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While She Waited – Friday Fictioneers

Good Wednesday evening, my peeps!  First off, to my Friday Ficioneer Friends, I apologise for not getting to all of you last week.  Was one of those weeks.  I shall strive to do much better this week, I promise!

Our Fabulous Fictioneer Facilitator, Rochelle, has chosen one of my photos.  Hmm… wonder where she “snagged” that one from?  All good.  I did give her the A-OK, of course!

Should this cute decor inspire you to write your own 100- word story, please do and add your link by clicking on the blue frog below.  It’s a fun challenge and really teaches you to cut the fluff!

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While She Waited

They had arranged to meet at a bar/restaurant on the happening street of town. For most, it might seem weird to meet close to midnight but when you worked late shifts, this is what you did. No biggie, they were both night owls.

She got there early and waited by the entrance. She’d never noticed the umbrellas before. How cool! She snapped a few pics, shared them on Instagram and waited.

Over half-hour late. Starting to feel uncomfortable, and getting certain looks designed for a “working woman”, she chose to wait in her car.

Her cell pinged: “Where are you?”


124 thoughts on “While She Waited – Friday Fictioneers

  1. Great post Dale, a familiar story for all at one time or another, I guess he realised he was late and sent her accusatory text asking where she was, the subtext being she got the wrong place to undermine her confidence. He should have called well before, where’s his manners? There’s rules of attraction!!

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  2. Q,
    There is a word for dudes such as this. Amateurs.
    For those of us who do our homework, there really is no excuse. It’s a simple matter of dotting your italics and crossing your tenderness, and most of all . . . being early for a first date. Not on time, and most certainly not late.
    And to think he ruined the juji fruit hanging from the ceiling! Because those umbrellas are such a brilliant mood setter.

    To being early, and having a clue.

    Peace, love and snow cone colored ceilings

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  3. So, this really happened, and he was late? Yeah–he would need a great excuse for there to be a second date! I was imagining he was in the place, but they didn’t recognize each other, or one of them was in the wrong location. The start of a rom-com or a mystery. 🙂

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    • Ha ha! Actually, it’s a great street with a bunch of bars and restaurants. This place is called The Bungalow Bar and I loved the oh-so-simple yet lovely decor!
      Minus the late arrival of the date that stopped at one… 😉

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  4. Dear Dale,

    This story has a familiar ring to it. 😉 Guess it comes under the umbrella of life as it happens. Straight forward and honest as your writing often is. Love it. Although it doesn’t sound like things will ever escalate between these two. If this is what a date looks like, he’s not a good candidate for more than one. Okay..nuff said. Good one, my friend. ❤



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  5. Standing at the entrance late in the night and getting weird looks must have been so uncomfortable for a lady. She deserves an apology from him.

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  6. So, is this a story based on the photo, or a photo based on the story, perhaps even making a guest appearance in the story? Cool photo photo, though. I hope there were a lot of likes on Instagram…

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  7. Enjoyed your story, but more so the memories that your photo triggered. Many a year ago… a distant island paradise… a little beachside bar… but unlike your man, mine was right there with me. ahhhh, such pleasure is long ago mems sometimes…

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  8. Lovely photo! It must have been might uncomfortable getting those looks reserved for working girls. I imagine she won’t be hanging around if he’s late for any future dates and maybe someone needs to teach him what phones are for 🙂

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    • Thank you. I made it worse than it was. I was more worried the guys leaving the other establishments in an intoxicated state would come over to me 😉
      He ain’t getting any future dates… 🙂

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  10. Half an hour late (without a text of apology five minutes in) is plain bad manners. If he was just careless about the time, that’s wrong. If he was nervous and plucking up courage, that’s disappointing. Next!

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  11. I really liked it! I can identify as a fellow night owl that there’s a trade off when you’re out by yourself past midnight- you get the city pretty much to yourself but passers by will assume you’re a degenerate for being out so late. You captured that with her awkwardness after waiting around. I’ve never really seen that expressed in writing before. Some people are just drawn to the night 🙂 doesn’t mean their thugs or prostitutes haha. Power to the Night Owls! Great story!

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