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Weekend Writing Prompt #61 – Quarantine

A word prompt to get your creativity flowing this weekend, hosted by Sammi Cox.  How you use the prompt is up to you.  Write a piece of flash fiction, a poem, a chapter for your novel…anything you like.  Or take the challenge below – there are no prizes – it’s not a competition but rather a fun writing exercise.  If you want to share what you come up with, please leave a link to it in the comments.

Word Prompt



Sweat snakes rivulets down my body

Try to take a deep breath, impossible

Energy is nil, movement is out of the question

I watch the heat waves undulate before me

The air dances but I cannot

Pull myself up

Stumble across the stones, legs heavy

The door is in sight

Last bit of strength

I quarantine myself from the heat

And shiver in pleasure

Air-conditioning wins




38 thoughts on “Weekend Writing Prompt #61 – Quarantine

        • It started on Friday and is goimg until Thursday. Crazy temps of 35, feeling like 45 with the humidex… the come Friday, we’ll be back to a comfortable 25

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          • My mind boggles at those temperatures. We consider it a heatwave if it hits 30. Living on the coast, it’s rare to go so high. But I’m an idiot and go walking inland. I have a heart defect, not major, it just can’t pimp the blood from internal organs to outer layers to keep everything cool. So it deprives my head, which causes a faint, and allows me to cool down. Great, and most inconvenient. I have been known to simply droop to my knees and plead to be allowed to simply sleep. But Thursday’s walk is mostly woodland, which avoids the double whammy of heat reflected from the roads. How you manage …. but then you’re more used to it. And you have horridably sharp winter freezes too, don’t you. Yep, I’ll just stay here in UK, on the coast, with Siberian winds howling at me.

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          • It is mind-boggling. Worse than it ever was. You live on the edge with that condition… must be most inconvenient indeed. Woodland should be cooler. We manage….with A/C! I laugh because my house is set at 24 and still feels cold…
            Yeah, our winters are cold and humid too – goes right to the bones…

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      • I’ve been running in this insanity. Early and taking it easy with plenty of hydration. So I’ve been “beating the heat” so to speak in that it isn’t affecting me so much this year.
        Knock on wood, lol

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  1. You are insane… then again, you’ve gotta be looking good come next week… official photos and all
    Good for you…you should have pleased.


    • Seems the globe is suffering!! It’s been hell on earth, literally, here in Montreal… temps hitting in the 90’s but with the humidex factor, feeling like 110+


  2. We have a heatwave, too, in the UK. Thank goodness I live by the sea, so there’s some kind of breeze, although I so love the heat and, so far, it’s not be humid but just dry heat. No need for quarantine yet, although sometimes a retiring to the shade in the middle of the day is required. Your poem certainly made me feel the heat where you are. Air conditioning as sanctuary — I like that.

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    • Thank goodness for you, most definitely. There is barely a whisper of a breeze here. And the humidity is the worst.
      I work outside on a terrace… ugh. It’s been challenging, to say the least – though yesterday most people chose inside. Woot!
      And thank you, I am glad you liked…

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  3. Could read and reply before….
    Reason: THE HEATWAVE – la canicule! 😉
    Drove to Switzerland (and back) – 1400km – left at 0745 at 26.5°C – when continuing later in the early afternoon, we were at 36.5 and when we changed driving, we nearly collapsed just getting out and around the car in that heat. Thanks God for the air condition we have in the car…..
    Brilliant task solution!!!!

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  4. World wide we seem to be in this heat wave, Rngland is expecting at least 2 more weeks of it and we are the best people in the world to talk about the weather, Fact!!
    The river Teme near me has dried up, fish have to be rescued, it’s mental, driving home it’s like Spain on the roadsides

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    • It is something else… Well, world wide in the northern hemisphere… have friends in Australia and South Africa who are freezing their butts off!
      Another 2 more weeks? Oy! For us, next week will be hot but not as bad as last week – so they say, anyway.
      Oh my gosh! That is nuts indeed!


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