Weekend Writing Prompt #74 – Brandish

I mostly need a nudge of some kind to write something. Thank you, Sammi!

A word prompt to get your creativity flowing this weekend. How you use the prompt is up to you. Write a piece of flash fiction, a poem, a chapter for your novel…anything you like. Or take the challenge below – there are no prizes – it’s not a competition but rather a fun writing exercise. If you want to share what you come up with, please leave a link to it in the comments.

Word Prompt



Some feel it necessary to brandish their good deeds about

Like a Dolce & Gabbana logo splashed across their chests

A scream of “Look at me! Look what I did!

Can you see me? Are you impressed ?”

Yes, the deeds are appreciated for what they are

A meal, a ride, a giving of things

A kindness not echoed in the eyes nor resonating sincerity

All about appearances.

Requiring zero investment in self

Along you come

Not seeking a return on your investment

Not drawing attention to your deeds

Not wanting other than to show your love

Giving from the heart with sincerity

No questions asked

You do get a return


Our Little Secret – What Pegman Saw

This area is on my “To-Visit” list so I could not resist participating this week which got me digging into a little of the history of the region.

Pegman did not get enough of this lovely region of Europe, so this week Pegman heads a little further west to the Douro Valley of Portugal.

This week’s suggestion comes from the talented Lish over at Up From the Ashes. Be sure head over to her blog and enjoy not just this week’s story, but her excellent poetry and other entertaining stories.

Your mission on Pegman, as always, is to write up to 150 words inspired by the prompt. Feel free to use the image supplied above, or visit the Douro Valley yourself via Google maps and find your own street view or photo sphere for inspiration. Or better yet, visit it in person, and take the rest of us Peg-people with you!

Once your story/essay/poem is finished, share it with others using the link up below. Reading and commenting on others’ work is part of the fun!



Our Little Secret

“They don’t pay any taxes and they get our best wines.  This works for those desgraçados inglês¹ but how is it best for us, eh, João?”

“But we sell even more wines, Santiago.  It is good business!”

“Good Business? Bah!  They are not paying what it is worth.  Yes, we sell larger quantities but it’s still not right.  We can make more.  A lot more.”

“But how?  The Methuen Treaty signed between our governments has tied our hands.”

“What good are their textiles to me?  They cannot fix our roof or pay for more hands to work the vines.  I’m telling you, I have the solution.”

“O quê? Como²?”

“We will dilute our good wine with our cheaper one.  They won’t even be able to tell the difference and we will be able to increase our profits.”

“What if they find out?”

“Who’s going to tell? It’s our little secret.”


¹English bastards

²Oh?  How?

A Job Well Done – Friday Fictioneers

Well, good Hump Day to you all!  It’s that middle of the week time where we get a great photo from our fearless leader, Rochelle, and are asked to write a 100-word story, with a beginning, middle and end.  Sounds easy, eh?  Well, to tell the truth, sometimes it is, and sometimes it isn’t!  But it always is worth the effort.  One learns how to cut the fluff and get to the nitty-gritty in hopefully a way that pleases the reader.  A huge thank you to Priorhouse for the use of her photo this week.  Do join in, if you feel you are up to the challenge.  Just click on the blue frog below to add your link.



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A Job Well Done

She moved around the table making sure all was arranged functionally as well as beautiful.  A properly set service made the difference.  Satisfied, she left the foyer to check on other duties needing her attention.

“I just don’t understand why you care so much about this crappy job of yours.  How can you demean yourself by setting up coffee when you can be doing much greater things?”

“Why is it demeaning to care about doing a job well? Taking pride in what you do is not about the what you do, it’s about the how you choose to do it.”

Weekend Writing Prompt #73 – Vortex

So. OK. The weekend is officially over. However, sometimes things happen and you decide, why the heck not? I tried to picture myself having the guts to read this as Slam Poetry. By the way, I have no idea what I am talking about but hey, if you don’t occasionally put yourself out there and try, how do you know? And how do you grow?

A word prompt to get your creativity flowing this weekend. How you use the prompt is up to you. Write a piece of flash fiction, a poem, a chapter for your novel…anything you like. Or take the challenge below – there are no prizes – it’s not a competition but rather a fun writing exercise. If you want to share what you come up with, please leave a link to it in the comments. Thanks for hosting, Sammi!

Word Prompt



One; annoyance, okay, it happens

Another; surprise, endurable, that’s life

Subsequent; disbelief and anger, really?

What direction this momentum?

What volume does it portend?

Can it be redirected?






Broken here

Damaged there

Sucked into a vortex that won’t let go

Pulling away and down

What life, this?






So tired

Suddenly, flung from the maelstrom

Disembarked rather brutally

Landing with a thud

Thought it would change everything

Time to change perspective

Or is it perception?

Begin afresh






Still there

This time, better prepared

The Route of the Cromlech – What Pegman Saw

This week Pegman goes to Goizueta, Navarre in Spain. You can use the photo included with this week’s prompt, our roam the region yourself and find your own inspiration. There is both street view and photo spheres at this week’s location.

Your mission is to write up to 150 words inspired by the prompt. Once your piece is polished, share it with others using the link up below.

Thank you to Karen and Josh for hosting this weekly chance to do research 😉 I always try to do some looking up so that I can discover something about the area.  Most times I succeed…

The Route of the Cromlechs

“We are definitely lost.”

