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Canada Day in Quebec

I have a love/hate relationship with my province at times.  Especially on Canada Day.  I am blessed (thank you, Mom) to be perfectly bilingual.  I like to say I am what P.E. Trudeau wanted our whole country to be…as comfortable in English as I am in French.  Plus, look how much my father looked like him at a certain time of his life – in a handsomer way, of course…

I went to both English and French schools so I got different history lessons… History being that “unbiased” retelling of the past… I used to joke that I could not remember which were the “bad” Indians because I got both sides of the English/French history – just so I’m clear… there are NO bad Indians…  Who lost in the battle of The Plains of Abraham in Quebec?  Well, that depends on which side you were on… I can’t claim one or the other, frankly.  The English/French thing has been going on since… I’m a Square Head Frog, or a Bloke Pea Soup…

I get frustrated because St-Jean-Baptiste Day – exactly one week prior, is a Quebec holiday and everything under the sun is closed; come Canada Day, not so much.  St-Jean-Baptiste cannot be moved, Canada Day can – I mean for companies giving you the day off… if they fall on a week-day, St-Jean must be taken on that day but Canada Day can be moved to the Friday or Monday, whichever is closer.  Banks and such are closed but you may have to work.  I don’t agree with this.

My friend Joe shared this beautiful pic on Facebook yesterday, so I snagged it for my post.  Our parliament building beautifully lit up.  I apologise for not giving credit to the photographer (still waiting for Joe to tell me if he took it or he himself snagged it…)

I love where I live.  It’s a beautiful province within a beautiful country.  We have wild extremes when it comes to climate, which is normal, considering how vast a territory we have.  There are issues, yes.  I think pretty much every place has.  Here in Quebec the language issues and desire for separation from Canada drive me nuts.  The Separatists come and go and each time they try to rally the troops, they fail. (Thank God.)  It would break my heart if they ever did succeed.  While I don’t want this to be a political post, it kinda sorta is.

It’s Canada Day!

I thought I’d share a few little funnies with you… coz, that’s how I roll.

From 2010… so different Prime Minister but still same old story…

I have been trying, for three days now, to find a text I read a long time ago about a Quebecer on vacation.  When asked where he’s from, he says Quebec.  The other person says, “Oh, that’s a country?” To which he gets the reply of “no.”  So the first guys says, “Then why not say you’re from Canada?” And it goes on and on about trying to explain that the Quebecers like to call Quebec a Nation because they are distinct.  Sadly, I cannot find it to save my life.

And this little spoof from “This Hour Has 22 Minutes” from 2014 – shows how this separation issue goes on and on…

And, of course, as many of you are Americans… must have a little funny between the ‘twixt of us… ‘coz ya know, we really do love you guys and we do share the longest undefended border…

So to all my Canadian peeps, I say:  Happy Canada Day, eh!

And, let’s take Rick Mercer’s advice… Go out there and visit this beautiful country!

Oh!  How could I forget to add this!!

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    • Thanks, Merril.
      I consider myself very lucky indeed… It has opened so many doors and I shake my head at the ones here who refuse to learn English or French for that matter… it’s ridiculous!

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  1. Way to go Dale..my sentiments exactly!
    My parents came to this country in 1958 and they always emphasized how important it was for us to appreciate and be proud to be Canadians. In 1978 they took us across the country by train and it was one of the most memorable experiences for our family. I’m so proud to be a Canadian!

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  2. All hail Canada, EH!

    I miss stubbies and the ability to crack it open. Yes Quecec gave us Pierre and Jean but Brian ended that streak.

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  3. I have colleague-friends who are Québécois and I think they share many of your frustrations and wry views. Am very glad you are still our friends in the north, especially during this … um … less stellar time in US history. Please don’t hold the current ‘leadership’ against us … Many here did not vote for it … 😉 Happy Canada Day, and merry everything to ya.

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      • Yep. And we will do our best to celebrate the true underlying spirit this nation holds, rather than the current de-spiriting trends that are attempting to strip the US of its humanity or constitutional values … (in the “stuff” competition, however, I think we’re ‘winning’ right now … oy vey!)

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  4. Q

    Happy Canada Day! I hope you had Canadian bacon to celebrate the day. Or is that not a thing? Canadian bacon and Grolsch? I mean, they would pair quite well I’d think.
    Canada’s flag rocks. It’s classic in its simplicity, it’s not overbearing, it kinda says it all.
    As for traditions, I’m not one to abide. Don’t tell my fellow ‘Muricans this but I ain’t much for fireworks! Seen ’em once, seen ’em all. Sure the thought of blowing shit up is pretty cool, but I am always mindful of my digits as per writing.

    Oh Canada! And have a lovely evening . . .

    Peace and perty flags

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    • I agree… think of areas like Switzerland where the average is three languages.
      As for our PM… most Canadians loathe him… kinda like your head of state but for different reasons…
      I still have a little faith…


        • You know how it is with politics… no one seems to like their own leader… I can tell you one thing, it is not a job I would ever even consider! Doesn’t matter what you do, it’s never enough or not as some seem to want it done. I’m just glad that he didn’t allow himself to be bullied recently… 😉


  5. Your dad really did look like Trudeau. Thanks for writing about so many things I did not know about the large country north of the U.S. When my first husband and I moved to Cleveland we realized that if we went across Lake Erie we would be in Canada. When our third son was a teenager the Youth Pastor of our church took a van full of children to the Algonquin Lake to canoe for a week. My husband and I and his Black Lab, Solomon, followed behind with all the camper’s back packs. My husband’s canoe was tied on top. I am sorry I never made it to Quebec.

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    • He did, didn’t he. Glad you enjoyed. Lake Erie – my aunt had a cottage there, of course, on the Ontario side 😉 How nice to have been able to spend some time on Algonquin Lake – I have heard it is beautiful. Quebec is huge and has much to see – I’ve not been to lots of areas myself…


  6. Dear Dale,

    How fitting that I should finally get around to reading this post and commenting on the 4th of July. 😉 Eh?

    I’ve enjoyed the education, knowing so little about Canada. I hope one day to make it out your way. Not sure about Poutine, though. Looks amazingly delicious though.
    And you know I envy the fact that you’re truly bilingual. Unilingual is us.
    Thank you for sharing your local colour and the centre of your universe, my friend. Any enjoyable read.



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    • Dear Rochelle,

      ‘Tis fitting indeed, eh?
      I sure as heck hope you do! (As I hope to make my way to Missouri 😉 )
      Poutine, to tell the truth is a heart-clogging, bad for you dish that I indulge in maybe once per year… twice if the hankering is too strong…
      Now, now… you have quite a bit of Spanish – just more practice and you can give yourself the title!
      Thank you for reading. So very glad you did!

      Lotsa love,



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