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A Friday Falter

I woke up this morning, at the ungodly hour (for me, as I work late and don’t get to bed till numpty o’clock) of 6:30 to a headache.  And a queasy stomach.   Decided to take Tylenol because they are not so harsh on the stomach and went back to bed.  Slept(ish) until about 10:30 and felt this headache was more along the lines of a migraine.  I don’t do migraines.  My sister unfortunately does, my mother used to big time, as did my late husband.  Me?  Not so much.  Popped two Advil Liquigels and lay down again. The rain was pelting against the window – I so love that sound.  Plus it made my room extra dark. But, I gave up by 11-30-ish, got up and felt a slight bit better.  At least the stomach was not so iffy.

I’m completely blaming last night’s event at work.  I worked the wine bar, which was fine, then the end-of-evening bar, which was also fine.  What was not so fine was the loudness of the music. It was ridonkulously LOUD.  After the speeches and celebrations of X many years of working with the company, the party officially started.  A party for 240 peeps, though there were less that showed and many who left after the awards…. There were also the flashing lights.  I’m not usually so susceptible to such noise and lighting but maybe I’ve been tired.  Or, maybe someone came to work with a gastro and passed the bug!  No, no, I’m fairly certain it’s not that.  When the last stragglers were still dancing about, I was able to snap a pic.  It had been quite pretty with all the lit-up vases and such.  Oh well.  When working, there is no time for photography and I should have taken them before the guests arrived but there was much to do in little time.

So, back to the state of my stomach and head… Poor Aidan had made himself a nice big thermos of Lipton Chicken Noodle Soup to bring to school.  There it was on the counter.  Hours after he left.  Sucks to be him.  Great to be me.  I poured some of the bouillon (broth, if you prefer) into a mug, sipped it.  Perfection.  Felt a thousand times better so I made myself a coffee.  I know, I know, that was pushing it but all was good.

Sipped my caffè while catching up on FF stories.  I then ate the rest of the soup while watching the conclusion of MasterChef – so glad Gerron won.  Considered taking a nap but frankly felt good enough to take the Zeke-meister out for a walk.  Thing I had not done in eons, it feels like.

Off Zeke and I went, towards one of the many parks.  To say he was excited, is to put it mildly.  When he sees me grab my camera bag, he becomes a basket case!

We made our way across the boulevard and to the passageway leading towards the park.  I can’t help but take pics of these weeds… they are just so pretty!

This house, with it’s waterfall garden in the front always fascinates me.

We continue on our way, and I was reminded of the pictures I have taken of various fences and benches and entrances for an eventual post, still sitting in my “pending” folder since forever.  I’ll have to look for them!  So I took this weird little wanna be fence

We finally get to the park and there is no one so I can let Zeke run around.  It was so windy but so very warm.  Very un-September 21st-like, that is for sure!  There is a water fountain that Zeke can drink from and we did take a sip.  I then took a seat as I realised I still was not up to par…  Looks like we would not go as far as Zeke would like.

Waiting patiently

Still, it was nice to get out and get some air.  And there is always tomorrow!

Daisies look so happy…

Oh, and since this afternoon’s walk, I have learned that our capital city and neighbouring Gatineau were bombarded with a major tornado.  Thus explaning all the wind and rain we are getting here right now.  It is a mere two hours away.

There is much devastation as this link can show you… I have friends and family in that area, most of whom have marked themselves safe.  I so hope everyone who hasn’t is.


52 thoughts on “A Friday Falter

  1. Q,

    There are such things as “Me” Days, and you most certainly deserved one after a long week and what seems like an even longer evening. Lights and loud music can be a tad bit much when you’re NOT working, but add in the fact that you’re busting it . . and then add who knows what may be going around, and it all adds up to no bueno.
    Migraines suck! It’s hard to imagine living with such a thing, even though too many people do.
    You did get some lovely images, and Zeke looks quite pleased with Mom’s “Me” day walk about! Look at that big ole smile on his face! 🙂

    To feeling better and a prayer to all those affected by that tornado.


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    • B,

      Oh yes. I do cherish those “Me” Days which sometimes are forced on us by our bodies yelling, “Yo! Enough already!”
      I probably am not really allowed to call it a migraine as it was gone by the time I took my walk, but I still feel shaky…
      Thank you kindly. He’s such a handsome fella. My Instagram pic is even better, with his tongue hanging to the side in the wind! You can check it out on FB 😉

      Thank you and yes, prayers to all those out there…


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      • Our bodies know. And when they shout, we best abide to their wishes. And as for the migraine . . no matter what it is called, it ruins the day you’re having, or it can.
        Zeke is all about the GQ poses . . .

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          • Ugh if that isn’t double trouble! In moments like that, I feel like lodging an official complaint with my body to . . yanno, pick one ailment at a time. So I guess I’m lucky I only had a sinus infection this week, lol.
            Floozy . . . buahahahahaha! Poor Zekey!

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  2. Sympathies for the not-quite-a-migraine. Could be the tensions of the night claimed you and wouldn’t let go? And love the shots. The berries look to me like Bittersweet, a member of the nightshade family (but then so are tomatoes and potatoes), the yellowy flower, off top of head I can’t remember its name but it grows in UK too, but only as an escapee from Victorian gardens. Love your dog. He looks real cuddly; great substitute for a teddy-bear. Hope you’re feeling better now. A walk and fresh air is the best cure for most ills.

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    • Thank you, Crispina. It definitely could result from the night before. My sister warned it could be gastro but I think not, though the tummy is still iffy. You tell ME what the berries are!! I have no clue. Every year, I walk along the path and I every year I take a pic or two. The escapee is pretty too, eh?
      Zeke is the best. He’s so friendly and gentle.
      I’m hoping to go for another walk tomorrow. I agree, It is the best cure!


  3. That tornado–so devastating. That’s certainly not usual for your area, I imagine. Lots of crazy weather recently!
    I agree with above about sometimes needing those me days, but I’m glad you felt well enough to take a walk. I used to get really bad headaches that always give me an upset stomach, too. One perk of age. 😉
    Beautiful flowers and Zeke. I just followed you on Instagram.
    Hope you’re feeling better, Dale.

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  4. Take care, Dale, and hope you’ll have a better day today.
    A fine, light snow falling as I write this — our first. We were travelling and visiting yesterday, so thankful that, though the wind was chilly, the snow held off. What a shock to see the tornado damage!

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  5. I hope you’re feeling better Dale. And I so understand working weekends. Im in retail and yesterday realized I don’t have a Saturday off until after Christmas. I cannot get sick until after Christmas. We’re already in holiday season planning.

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  6. I heard about the tornado in Gatineau. Glad it didn’t come your way.
    Noise does that sort of thing to me, too. I carry ear plugs now, the kind you can still hear through but save my ears. Chicken soup works wonders, doesn’t it?
    Beautiful photos from your walk. 🙂

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    • So awful… I have family and friends not far from there but all are ok, thankfully.
      Nothing better than chicken soup. Well, there is always homemade chicken soup which is way better than Liptons but hey… in a pinch!
      Thank you, Robin 🙂


  7. Dear Dale,

    Who kind of Aidan to leave his soup for you. 😉 Migraines suck. I get them, fortunately infrequently and not as debilitating as some. Still no fun. Sorry you had one but glad you were able to rise above and get out in the sunshine. As always, I enjoy your accounts and photos. ❤

    Shalom and hugs,


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    • Dear Rochelle,

      I know, right? Such a sweet kid…😎
      I am lucky as I never get them like other members of my family.
      Glad you enjoyed my little walk!
      Lotsa love,



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