“No, we are not.  This is the Route of the Cromlechs, I’m sure of it.”

“I’m tired of driving towards what seems like nowhere, so, how about we stop here at the Mutu Taberna for drinks and a light lunch? Maybe we can ask for directions as well?”

“If it will ease your worries, sure.  But seriously.  I KNOW where I’m going.  We are already in Goizueta, it’s not that far!

“Barkat, jauna¹?” he asked the waiter,


“Do you speak English?”

“Bai. What can I do for you?”

“Is this the road to the Route of the Cromlechs?”

“Bai.  Just continue straight for about five miles, then you will see the sign.

“Eskerrik asko³!

“See?  Told ya I knew where we were going!  Don’t you worry, Sweetie, you will see your prehistoric monuments.  We did not come all this way for you to miss them!”

¹Excuse me, Sir?


³Thank you

And for the sake of the story… these are the Cromlechs

A Friday Falter

I woke up this morning, at the ungodly hour (for me, as I work late and don’t get to bed till numpty o’clock) of 6:30 to a headache.  And a queasy stomach.   Decided to take Tylenol because they are not so harsh on the stomach and went back to bed.  Slept(ish) until about 10:30 and felt this headache was more along the lines of a migraine.  I don’t do migraines.  My sister unfortunately does, my mother used to big time, as did my late husband.  Me?  Not so much.  Popped two Advil Liquigels and lay down again. The rain was pelting against the window – I so love that sound.  Plus it made my room extra dark. But, I gave up by 11-30-ish, got up and felt a slight bit better.  At least the stomach was not so iffy.

I’m completely blaming last night’s event at work.  I worked the wine bar, which was fine, then the end-of-evening bar, which was also fine.  What was not so fine was the loudness of the music. It was ridonkulously LOUD.  After the speeches and celebrations of X many years of working with the company, the party officially started.  A party for 240 peeps, though there were less that showed and many who left after the awards…. There were also the flashing lights.  I’m not usually so susceptible to such noise and lighting but maybe I’ve been tired.  Or, maybe someone came to work with a gastro and passed the bug!  No, no, I’m fairly certain it’s not that.  When the last stragglers were still dancing about, I was able to snap a pic.  It had been quite pretty with all the lit-up vases and such.  Oh well.  When working, there is no time for photography and I should have taken them before the guests arrived but there was much to do in little time.

So, back to the state of my stomach and head… Poor Aidan had made himself a nice big thermos of Lipton Chicken Noodle Soup to bring to school.  There it was on the counter.  Hours after he left.  Sucks to be him.  Great to be me.  I poured some of the bouillon (broth, if you prefer) into a mug, sipped it.  Perfection.  Felt a thousand times better so I made myself a coffee.  I know, I know, that was pushing it but all was good.

Sipped my caffè while catching up on FF stories.  I then ate the rest of the soup while watching the conclusion of MasterChef – so glad Gerron won.  Considered taking a nap but frankly felt good enough to take the Zeke-meister out for a walk.  Thing I had not done in eons, it feels like.

Off Zeke and I went, towards one of the many parks.  To say he was excited, is to put it mildly.  When he sees me grab my camera bag, he becomes a basket case!

We made our way across the boulevard and to the passageway leading towards the park.  I can’t help but take pics of these weeds… they are just so pretty!

This house, with it’s waterfall garden in the front always fascinates me.

We continue on our way, and I was reminded of the pictures I have taken of various fences and benches and entrances for an eventual post, still sitting in my “pending” folder since forever.  I’ll have to look for them!  So I took this weird little wanna be fence

We finally get to the park and there is no one so I can let Zeke run around.  It was so windy but so very warm.  Very un-September 21st-like, that is for sure!  There is a water fountain that Zeke can drink from and we did take a sip.  I then took a seat as I realised I still was not up to par…  Looks like we would not go as far as Zeke would like.

Waiting patiently

Still, it was nice to get out and get some air.  And there is always tomorrow!

Daisies look so happy…

Oh, and since this afternoon’s walk, I have learned that our capital city and neighbouring Gatineau were bombarded with a major tornado.  Thus explaning all the wind and rain we are getting here right now.  It is a mere two hours away.

There is much devastation as this link can show you… I have friends and family in that area, most of whom have marked themselves safe.  I so hope everyone who hasn’t is.


While She Waited – Friday Fictioneers

Good Wednesday evening, my peeps!  First off, to my Friday Ficioneer Friends, I apologise for not getting to all of you last week.  Was one of those weeks.  I shall strive to do much better this week, I promise!

Our Fabulous Fictioneer Facilitator, Rochelle, has chosen one of my photos.  Hmm… wonder where she “snagged” that one from?  All good.  I did give her the A-OK, of course!

Should this cute decor inspire you to write your own 100- word story, please do and add your link by clicking on the blue frog below.  It’s a fun challenge and really teaches you to cut the fluff!

©Dale Rogerson


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While She Waited

They had arranged to meet at a bar/restaurant on the happening street of town. For most, it might seem weird to meet close to midnight but when you worked late shifts, this is what you did. No biggie, they were both night owls.

She got there early and waited by the entrance. She’d never noticed the umbrellas before. How cool! She snapped a few pics, shared them on Instagram and waited.

Over half-hour late. Starting to feel uncomfortable, and getting certain looks designed for a “working woman”, she chose to wait in her car.

Her cell pinged: “Where are you?”