so get out those cold drinks, ice cream, lemonades and enjoy your pool.
    Sending you ‘anti insect’ spray, love and greetings for a great weekend.

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    • Nah… don’t be exhausted, Kiki. It sounds way worse than it was. I took so many breaks, I’d a been fired if I were at work!
      I won’t lie… there are some pretty weeds out there. They are just not the ones hanging in my uniblock cracks or roses…
      There is that one ivy that loves to entwine itself in the cedar hedge. They actually have those pretty flowers that look like morning glories, you know the one? Doesn’t stop me from pulling those suckers out!
      Nature is fascinating, I will admit.
      I can promise you that I never go out without protection. Don’t understand what happened. I used to turn into a brown little nut, now I burn, spot (white and brown – blech) – I think I have little signs of vitiligo like my mother, her brother, some nephews….
      Thanks and hope you have a fabulous week-end as well!


      • Your morning glories are not the real ivies…. I know them well too, they are just ‘bindweed’ I think you call them. The ivy clan I know comes in every shape, form and uniformly green/grey-green/with white stripes, spots, whatever and the DO a marvellous camouflage – you simply find it hard to even detect them, and even harder to rip them out. Mine have to be treated with utmost care as they often take lots of stone, mortar, or bits of the actual underlying construction with them – beautiful but suckers all the same!

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        • I said look like Morning Glories… but they are definitely some kind of weed that entangles itself amongst the cedar hedge. As for the ivy, I have to admit I am not a fan for that very reason… They ruin houses and other plants (and I am always amazed when people actually plant these things on purpose…)


          • I know exactly what you mean. I have them too, they cover everything, even the grass. But they have one huge advantage ivy doesn’t have: You can rip and whip them off with no problem. They don’t get their feet in your precious stones.
            My mum who lives in a Home for Elderly has a beautifully planted balcony. She planted two ivies at the ends of her balcony. What she does, is genius: She gently lifts them up every day, so that they grow ‘freely’ and hang down without being able to attach themselves anywhere. You can do that when you live the life of a Golden Oldie 😉

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  5. I love a day with nothing (well, not THAT much) to do, how wonderful! Those weeds will never leave you be, though. That’s one of the many things I don’t miss about owning a home. Lots of disadvantages to this apartment, but zero weeding!

    Good luck dealing with the heat wave. I’m heading to Michigan to see my extended family next weekend and the temps are 15+ degrees (F) higher there than here. It’s barely gotten hot here in SoCal and I’m still wearing jeans & tennies – time to go find the shorts and sandals!

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  6. Awesome day off..isn’t summer great? 😊Funny you should mention power washing your unistone..we’re having that done at our place this weekend. But now i’m wondering how long that will last too..and I agree, next house, no unistone!😆

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  7. Well, I was ready for a nap about half-way down reading your ‘off-day’ accomplishments, but hey, unscheduled days are FAB! 🙂 Glad you had a good one, that you got some pool time in, and some weeds out, and some roots done (sorry, had to … ;)) and that overall, it was a good day. Yay!

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    • It was at a very relaxed rhythm, I assure you…
      I am staying cool in my air conditioned house… Am considering going out there. Maybe.
      Just got cancelled for work, so WOOT!!


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