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La Rambla – What Pegman Saw

This week Pegman has wandered down to Montevideo, Uraguay on the southeast coast of South America. You’ll find an abundance of streets to wander down for inspiration on Google Maps.

Your mission is to write up to 150 words inspired by this week’s location. Feel free to use the photo provided with the prompt. or roam Montevideo for your own inspiration. Once your piece is published, share it with others using the linkup below.

Thanks to Karen and Josh for hosting this here weekly shindig!

La Rambla

“Do you want to try to walk the whole Rambla Sur, Felipe?  We’ll start at the top —”

“Rambla Baltasar Brum…”

“Right…and make our way all the way down the entire coast to the end —”

“Rambla Tomás Berreta…”

“— on Carrasco Beach.  The Rambla’s a must-see part of Montevideo, they say”

“You do know it is 22.2 kilometres long, Maria?”

“Yeah, so?  Half a marathon.  Big whup!”

WE don’t do half-marathons.  YOU are loca!”

“Don’t be a cobarde!  We can do it.  We can take our time, break as often as you need.  We’ll pack a nice lunch, so we can refuel for the rest of the way…

“Not a sissy, a realist.  I don’t want to walk.  How about we bike?  That way we make it to the end!”

“OK. Deal.  Then you can tell me all about the history of its creation, the World Heritage Proposal…”



27 thoughts on “La Rambla – What Pegman Saw

    • Dear Rochelle,

      I was hesitant to even post this one…wanted to give a little info about the place without being too dry…
      Glad it seemed to work!

      Lotsa love,

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  1. Q,

    Is it not enough that they’re in a culturally significant place? LOL. They made the right choice in biking rather than hiking. Because I’m thinking the latter may have ended with an Uber. If there even IS Uber in that neck of the woods, that is . . .

    Well played, cheeky monkey . . 🙂

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