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Seeing Things – Friday Fictioneers

Good Thursday evening my peeps!  Just got back from a little four-day get-away in Woodstock so… needless to say, I’ve got it on my mind 😉  I know, I know, I had it on my mind before leaving as my previous story suggested!  And yes, there will an official “My Visit to Woodstock” in the very near future, once I’ve organised my pictures.

I could not very well diss this week’s FF as it is my picture that our lovely leader chose.  Thank you Rochelle.  Come play with us.  Just click on the blue frog below and add your 100-word story based on this picture…

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Seeing Things

She had spent a restless night, tossing and turning.  Woodstock songs played in a loop in her head, driving her nuts – to be expected, she had watched so many videos about the event.

Finally giving up, she got up and opened the curtain.  Gazing out at the weak morning sun peaking through the haze, she noticed what looked like the body of a naked female, shining on the house next door.

Whipping around, she was half-certain she would see one of the flower children standing there.

Laughing at herself she thought “And yet, I didn’t take the not-quite-good brown acid…”

93 thoughts on “Seeing Things – Friday Fictioneers

  1. Dear Dale,

    Is that Arlo Guthrie I hear? “Coming into Los Angeles
    Bringing in a couple of keys
    But don’t touch my bags if you please
    Mister Customs Man…”
    How many ghosts from 1969 linger? Loved your dreamy story.



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  2. Q,

    Clever and groovy take on the hippie yippie trippy slippy! The effects of a lack of sleep can be a whole ‘nother kind of trip, from what I know of it. Of course, not brown acid bad . . . not that.

    Peace and groovy trips

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  3. Hey, far out, Dale!
    Loved the story, a real good trip, babe. I had to look hard for the naked female but I saw her eventually. Took two tabs, though! First tab just gave me Arnie Schwarzenegger – hey, bad trip or what?
    Loved your flower children reference.
    Peace and love, babe!

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  4. The Orange Sunshine streaming through the Purple Haze, it’s all groovy. Just don’t take the brown acid. (Orange Sunshine was a popular acid). Anyway, I liked the story and am looking forward to your post about Woodstock.

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  5. Ah, hallucinations and flashbacks. I had a bad trip on acid when I was eighteen. I wonder if it had an effect on my writing?
    Peace, love, and all that. (and don’t forget the biscuits)

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  6. It’s amazing the influence music can have – transporting us in time and space. Maybe she picked up a little something from all those videos of spaced out party goers that contributed to her seeing things. 🙂

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  7. This prompt has thrown up endless different takes this week. The ambiguous picture certainly twisted a colourful trip on your page. You were chanelling Janice Joplin right there.

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  8. Well, was it a naked female? Or was it simply a hallucination? And we don’t need acid to trip. Before it was taken off the legal drugs to prescribe, I was taking a lethal chemical combination call Caffagot Q: ergot and caffeine. A treatment for migraine. And maybe because I was well into and well practiced at TM and ilk, several times after taking the drug I had some very weird visions which continued, intermittently, for several years after. Which might explain some of my stories. More recently I read (don’t know where) that some people spontaneously hallucinate. All of which probably explains why I passed on the drugs (well not the weed, but how do you work in entertainment and not take a toke (my excuse).
    So, now I’m waiting with a certain degree of patience, for your account of your Woodstock ‘trip’

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    • Well, if it was, it would have been me and there ain’t no way in hell I was taking pictures naked!
      I can’t even imagine taking that stuff… though family members suffer from migraines and I know they would try just about anything to get rid of them!
      That would be scary, no? To hallucinate spontaneously?
      Well, lady, your patience is appreciated! I may have to do it in sections as I took a lot of pics and it was not just about the venue for me.

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