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Layers – Friday Fictioneers

Take 2.  I dunno what happened.  I’d like to blame the WordPress Gremlins for taking my post (which I kinda really liked) and tossing it in the dumpster.  Actually, I will totally blame them.  My post disappeared and  I have attempted to rewrite it.  It is amazing how once you have written it once, you cannot rewrite it exactly the same.  No. I do not write on another forum and copy and paste it here.  I’m a do it once in the right place kinda girl.  So… for those of you who read the first one, I apologise for not responding to your comments.  I was going to do that when I got home and found out my post no longer existed!  I do thank any of you who take the time to reread and re-comment!

Thank you to Rochelle for hosting this party weekly and thank you this week to Sandra Crook for allowing us to use this wonderful image!

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Layers.  I can’t help but think of Shrek trying to explain to Donkey that ogres have layers just as onions do.  Donkey tried to convince Shrek to use cake instead, but onions are way more complex. They may look drab and ordinary on the outside but cut them to see what they are made of and they cry.  Their tears burn your eyes, Their flesh bites your tongue.  However, if you cook them gently, adding just a bit of salt and oil, they transform into something tender and sweet.

Time, patience, a little care and love is all it takes.


117 thoughts on “Layers – Friday Fictioneers

  1. Q,

    Love the ‘layers’ of this 100.

    The onion being the surface to which too many fall for before knowing the rest of the story. The surface is easy. It’s thin and transparent. But beneath that, there’s the good stuff . . the fleshy, meaty good eating that makes us . . . us. That there is the rebellion . . the righteous one indeed.


    • B,

      Thank you… And thank you for letting me know my original had done distappeared… Bloody hell.
      So many judge on appearance alone, dismissing without giving another thought. Makes one wonder how many lost opportunities for something wonderful occur daily…

      Much appreciate your most righteous comment!


      • That’s WordPress for ya . . easy to use format . . but it tends to gobble up more stories than a bus depot.
        Too much is surface oriented, and we could say it’s a sign of the times, but Imma have to say it’s relevant to every time. It’s always gonna be that way. Which is why art and poetry tends to matter so much . . for those times when we dive below the surface.

        And umm . . one question as per the analogies. What if it’s an onion cake?

        • Yep… Easy come, easy gobble! First time for me, though.. I ain’t pleased. At. All.
          Yep… why I know a certain writer who charmed the hell outta me… he coulda been an ogre (lucky for me, he’s not) and I still would have been smitten…

          I betcha, cooked long and slow, it would be deelish.

  2. A great piece of writing, Dale, despite the problems you had. I love the neat summing up at the close. The other positive to come out of your utterly frustrating and negative experience is the useful tip regarding saving. But you have my sympathy because I suspect even if we actually managed to recreate a piece word for word, we would still feel we hadn’t.

    • Thank you, Jilly. I could not for the life of me remember how I ended it but I.do know I preferred the first last line!
      I had posted and even got a few comments. I seriously just must have done something while at the concert I was attending.

  3. Dear Dale,

    I’ve never had a story disappear on WordPress. Totally bizarre. That’s why it’s always good to write your story first in Word and then copy and paste it. Did you contact support?
    Now I have to recreate my comment. 😉
    I think it went something like:
    I’ve always loved the analogy of the onion with it’s many layers to peel to get to the heart and healing. Your story is aromatic and simmered to perfection….again. ❤

    Shalom and hugs, my friend,


    • Dear Rochelle,

      No, I didn’t bother. I probably did something myself. I showed my story to Julie, she liked it. I used my phone all night so who knows?
      Even if I use Word to type the story, I never keep it so woulda been screwed anyway!
      And, yes, your comment went something like that… And I thank you… again! xoxo

      Lotsa love and sunshine and sand and fun with your bro!


  4. There are always glitches. I found three legit comments on my spam folder just this morning. I don’t blog on other platforms too. I like WP.

    • Yes, that happens. I regularly check my Spam folder to make sure. Sometimes, we send them there ourselves when using our phones to comment. I know I have.

