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Let Them Go – Friday Fictioneers

‘Tis a rainy Wednesday and, as a result, they don’t need me at work today!  Yay! As yesterday was another long one, I am not sad at having the day to myself.  I probably should take advantage of this extra day to do official stuff that needs doing but first, this.

Our fearless leader, Rochelle has chosen this lovely photograph by Carla Bicomong.   See something in this pic that inspires you to write a 100-word, not a word more, story?  Then by all means, click on the blue frog below and add your link!  If you need more info on the how-to’s, click on Rochelle’s name for the rules and regs.

Do have a lovely Hump Day!

©Carla Bicomong

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Let Them Go

Sitting on a blanket on the hillside, Clara watched the people below.  She had no idea what they were celebrating but it felt more like a release every time they put one of the floating lanterns onto the water’s edge and pushed it gently out.

Did it bring one peace of mind? Was the symbolism enough to grant solace?

Clara felt her tears well and spill out, one for each of pain, loneliness, responsibilities of kids, house, money.  She named them and let them drift away with each lantern, marvelling at how she felt lighter as she let them go.


113 thoughts on “Let Them Go – Friday Fictioneers

  1. Amazingly beautiful. Did that down The River in Switzerland, with small tea lights on the boats. An unforgettable experience. Makes me just miss the lake, sea and rivers I so love, even more. I shall unload my pain over the lack of water in those tiny floats. 💖💝💘

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  2. Oh, how those day to day responsibilities can weigh heavy and sometimes it feels they might sink us. But at least for a while she’s let them go, pushed them away over the water. Lovely, heartfelt writing Dale

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  3. This reminds me of a visual mediation I used to do when deep in stress, a way to release the worries, the pains, the unfathomable, the memories into the Universe, the only way to heal. You paint a lovely version of it.

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  4. Your story is lovely, Dale.
    You gave Clara credible emotions that led her to take useful and believable actions – and you did it all in the context of a beautifully described scene. Kudos!
    (Clara’s actions would have had a considerable effect, because she identified and accepted the matters that were troubling her. It’s often very difficult to identify the things that are really troubling us because they frighten us too much. But when we acknowledge them openly to ourselves, they lose much of their power and we can let them go.)

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    • Thank you, Penny, so very glad you felt it was credible and beautifully described! High praise indeed.
      I think so too… they must be named.


  5. Dear Dale,

    Loved the construction of this, not to mention the message layered between the lines. Perhaps Elise should follow Clara’s lead. 😉 Beautifully written, my friend. ❤

    Shalom and hugs


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  6. Such a powerful story. It is true that by identifying and naming things we are sometimes able to let them go, or at least move a little further forward.

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  7. The power of naming your enemy.

    This reminds me, like crimsonprose, of a meditation. Walk through the front door of your house, with all the lights turned on. Slowly walk through each room, looking at everything, and switch out the light as you go to the next room. Each of the rooms is a problem, a concern, a troubling relationship in your life. When you are done( if you have not fallen asleep) you will have named your troubles, fully contemplated and dismissed (for the moment) them all.

    I love how your characters are so vulnerable and honest Dale,, Very real emotional power.:)

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  8. I’m glad you had a day to yourself, that’s important! Such a beautiful story. As she watched from the hillside, she was able to release her burdens one at a time with the boats being released in the distance. We should all intentionally release our burdens by name from time to time. Thank you for this thought provoking piece, well done!

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    • Thank you, Jan. At a friend’s a few years ago, we let loose the ones that go up into the sky. Lovely ritual, though I fear not so great for the environment… glad you liked!


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