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Walktober 2018 – Marie-Victorin & Parc de la Freyère

The deadline is nigh but I have made it!  October was the busiest one at the golf club I have ever experienced.  Totally nuts and I’ve the bruises and fatigue to show for it.  When there was a day I could have gone for my official Walktober Walk, I ended up doing other stuff, or the rains came or… never mind.  That’s all moot now, isn’t it, because I am here!  Thank you, Robin, for hosting this fun challenge!

Between making salsa and apple jellies, baking a ham and doing laundry, yesterday afternoon, the sun decided to shine right into my face, basically yelling at me to get off my duff and out there into the “wild”.  I had timed it to coincide with the sunset, to boot.

First, before leaving the house, I was stopped by both my dried hydrangeas and my vivid burning bush – getting close to spectacular…

Zeke was beyond excited and when I opened the trunk of the SUV, realised we were going on a REAL adventure.  Now, if only driving in a car did not make him puke…

We drove first to Marie-Victorin Park which has a decent view of Montreal and is right on the St.Lawrence River.

It is sad that I missed all the bright reds of autumn but there were little snippets of red here and there…

Zeke and I took a forbidden path – what?  It was a path obviously taken often!!  I was surprised to see a visible section of white across a bunch of birch trees.  Does the water go that high at times?  Seems rather much but, who knows?  At the end of the path we arrived at what frankly looks like a swamp.  Zeke, though tempted, refrained from jumping in the water.  He did look at me once and figured it would not be a good idea…

Making our way back the light had become particularly beautiful.  All became so soft and glowing.  I took a bunch more pics of the geese and noticed this seemingly suspended branch.  When I zoomed in, I could see a fishing hook twisted near the top… but felt this pic was more fun 😉


It was nearing five o’clock and sundown was at 5:53 so I decided to make my way to another park, closer to home.  I figured I’d be able to get some great shots of the sunset from there.  Back into the car and.  Traffic.  What the??  NOT an area where I was expecting any.  I wasted a good 25 minutes where it should have taken but 10.  Still.  We did make it in time to Parc La Freyère, in Boucherville.

The light was fading fast so apologies on the duck shot… I just couldn’t  seem to get a clear shot… (my story and I’m sticking to it!)

It seemed Mother Nature was NOT on my side as clouds refused to allow any spectacular sunset…

So, no sunset for me and my hands were frozen.  Back into the car for our return trip.  I decided to drive along Marie-Victorin street as it follows the river.  Oh man!  I had to stop, park in a side street and get out.  Sorry, Zeke, you’re staying in the car.  Back in a few!

I walked onto the warf for one last picture.

And called it a day.

Hope you enjoyed my Walktober walk from Longueuil to Boucherville!

61 thoughts on “Walktober 2018 – Marie-Victorin & Parc de la Freyère

  1. Q,

    Glad you got out and walked the end of October into these beautiful images. I wasn’t aware Walktober was a thing. Then again, I had no idea what in the hell Movember was until a couple years ago.

    The colors are magnifique and the settings plum with sugar on top. Nature is a miracle to which we are reminded daily. It’s so nice when the reminder is as gorgeous as this.

    Lovely walk!


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    • Why thank you, B,

      I participated back in 2015 but it’s been going on for longer, I believe. I’m still rather new to this. And it’s only my second time, to boot.

      The colours would have been even more magnifique if I had been able to go more towards the beginning of October, but c’est la vie, we do what we can!

      Thanks for joining me on this walk…

      Lotsa love,

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  2. I still haven’t gotten my walk in. Dang it. Maybe the secret is having a handsome guy like Zeke to go with!

    And why is it the last shot is always the best? Love the wharf photo, though all are lovely.

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    • He does help. But I had to decide to go rather than do the bazillion other things in my to-do list.

      Coz I made it so! That the last one had the biggest bang for my buck, that is 😁😎

      Thank you, Tara! You still have time!

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  3. Yeah!!! … Glad you made it. I can’t recall, but is this your first Walktober post?

    The opening pics were perfect for the season. Each group has a pic that I like a lot. Great ending, too! Cheers to Zeke being a good sport.

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  4. Zeke looks extremely happy! Beautiful photos, Dale, and I gasped at that sunset. Seems Mother Nature felt you deserved an extra special treat at the end of a wonderful walk. 🙂 I’m so glad you could find the time to join in. I know times have been busy for you.

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    • Nothing makes him happier. And thank you, Robin. I was quite pleased, I must admit… I think she was being kind 🙂
      So very glad I took the time and you enjoyed it!


  5. There is SO much here to like, the colours, the nature, Zeke (naturally), the light, your writing!!! I loved taking that trip from my chair with you, cosy and warm, enjoying your joy and the feeling of ‘being out and about’ but also a certain peace… Thank you

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  6. Dear Dale,

    Thank you for sharing your walk. I felt like I was there. Love the pictures…all of them. The pictures of Zeke make me want to pet him and give him a hug. After I hug the photographer of course. 😉



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    • Dear Rochelle,

      Thank YOU for joining me on my walk. So very glad you enjoyed it and the pics. And he would most love it… as would I (in whatever order they occur 😉)

      Lotsa love,


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