    • Thank you. So frustrating, though! Think I could remember what I wrote? Pffft.
      Well, you know, we all have moments where we need to shed them…
      I will and do – coz I can’t help myself!

  5. Shrek was on to something… Glad you wrote this but sorry your other story disappeared. that’s odd. I used to do all of my posts direct, but for stories I typically use Word and then copy and paste. I don’t save it, but chances are, i forget to close it, so if it is gone within an hour or so, Word will still be there…

    • He was indeed. There was much more to that ogre than growling at trespassers! And I used to do that too, use Word – which I don’t keep… and usually flushed immediately after posting so I would have been in the same boat… I’m sure I was the technical glitch.

  6. I didn’t read your first attempt, but I saw that it had vanished.
    I can’t compare, but there’s a good reminder here in your layers.
    WP always has gremlins. I write posts first in a Word Doc, but I tend to change them once I paste in WP. For months, I haven’t been able to use the newer editor. It will only save what I first paste, but no revisions. That’s why the spacing is all cockeyed in my posts now. 🙂

    • So weird.
      It turned out pretty okay the second time around!
      WP does have gremlins. I used to do that too and then didn’t keep it.
      I hate the new editor and refuse to use it. It keeps suggesting I do but I won’t 😉

  7. Wow … you went in an unexpected direction … and I like it – especially the ending.

    Regarding the posting issue, the WP Gnomes were definitely at work. Usually they are more subtle, but their overt actions point to Obama!

    • Thank you, Frank.

      WP Gnomes are a sneaky lot… I may be the real culprit. Last night went to see The Piano Guys. Oh. Em. Gee, Frank. You MUST see them live! They are not only fantastic musicians, as you know, they are ridiculously funny!

  8. Lovely piece, I’m glad you could recreate it. Personally I just cut onions up and fry the heck out of them 🙂

    I always write in Word first, then edit in WP after previewing – it always reads differently on the blog for some reason. I bet you’re getting fed up with comments saying “it could never happen to me, I use Word” 😉

    • Thank you, Alistair. They do add so much to everything we cook, don’t they?
      I used to use Word myself. Then realised, why bother? WP counts my words just as well and it just makes an additional step to take. I never saved the Word documents anyway so this is all moot.
      As to the comments… everyone is so lovely and caring! 😀

  9. Listen very carefully, I will only say this twice 😀. I did read this first time round and I have to say that the last line on the post is true of everything in life.💜💜💜💜

  10. I can totally relate to your frustration Dale. Last year, we were on a cruise, and I used to type out my daily stories on my phone as and when I got connection. At least 3-4 times, I pressed something accidentally, and the painstakingly written story disappeared. I could never recreate the magic of the original story on any of the days.

    • Oh man… you are courageous indeed to type using your phone… I find it too cumbersome, to say the least. Plus, yes, so easy to send someone to spam or to lose your written words…

  11. I always write everything on MS Word first. Little bit old fashioned that way.

    This one was fantastic, Dale. I have a love-hate relationship with onions, just like with life itself.

  12. Loved your philosophical take Dale. I could totally imagine Shrek trying to explain this to bemused Donkey 🙂 So true about onions and just about any fruit and vegetable. It has to endure the cutting open to expose the goodness and juiciness inside. Just like us 🙂

  13. WordPress found that onion dish too hard to resist. I agree with what you say though I’d throw in a few chillies along with the oil and the salt just to make things more spicy 🙂

  14. So true! I hate cutting onions, been doing it since 11 years old and my eyes never got used to them. But can’t make a good stew or curry without them. They are the most widely used vegetable in the world. A bit of general knowledge for you. 😉

    • Thank you so much, Bjõrn!
      I will check it out after work.
      As for the Google docs or Word or whatever… it would not have mattered. Once I publish, I get rid of the doc!!

  15. Omg so many comments. Heres one more. Perhaps onions taste like cake to ogres. In which case, i have a fair bit of ogre in me.

    On WordPress, dont get me started. Still not more pain than fun I think. I tend to go with firstdrafts on Word, then just a few tweaks on “the Editor” (sounds rather intimidating). Better luck next time.

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