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Woodstock – Woods and other Stock

I did promise there would be more to come and I do like to keep my promises.

Tuesday’s forecast called for rain but we sure were not going to let that determine what we could or couldn’t do.  We had promised ourselves a hike on one of the many trails in the vicinity and hike we would.  After a hearty frittata breakfast, to The Comeau Property, we went.  A mere hop, step and a jump away from our Airbnb and right in the middle of Woodstock.  Not what one would call a challenging hike but it was a very pleasant walk along the Sawkill Stream.

Arriving at the parking lot, we found a map of the trail, (Did I take a picture?  Of course not!)  So this one was snagged from the website.


See that map on the right panel?  Yeah well… I dunno who was behind the design of the thing but it was confusing as all get-out!  And bass-ackwards.  We found the short trail – coz it was right there behind said “Info Centre”.  The trail brought is immediately to the stream which seemed quite low.  Hopping from one rock to another, we found ourselves right in the middle.

As we continued walking along the trail, the rain started, but the canopy of trees protected us.  Besides, it didn’t last long.  Before long, we realised we had gotten off the trail and found ourselves in the middle of a wide empty field.  Or was it?

How cool to see this family of deer racing past.  Thank goodness I had time to switch my zoom lens and capture them!  I know for some it is no big whup to come across deer in mid-day but for us, it was magical.

It’s funny, we kinda forgot we were in the middle of the Catskill Mountains until we turned around.

We returned to the woods and continued our walk, enjoying the quiet.  It is summer season and we were amazed at how few people we encountered.  One was some weirdo chatting away on his cell… You are surrounded by nature and instead of listening to the sounds provided by said nature, you gotta jibber-jabber on the phone?  To each his own.  We were glad when he was no longer in our vicinity.

We ended up back in the parking lot, looked at the map again, tried to figure out just where the second trail started… I did mention it was not exactly clear.  We crossed the street and lo and behold!  There it was!

We walked along the trail, a lovely carpet of dried leaves cushioning our feet, the daylight shining through gaps in the canopy.  We could hear the water nearby and the trail led us to it from this side.  Did I mention how calming and soul-filling these walks can be?

This trail was so much more.  The water flowed stronger and the vista was enchanting.

Of course, I’m a bit of a rebel, so I totally trespassed (with proof I was the only one…)

We drove back “home” in the rain and M decided it would be grand to go for a run.  By the way, there may have been some rumblings of thunder.  Just sayin’.  I, totally NOT a runner, especially not one in a storm, wished him well and stayed back to get ready for the movies.  We had checked the local listing and decided to go for a short drive to see the afternoon viewing of “Oceans 8”, which we both enjoyed, along with a mega bucket of popcorn.

I had seen a video of a certain sandwich on the Facebooks and we decided to try it.  I mean come ON… we already had my fab vodka mix; all we needed was to pick up a few more ingredients so I could make us “Bloody Mary Grilled Cheese”.  We did not have the perfect bread (or a quick dip would have been better) but taste-wise?  Yeah, baby!  I am so doing these again.

The rain had stopped again and we decided to sit outside under the balcony for an early nightcap.  We were blessed once again with a couple of visitors.  Luckily I was able to capture this little guy.

And then this beauty.

This was turning into a fabulous getaway in the presence of most pleasant company, both the four-legged and two-legged kind.

Next up, THE site!

Part one is here, for anyone interested…






60 thoughts on “Woodstock – Woods and other Stock

  1. Q,

    Walks like these are just that . . soul filling ventures to be shared with the ages. It feels that way, felt that way, is that way. And while the Comeau is not Appalachian Trail as far as challenges are concerned, it is a beautiful trespass into nature . . mere blocks from the hush and bustle of the center of town to boot! The tranquility . . a drug to the senses.
    That capture of the deer . . the color! It’s three dimensional wonderful! They really ARE the best neighbors, no?
    And next time, a hardier bread! But still . . what a sammy!

    To sammys that hit the spot, popcorn buckets as big as the . . . wait for it . . . Ocean, and the soul filling ventures of our rhymes and reasoning

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  2. Wow for the photos! Amazing! 🙂 And the adventure sounds like it was fab.
    Now I’ll await Chapter 3. … (BTW, I know that trail. I’d only seen it in the fall but it seems lovely in any season. I agree re: the ‘map’).

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  3. Dear Dale,

    Your photo of the buck is a stunner. As for cell phones in the woods, pfft! So much to hear if you just listen. A few years ago Speedo came out with an underwater radio. When it was suggested to me for lap swimming so I wouldn’t get bored, I replied that the water is all the music I want to hear.
    Your sammy has me salivating. Nice account. Looking forward to the next installment.

    Shalom and hugs,


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    • Dear Rochelle,

      I canna lie… I am pleased as punch with that one – so nice of him to pose too, eh? Yeah. No. I agree with you on the whole cell phone and music under water…
      It was delicious for shizzle.
      Should be coming up sooner rather than later 😉

      Lotsa love,



  4. It looks so beautiful, and it sounds like you had so much fun, Dale. The deer! (I love them, as long as I’m not driving. We have them all around here.)
    Cell phones–I’m a bit less judgmental now that I’ve had calls and texts concerning my almost 96-year-old mother. But never in the movies or theater!!

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  5. Dale, you really know how to be alive. Your pictures are stunning. Even lovelier are your descriptions of the wildlife. You and M sound wonderful together in your shared interests. Your sandwich is gorgeous. ❤

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    • Thank you, Ina. We only have one life, I say. Thank you, I am pretty pleased with them, I must admit 😉
      So very glad you enjoyed my words as well. Yes, we are so in synch, it could not help but work out. Not only gorgeous, delicious! 😀


  6. I just read another blogger’s post about his vacation in the Appalachian Mtns in NC. I told him that it was my ideal vacation. I need to get myself out of this desert! I miss trees and deer like I grew up with!

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  7. oh blessed…. those animal shots – magic!!! But I was a bit disappointed that you didn’t fall in the water, that you didn’t get washed away with a sudden downpour, that you did everything you wanted to, not even getting lost a tiny little bit following that crazy ‘nailed on a plank of wood’ walking tour map…. 😉 Just saying!
    But hey, it seemed to have been the best vacation you could have wished for. And for that I’m thankful, officially and without any further thoughts!!!!

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  10. Really lovely shot of the deer. I take my phone into the woods but only use it for the photos on my blog, it’s always on silent and I’m constantly missing stuff. I’ve really enjoyed your trip to Woodstock, maybe one day I’ll make it there, I’ll put it on the list

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