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Choosing the Simple Life – What Pegman Saw

Good Sunny Saturday my peeps!  I hope it is sunny and not sweltering where you are… We finally had a break in the humidity and are enjoying sunshine without melting into a puddle.  I didn’t partake last week but, since I have a Saturday off and no plans whatsoever, I thought, why not?  Thank you, as always, to Karen and Josh for hosting this weekly party.


This week Pegman is back in Europe in the Faroe Islands in the Kingdom of Denmark. Your mission is to write up to 150 words inspired by the location. You can use the location supplied in the prompt, or you can browse for your own view of the Faroe Islands using Google Maps. You’ll find both street view and photo spheres at the location.

Once your piece is polished you can share it with others at the Linkup below. Reading and commenting on others’ work is part of the fun.

Choosing the Simple Life

Life was simple and real in Gasadalur. After years of living the supposed high life in Copenhagen as a real estate agent, Freja finally gave it all up. She never thought, when she got the listing for the property on the Faroe Islands, that she would find the ideal buyer in herself.

Her family tried to stop her, telling her it was no place for a woman to live alone. It was too rugged, wild, and isolated. How would she live? Her assurances were met with protestations.

Once she introduced them to Enok, they felt a small measure of relief. His name did mean dedicated and faithful, after all. He invited them into his home, fed them and assured them that Freja would never be unsafe with him around.

After they left, she thanked Enok for his help and went home.

He watched her walk away… I’ll woo her yet…



36 thoughts on “Choosing the Simple Life – What Pegman Saw

  1. I see what you mean about the names! I have a niece called Freya too – pretty name. I like this tale, the independent woman going her own way, confidant of her own mind. I wonder if she’ll be wooed – and if she wants to be! Lovely story Dale

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  2. What a spectacular photo! I want to run away to the Faroes myself after seeing that and hearing her take. Although her simple life might get a teeny bit more complicated with Enok.

    That is too funny you and Josh picked the same character name. What are the odds?!

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    • I thought so too… I want to run away there as well… methinks thing will get… interesting.

      Never mind… picked the same guy’s name as Josh and picked the same gal’s name with Lynn! Now how about THEM odds?


    • Thanks, Josh. That’s what I did! And ended up with the same girl’s name as Lynn did! seriously… ridonkulous 😉

      I chose Enok for the meaning of his name…


  3. Q,

    These two have already hit on the golden rule of real estate- be it property or matters of the heart- location, location and location. And really, theirs is the perfect dance of give and take.

    Wonderfully woven with a lovely question mark attached to the ending . . in cursive at that.

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  4. Sometimes in writing, a name seals a person’s fate. His meaning dedicated and faithful, and he shows he has a sense of hospitality, if with an ulterior motive. Freya– meaning noble woman, or lady, the goddess of love beauty war and death..The combination could go in so many directions!

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