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Why I Love CBC Radio 2 – Tom Allen

It took the death of another icon, Montserrat Caballé, to remind me I had this post in my “drafts folder”…

When did I write the “intro“?  25 July, 2017!  Sheesh.  Won’t bother chastising myself.  That said, I have not so much made a resolution as made a promise to myself to finish what I started.  An issue I have.  We Aries are fabulous at starting things, but finishing them?  Not so much.  And I know, I know, I am generalising because there are plenty out there who do finish what they start…

Without further ado, my main reason for loving CBC Radio 2 is the fabulous Tom Allen –  not the English comedian Tom Allen, who was born after I graduated high school (which I discovered while Googling) – but the Canadian broadcaster/musician/writer/storyteller/et al, Tom Allen, who was born just a few years before moi.  😉  I originally got to “know” him when he was hosted the morning classical program called “Music and Company”, way back in 1998, and which he continued to host until 2008, when the program changed to “Radio 2 Morning” for about a year.

Things moved and shifted big time at CBC Radio 2, morning people got moved to afternoon, afternoon people go moved to week-ends and I thought, that’s it, I won’t be tuning in…  Nope, nope and nope.  I found there were many things to enjoy.  Tom Allen was no longer the morning guy, but we could still catch him now on Shift, a perfect programme for him (probably designed by him 😉 where he shifts from classical to contemporary rock without you even noticing…

I mentioned in my intro post how much I enjoyed Tom’s stories and, in Googling him to find recordings and whatnot to share with you, (and having to sift between the other guy’s stuff), was reminded of so many other things.

Seriously, I had always enjoyed classical music but he has brought an extra oomph to it with his stories.  Here are three to entertain you…


I once tweeted to him, following some comparison between musicians like Metallica and Chopin, (not really, I can’t remember who he was comparing but it was just as far-fetched), that he was the Alton Brown of Music.  Cool thing?  He tweeted me back with a “That’s good, right?”  And I responded with a “He is to cooking what you are to music…”  The man is a seemingly endless fount of musical information.  From classical to heavy metal.  He blows me away pretty much every day.

He is a musician, a storyteller, an author, a producer, a musical host… oodles of talents that I shall have to explore further.

Thank you, Tom, for making classical music so very approachable and fun.  I love to tune in from 1 till 3:30 pm… It ain’t long enough, but I’ll take what I can get!!

Oh hell… one more 😉


21 thoughts on “Why I Love CBC Radio 2 – Tom Allen

  1. Q,

    How cool!

    I’ve not a favorite DJ any longer and haven’t for some time, but it’s so great when you have peeps like this who peel back the music and uncover so many other facets in the doing. I also think it’s fascinating when you can join entirely different musical genres together in some way, because it brings a fresh appreciation for its history and diversity.

    I forget what it’s like to count on a DJ for my playlist rather than coming up with my own! But the blend . . oh the blend!

    Great stuff as per . . . 😉


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    • So very glad you do. I was on rock stations for eons but really got tired of the noise and the repetition. Now, I actually am more familiar with Canadian singers…

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      • I’m totally down with Canadian talent. It’s been the classical music that makes me restless. Tom helped me hear, and not be restless. All of this awakening from 1 post. Your post. TY, Dale! x

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        • Wow! That is so cool, Resa. I have to tell you, he’s been charming his way for years…
          Next up, Julie Nesralla… Hostess of “Tempo” – all classical from 9 am to 1 pm 😉

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  2. Dear Dale,

    So I took (more) time from Friday Fictioneers to catch this post.after a well rounded day of insanity. What a treat. Your writing, of course, speaks to me as if we were sharing a glass of wine in a comfortable room. (Hope this happens in the not too distant future.) I’d not until this moment heard of Tom Allen. Thank you for the introduction.All four videos were a treat…particularly the last one. Thank you for a wonderful respite.

    Shalom and hugs,


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    • Dear Rochelle,

      I am ever so glad that is how it comes across when you read it. And yes, it would be wonderful… will be? Yes, I’ll think positive!
      He is a wonderful host (and responded to my tweet about this post… he was touched 😉 )
      Most welcome for your respite!

      Lotsa love,


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