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Impasse – Friday Fictioneers

Thanks to my oh-so noisy kids, I am up way before I want to.  Showers, breakfast making, frying pans landing not too softly on the stove…

Instead of tossing and swearing and turning and cussing, I got up and decided to see if I can make it on the first line of Friday Fictioneers!  Thanks always to Rochelle for keeping us ducks in a row and this week, she even supplied her own photo…

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“We’ve reached an impasse,” Sofia said stonily.

“Come on!  We can work this out.  It will be a great project,” Ryan cajoled.

“No,  I’m not interested.  It’s not going to happen.  You can’t change my mind.”

“It’s been in my family for years.  I don’t want to just give it up.”

“Then don’t.  Keep it.”

“But I want you with me in this!”

“No way in hell I am helping you turn this cold, dank, windowless pile of stone into a B&B.”

“It has so much potential.  We can make it work.”

“Enjoy your project.  Call me when it’s finished.”

111 thoughts on “Impasse – Friday Fictioneers

  1. Dear Dale,

    She really needs to take another look at the inside of that place. She might think again about that “potential.” 😉 Seriously enjoyable piece. Love where you went with the prompt…totally Dale-esque writing.

    Shalom and hugs,


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  2. Different visions, that is often the start of problems. Rebuilding a shell of a building into a B&B could be disastrous for their relationship. I enjoyed this slant on the prompt photo


  3. I’m going to think positive – Ryan will start it, Sofia will come round and help him out, then they’ll run it together and it’ll be a massive success. Would I ever renovate and run a B&B? Not a chance! Nice to see you up here on the top row 😉

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  4. This sound one heck of like all our last house buying experiences…. lol
    B&B was always high on my ‘might do that’ list and I always managed to stop before it came to anything, luckily! 🙂

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  5. Our home used to be a B&B. I still live in fear of midnight travellers turning up out of the blue. I can see Sofia and Ryan might have reached a parting of the ways here.
    And welcome to front line of the grid. 🙂

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  6. nice choice of words – not just for the stone and set thinking mentality (which by the way – we had very similar takes this week – I had two people chatting as well)
    anyhow, even though Sofia was resolute – she also compromised with that ending – call me when it’s done – she was drawing her boundaries while letting Ryan follow his idea…

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  7. Q,

    Gotta go with Sofia on this one. If they’re not “all in”, it ain’t fair to force her to be all in, yanno? Ryan might want to find another business partner. Worse case . . Sonia can make breakfast OR partake.

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  8. One person’s project is another person’s nightmare but Ryan should follow his dream. Sofia may be a little misguided to imagine he will call her when it’s finished. Terrific clarity in the dialogue, totally driving the story.

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  9. I must be a dreamer. I think the stone box has possibilities. My son and daughter in law are adding new space to their home and she would like one room to function as a B&B. My son is neutral. After reading your Impasse I wonder how this will turn out.

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  10. Oh dear. It looks like Sofia has just done the only bit of construction work she’s destined to do – putting the last brick in the wall between her and Ryan. Seems like her talent lies in demolition. And heaven help Ryan if he’s going to do his own project management – his planning skills need serious work!

    P.S. I think I must have misread your introduction – for a moment I thought you’d mentioned kids making their own cooked breakfast.

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      • Hi Dale, after I’d pinged my comment, I suddenly thought ‘Oh no, Dale will think I’m suggesting kids shouldn’t be allowed to handle hot pans’. That’s not what I meant; I’m just more used to bigger kids regarding table service as the norm.

        And yes, I shouldn’t have rushed to form an opinion of Sofia. Maybe she’s long-suffering.

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          • Phew!
            You’ve obviously raised your kids well. Actually, I’ve no complaints about my own but, in our case, cooked breakfasts are a holiday treat. Pouring a bowl of cereal and making toast isn’t as taxing as putting together a Full English/Canadian.

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  11. Good story! I would enjoy B&Bing here, actually. 🙂
    Can you help me with something — this is my first week, and I don’t know how to get my post on to the page with everyone’s contribution. ???–Na

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    • Thank you!
      When you click on the blue frog on either my story or Rochelle’s, you will be brought to a page with all the boxes of the links already added. At the bottom is a blue box that says: Add your link.
      Click on that, and another box pops up. Copy the URL of your story (I always use the “view your post” and then copy that link) on the first line. You can change what appears on the second line, or leave it as is… then on the last line, you add your email address. Next, you can upload your own picture, or use the prompt pic which automatically appears. Hope this helps!!

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  12. Nice usage of stone and its properties, both literally and figuratively. Better for her to put her foot down now, than to wait till the aggravations, brought on by going along with the project, cleave their relationship in two.

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  13. I love your reference to frying pans in the morning. Mine is spoons in glass bowls eating cereal. Who can sleep with the clink, clink, clink and the crunch. I think the frying pan inspired your story though. Can you imagine getting up before dawn every day to help prepare breakfast for guests? Not being a morning person, I’m with Sofia, no thanks. I enjoyed your story!

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  14. I enjoyed reading this, Dale. Very engaging dialogue. You can hear the enthusiasm in his voice and the lack of interest in hers. This is his passion, not hers. It will be interesting to see if he will pursue his dream now that he knows she wants no part of it. Poor Ryan, but I can understand where she’s coming from too.

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