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The Proof In Our Existence

On this 17th anniversary of a darker-than-dark day, I know that if I accidentally turn on the TV and it’s on a news channel, I will be bombarded with images of disaster, of planes hitting towers, of people running to and fro. Played in a loop. I won’t do that. Instead, I shall share this wonderful post by my friend Marc over at Sorryless because it is stories like these that I prefer to share.

Be Sorry . . . Less

Firefighters Todd Heaney and Frankie DiLeo, of Engine 209, c

People are inherently good.

We’re raised to believe this concept from the time we’re old enough to get bored during liturgy and choose sides on the playground. Most kids aren’t concerned with empirical validation when the freedoms they hold most dear are threatened; yanno, stuff like playtime and dessert.

Then there was me.

I questioned everything, no matter how convincing the adults were at selling the points. I wanted to believe people were generally good, but I had myriad reasons to be skeptical. Adding to my distrust of the status quo was the fact that I read, a lot. And I observed, everything.

So it was that I questioned the cross stitched tenets of a happy life, which mandated that you go to school, score a good job and get married. Societal conventions read like a manual, and I knew that spiritual complications navigated through so much more than a…

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31 thoughts on “The Proof In Our Existence

  1. Peace, love and high roads to you my lovely sistah soul mate.

    Thank you for sharing your memories with me, and for being such a wonderful and open heart who gets it. You always bring a special light, so yanno . . never change.

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  2. Can’t believe it’s seventeen years. A moment went the world turned on its axis and the future shifted for us all. Things have looked bleak since, but Marc’s right – every moment like this, when humanity shows its worst, also reveals its best. Thank you for sharing Dale

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    • I know. That’s what we were saying. Time spins at lightening speed at times. And proof the world felt it as you are over in the UK and I’m in Canada.
      So very glad you appreciated his text…

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      • It was like an earthquake, hitting every spot on the planet simultaneously. Can’t imagine many places it hasn’t affected. It changed the complexion of our streets, showed us how vulnerable we are just living where we do, being who we are. I remember as a teenager, seeing the Berlin Wall coming down, the communist regimes falling under pressure from their own people. It felt like a positive time. 9/11 was the exact negative of that feeling, the world closing in, feeling less free, less secure. But most people are good. I really think that’s true. Just have to keep looking for that, not at the dark side of humanity that’s portrayed so much more often. x

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  3. Thank you for sharing, Dale. I with you in not wanting to see the images over and over–especially with dt.
    The post is beautiful and inspiring (if that’s not an overused word). I don’t believe in God, and I don’t know that it “proves” anything. But, it is good to be reassured than even in times of despair or horror, good people have stepped forward.

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  4. Are people inherently good? I believe it depends on the circumstances of their life, and their present circumstances, and any combination of misunderstandings and frustrations, of prejudices, of put-downs and beatings. I also believe Steven Pinker has it right in his book, The Better Angels of our Nature. If you haven’t read it, I recommend it.

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  5. Thank goodness for writers like Sorryless who can put things into perspective and make us realize that there is a positive side to this tragedy..
    Yes it did feel like the world was ending that day but I try to think that there are good people out there too..just as his story depicted..😊

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