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Kintsukuroi – Friday Fictioneers

Good Wed… oh dear… it’s past midnight!  So, good Thursday, my friends.  Today’s Friday Fictioneers had me stumped somewhat.  Well, I knew where I wanted to go but the words eluded me.  Nothing like taking a step back and letting it swirl around, hoping to make it somewhat coherent…

Thank you, always, to Rochelle for keeping us wanting to come back week after week.  And this week, thank you to Sandra Crook for this wonderful photo.

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He stood there, stunned, chunks of his heart strewn about like shells tossed back from the ocean.

He bent down, determined to pick up the pieces, when a wave of anger overtook him.  He balled up his fist, prepared to slam it down and destroy what was left.

He felt two hands wrap themselves around his fist, stopping further destruction.  Surprised, he looked up and found her there.  Her intense gaze kept him prisoner as did her hands.

“Kintsukuroi,” she said.


“It’s not over.  What seems permanently broken, is not.  Let me be the gold that makes you shine.


I don’t usually on these posts, but Hey Rosetta has a lovely song that just fit…


110 thoughts on “Kintsukuroi – Friday Fictioneers

  1. Q,

    You didn’t just take this outside the box . . you tossed the box out and just made it something else entirely! You really drove this story to a place I never would have seen coming from the image.

    And how clever, the name to the tale! How you thought of that . . . wow.

    And the philosophical significance of the tale is both redemptive and romantic. This tale is masterfully woven. And I would have about a hundred more ‘and’s but you get the point.

    Wow. Squared.


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  2. Super story, Dale, with some memorable sentences. And what an opening! “He stood there, stunned, chunks of his heart strewn about like shells tossed back from the ocean.” Lovely structure too. Wonderful uplifting message of love and redemption. And the glorious image of that love being the gold of kintsukuroi. Fabulous story, absolutely gorgeous.

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  3. And as an added bonus if he stays with her, his vocabulary will get get better.
    And on a more serious note I think it is a wonderful philosophy, the flaws and cracks make us what we are. There is more value in mending what’s broken than just replacing it.

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    • Haha! True that!!
      Thank you so much, Subroto. I have to agree with you, especially in this “disposable” for everything age we live in.


  4. For being stumped you surely did come out with a punch and a half with this one. Very powerful write. I, too, had a bit of a rough start this week. 🙂 ❤

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  5. What a beautiful thing, to use the imagery of fixing something broken, of taking a broken person and fixing them so the two entities become one and both more lovely because of the fixing. Wow! You outdid yourself there my dear. Gorgeous

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  6. Ah. I read some of the comments, then looked up the title, and now I get it. Makes all kinds of sense once you know the meaning of that title 🙂 Great story. You’ve shown us the MC’s heart so clearly.

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  7. Your story is wonderfully written, Dale, the meaning and the prose. I felt deeply your character’s pain and then their comfort. The idea that we are all broken, held together by love is beautiful. I sincerely enjoyed learning something new too. Thanks for that! 🙂

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    • Thank you so much, Björn! And I am so glad you knew where I was going (endings don’t always have to be surprises or twists, do they?)


  8. I really enjoyed the word association with the ocean. When a wave of anger overtook him, I could imagine an actual wave crashing against rocky shores in his mind. It really did great to set the tone.

    I can only hope that he will open up so that he can heal 🙂

    Great story, I really liked it. I’ll check out that song too, I’ve never heard of it, seems interesting.

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    • Thank you, Jacob. I am very glad you enjoyed it. I like to think he will…
      It is a pretty good song that is quite upbeat, too!


  9. Such emotion – the sadness, the turn to anger, and the love stopping him destroying it all. The feelings in this are so strong and clear. Well done.

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    • I’m glad you took the time to Google it! I had remembered reading about it, then couldn’t remember the word, so I looked for Japanese repair of broken pottery with gold!
      Now… I think it is pretty much a part of my vocabulary 😉

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  10. Ever since I found out about that Japanese concept of fixing broken pottery with gold, to create a beautiful object, I’ve kept it as a reminder to myself that I’m healing through my experiences too. And I loved how you spun this gold thread into your story. Beautiful.

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