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The Route of the Cromlech – What Pegman Saw

This week Pegman goes to Goizueta, Navarre in Spain. You can use the photo included with this week’s prompt, our roam the region yourself and find your own inspiration. There is both street view and photo spheres at this week’s location.

Your mission is to write up to 150 words inspired by the prompt. Once your piece is polished, share it with others using the link up below.

Thank you to Karen and Josh for hosting this weekly chance to do research 😉 I always try to do some looking up so that I can discover something about the area.  Most times I succeed…

The Route of the Cromlechs

“We are definitely lost.”

“No, we are not.  This is the Route of the Cromlechs, I’m sure of it.”

“I’m tired of driving towards what seems like nowhere, so, how about we stop here at the Mutu Taberna for drinks and a light lunch? Maybe we can ask for directions as well?”

“If it will ease your worries, sure.  But seriously.  I KNOW where I’m going.  We are already in Goizueta, it’s not that far!

“Barkat, jauna¹?” he asked the waiter,


“Do you speak English?”

“Bai. What can I do for you?”

“Is this the road to the Route of the Cromlechs?”

“Bai.  Just continue straight for about five miles, then you will see the sign.

“Eskerrik asko³!

“See?  Told ya I knew where we were going!  Don’t you worry, Sweetie, you will see your prehistoric monuments.  We did not come all this way for you to miss them!”

¹Excuse me, Sir?


³Thank you

And for the sake of the story… these are the Cromlechs

50 thoughts on “The Route of the Cromlech – What Pegman Saw

  1. Very believable interchange, except the proposition that a man ( presumably) condescended to ask for directions. 😊. Just joking.

    These circles looked very interesting so of course i had to go read about them too. I have never seen such things in the US although I have been to Native American burial mounds. These stones placed so intentionally by earlier man feature prominently in British mysteries I watch, and are a constant source of fascination.

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    • Haha! Mine actually did 😉 all the time. He hated being lost more than asking for help!

      It’s great you had to look them up. It’s how I found them as I had never heard of them either.

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  2. Gosh, this flashed story so reminds me of my visit to Avebury. All was well until we stopped at the pub. We intended to go from Avebury to Silbury Hill then on toe West Kennet long barrow, all easy to find, and I had an OS map. Yet coming out of the pub (situate WITHIN the mega-stone circle, I couldn’t get my bearings. Could not find north. As the day progressed it seemed I became more confused. Where had the Ridgeway gone? Um, exactly where are we? As the night closed around us I had to phone for a taxi to take us back to Devices. But I could give no directions. ‘Beneath the White Horse,’ I said. And the taxi driver found us.
    True story. I spent that day totally confused. And, no, I’d not had alcohol in the pub)
    All of which shows how close to reality is your story.

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    • Especially when it comes to the Basque region – even the regular Spaniards don’t understand them! At least I would have a chance in France 😉


  3. Great holiday conversation – we’ve all had those, ‘Of course I know where I’m going,’ and ‘It’s just a little further’ conversations. At least this one turned out to be true.

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  4. Dale, you are a true inspiration! I haven’t read the comments – apart from Sorryless’…. but whatever I say is surely already mentionnend several times – every time!
    And of course, you made me search for cromlechs….. I do know Stonehenge and have seen a few other history-laden stone circles, piles etc but then I realised that my Portuguese (?) wasn’t up to heavy stuff like that and I switched to ENglish…. oufff….
    I only disagree with your part of a MAN asking directions…. I don’t know (m)any! Rather die than ask 🙂
    Did I tell you the story of friends who drove in Wales for literally hours without finding the place they were heading to?

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    • Aww, thank you, Kiki! Yes, he and I can banter for miles, as you can see… 🙂
      Hey, that’s what this Pegman thing does. It causes us to do a little research into an area that is in the middle of no where so we can create a story. I had no idea about the Cromlechs either…
      As for the MAN asking directions, my husband ALWAYS did because he HATED being lost more than asking – as many times as needed…


  5. Love a stone circle, and what a place to head for! Enjoyed your dynamic between the couple here, that hint of bickering that comes about when you know each other really well. Grand stuff. Eskerrik asko!

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  6. My experience, too. I am a consummate navigator and never ask directions. He is always ready to ask at the first doubt. I figure if I don’t find it right off, then I’ll enjoy the scenes along the way!

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