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It’s Subjective – Friday Fictioneers

Had me a little free time during my little getaway, so I figured I’d try to write a little quickie FF…  Thanks always to the lovely Rochelle for being the magnet to our metal and pulling us in every Wednesday.  This week Rochelle usurped acquired legally, J.S. Brand‘s lovely photo.

To play along, why don’t you click on the blue frog below and add your 100-word story with beginning, middle and end.  You’ll see, it is a good challenge, it’s fun and it’s quite addictive.  G’head, you know you wanna…

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It’s Subjective

That’s some kinda erotica you’ve got going there.

What?  No!  This is a piece of art.

Art, eh? Erotic art.  Pretty Picasso-ish, you ask me.  I mean lookit that.  You’ve got a pastie on one boob, and some kinda bandage on the other.  The belly-button is exposed and I do not know what the heck is up with the “nether regions”.  Some kinda fancy venus mons?

Get your mind out of the gutter, will ya?  Those are eyes, one with a patch!  That’s a hat, can’t you tell?

I guess it’s not what you look at, it’s what you see…


114 thoughts on “It’s Subjective – Friday Fictioneers

  1. Q,

    Hahaha! It really IS all in what you see. But I don’t believe a mind has to be in the gutter in order for it to recognize a piece of art as erotic. I simply think they are more advanced artistically in their cognitive skills . . . yeah! That is. . .

    When I look at it, I see role play with the guy playing Roman gladiator and the gal playing Olive Oyl. Charlie Brown is watching and a saxophone is involved. Okay . . yes, that’s what I got.

    Viva the differences!


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  2. I don’t see the Spanish Civil War in Picasso’s ‘Guernica’, nor do I see cheesecake(wink wink nudge nudge hint hint hubba hubba) in this. A hep kid, or husband, may just be able to sneak it past his not.so.worldly parents or wife.

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  3. I see a stone, hafted, hammer, and a wood-handled metal axe, and though I can’t see what’s hidden around the curve of the tree I’d guess at a lightning strike. Don’t know about that bulge up top but not a pasty-squished boob, and not a patched eye. Though maybe it is an eye beside it. As to the most interesting squiggles down the bottom, I’m sure I’ve seen that before. Could it be the sigil for an ancient god of war?

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  4. After that description I want to see what you see! 😉

    (Actually, I just went back, took another look and can get some of it – the helmet covers one while the knothole looks like a nipple on the other, and then… OK, I will go back to my original interpretation….)

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  5. My dear Dale,

    Are you insinuating that i would ever come by a photo prompt any other way but by honest means? I’m highly Oh-Friended. Art is subjective isn’t it? The last line says it all. Loved your take and glad you took time from your frivolity to join the weekly fun. Me? Magnetic. 😀 I like that as I enjoyed your story.




  6. Last week I was at the ‘Sculptures By the Sea’ at Bondi. I had the same thoughts especially with the names. Though the one named ‘I Put a Moon on the Table, but it has a Big Hole’ was easy to understand (true story).

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