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Joie de Vivre – Friday Fictioneers

Good Wednesday morning!  Is it as HAWT and HUMID in your neck of the woods?  Lord love a duck… I know, I know… enough about the weather.  Still…  While thanking my lucky stars I have air conditioning and a pool (not that anyone but me wants to venture outside to use it…) I cannot help but feel for those who are melting away in their hot domiciles without it.

Oh!  And to all my American friends, Happy Independence Day!  Enjoy and stay safe!

Thanks as always to Rochelle for hosting this here party weekly (even when she has a houseful of guests!)  And thank you to J. Hardy Carroll for the use of his photo.

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Joie de Vivre

Some people just can’t be contained.  Life throws them curve balls that would leave others rolled up in a ball crying on the bathroom floor.

Blair was such a guy.

He believed that life was an adventure filled with wonderful things.  Life was good and what you made of it was your choice.  You could focus on the negative, and no one was exempt, or focus on the good.

“One person’s lost leg is another person’s lost child is another person’s lost puppy,” he’d say. “No one can judge that one person’s pain is worth more than another’s.

“Let’s dance!”




116 thoughts on “Joie de Vivre – Friday Fictioneers

  1. Q,

    Love this!

    It speaks to the differences, and to all the beauty we might cull from those differences if we simply allow for them to breathe. Once again, you transformed brevity into brava. THAT is how you beat this heat!

    Peace and dancing to your own drum beat

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  2. Everyone has to deal with what he has to deal with. The right frame of mind is all, though I hardly think a lost puppy exactly qualifies as bad. Today’s like the U.S. equivalent of what Expo ’67 was about , I think?

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  3. Way back in the day a guy with a fibre-glass leg said to me (up at the bar), Let’s dance. We dated for a good 18 months before our lives went separate ways. I had known him for years. A neighbour. He’d lost his leg to cancer at age 15, which really destroyed his dreams of playing the big league football. But it didn’t stop him enjoying his life. Yea, dance on.

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  4. interesting to end with let’s dance – kind of abruptly took us in a new direction after the “another man’s…” pondering –
    well done to do that build up – to ponder – to DANCE – in 100 words

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    • Thank you, Yvette. Glad you thought so, I, too, felt it was rather abrupt! I think it’s because he felt it was a waste of time to wallow in negativity when there are much more pleasant things, like dancing, to do (even if it is with one leg… 😉 )

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  5. Great attitude, ‘your’ Blair has – and sometimes even I get a bit annoyed at those ‘ever positive’ attitude. Because I’m a bit like that too, my glass being half full etc. etc.
    The photo however freaked me out 😉

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    • Indeed… I think it’s impossible to always be “on” but I like to think in general I am…
      Yeah, that photo was one that brought many a war story… No way in hell I was going that route.


  6. I like this man. A very uplifting story. Thanks, Dale. (And I can tell by your lovely smile you tend to think your cup is always full – except when someone else takes a wee sip!)


  7. I love the positive tone in this, whatever life throws at you; you can either bat it away or embrace the pain. Either way, life goes on. Your story is a great metaphor about acceptance and recovery.

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  8. Dear Dale,

    Leave it to you to write such an uplifting story. Love the positive spin and the outlook you exude. I can just imagine the twinkle in Blair’s eyes. Well done.



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    • Thank you, Sandra – it really is that, isn’t it? Pain is pain. No one can tell you that what you are feeling is not pain (or “big” enough to be considered as pain).


  9. I love this kind of spirit and aspire to it – nicely done Dale. I am willing to bet it’s not as hot or as humid as over here in Delhi as we say not even hell could be 😀

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