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Things That Kids Do – Friday Fictioneers

Good Wednesday morning, my readers.  Today’s Friday Fictioneers, always brought to you by Rochelle Wisoff (no E)-Fields was brought to you by much head-scratching, soul-searching and utter despair.  OK, OK, I exaggerate just a tad.  Trying to come up with something quasi-intelligent for Jilly Funnell‘s peculiar pic was not gonna happen.  So I had some fun instead.  Do try to come up with something better by clicking on the blue frog below and adding your two cents’ worth.  Thank you, ladies, for causing me grief this week!

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Things That Kids Do

“Last one up is a rotten egg!” Johnny yelled as he took off running.

“Hey!  Not fair!  You cheated!” Jimmy hollered as he ran, quickly catching up.

“I have to.  Your legs are longer’n mine.  Gotta take any advantage I can!”

“Guess it didn’t work, loser!” Jimmy laughed as he reached the top step.  “I beat you!”

“Nah ah, you didn’t.  We ain’t at the top yet.”

“What do you mean?  We’re at the top.”

“Nope,” Johnny pointed to the peak of the structure.  “We have to climb to the top of that.”

Jimmy squinted, looking up.  “Are you crazy?”



123 thoughts on “Things That Kids Do – Friday Fictioneers

  1. Dear Dale,

    Yeah, I could hear this conversation clearly. Maybe it’s because I could put at least two of my sons in the roles. I, for one, would be at the base of the structure waving at them. 😉 Love it.

    Shalom and hugs,


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    • Dear Rochelle,

      I could definitely see one of my sons doing this. The other? No way in hell… I think I would be more inclined to not even want to look!

      I thank you, kind lady…

      Losta love,

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  2. Q,

    I don’t know if Johnny is bluffing, but I would get to stepping (up) if I was Jimmy. Sure I’m scared of heights, but the gauntlet has been thrown down! Sooo, hold on tight, pray you don’t have a muscle cramp and win bebe!
    Of course, it’s easy for me to say when I’m not in Jimmy’s sneakers. 😉

    You took this prompt to . . . wait for it . . new heights!

    Here’s to the kid in all of us . . .


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  3. I remember going to the drive-in movie as a kid and some of the other boys clumb up the ladder behind the screen. It was probably 40 feet off the ground, but it looked like 400 to me. I didn’t try it.

    I guess you’re a celebrite canuck now. You are appearing in stories all over the blogosphere. 🙂

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  4. In my day boys would be boys, I certainly enjoyed the challenge of climbing whatever was to hand. I could not do that today as most building sites are fenced off. 🙂

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  5. One thing always troubles me whenever I write a comment on your blog Dale. The ‘Blogging is all about the exchange…’ message has a typo. It says ‘I answer ever one’, instead of ‘…every one’. If that is not deliberate, can you please please please correct it? 🙂

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    • Have you been to my house? I have told my boys – all of them – that if I was to tally the amount of hours spent with them in hospital…. why I… I dunno but… something!!


  6. HA HA HA … the first line had me laughing bi haven’t heard that line in ages. These boys are typical to the ones I had on my street when I was a child. They were always teasing each other. I have girls. They play quietly. Well, maybe not all, but mine did. I enjoyed this story so much, Dale. It reminds us that playing can bylots of fun. Now, I’m going to play hopscotch. LOLOL 😂😂😂
    Izzy 😎

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    • Fun stuff, Isadora! Yes, well… I was brought up in a family of girls but I liked to play with the boys… none of that Barbie crap for me, thank you very much!
      So glad you enjoyed it. Then we can play elastics! 🙂

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  7. Uh Oh 🙄 not sure what elastics is? Is that the game where you place a jump rope around two players ankles; then, another has to jump different formations around the rope. GOSH … I loved playing outside. It’s weird seeing kids indoors so much. 😊

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