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Belt It Out Serena!

I really enjoy getting to know Canadian singers and songwriters.  I didn’t always appreciate it.  Probably because I listened to radio stations like Q92 or MIX96 which play(ed) the latest hits over and over ad nauseum, or CHOM that were stuck in their old “Classic Rock” genres.  You know the type of typical radio station?  Led Zeppelin seem to have only four songs, Aerosmith as well, AC/DC has two and Kiss has one.  Ugh.  As for new stuff?  Fuggedaboutit.  You never heard anything new.  Of course Classic Rock does imply they play the “classic” stuff.  But again, they would only play the same few songs from the same old groups.  Hey, I love me a dose of “For Those About To Rock” once in a while, just not necessarily once or twice a day.

Now, I’m not saying things are still the same over there.  I have occasionally tuned in and been surprised to hear a Serena Ryder song.  So, I’m thinking they are realising that we do have some really good Canadian rockers that are not old enough to be classics.  Yet.  As for Canadian content?  Maybe a little bit of Bryan Adams or Rush or Sam Roberts Band because they are actually known south of the border…

What doesn’t help is that here in Quebec, the English rock or folk hardly gets played at all.  Except on my now favourite CBC Music.   So I can actually watch the Junos (Canadian version of Music Awards) and know who is being nominated!

I digress.  I know, I know… I often do!  Back to my originally scheduled programming!  I bought my two Serena Ryder tickets ages, nay, eons ago, without knowing who would join me. Put up a Facebook message and one friend, Tony, agreed to join me.

We met at the Burgundy Lion Pub which is right next door to my now-favourite venue, The Corona Theatre, for a burger and a steak.  It was early so we got a table… right beside the courtyard.  I dunno man, I know we Quebecers will stretch out our eating outside as long as we can but heaters or no heaters, it was bloody cold.  And they kept opening the door – first to turn on said heaters, again for the fools to attempt to sit out there, and finally for those said fools to come back in once they realised how foolish they were being to find a spot inside!

The Corona is a first-come, first-served theatre so I didn’t want to go in last minute.  I figured there would be a line-up starting around 6:30-7:00 so we made sure to leave the pub by 7, latest.  Turns out, they were letting everyone in because of the rain.  Cool. Walk in.  Damn.  It’s a standing concert.  I am too old for that shit…  Kinda wished I was up in the balcony but that section was closed off.  Guess they didn’t sell that many tickets after all.

I had no idea there was an opening act for Serena Ryder.  What a wonderful surprise she turned out to be!  Jordane (Labrie), with her guitarist Clément Desjardins, blew me away.  The girl’s got a set of pipes on her!  Her first album comes out mid-January.

And, for a reason I cannot fathom, I did NOT capture any of Jordane’s original French songs but took two little snippets of her singing in English.

During their train trip across Canada, Clément’s guitar got badly damaged and he acquired the banjo from a pawn shop.  He was quite pleased with himself for learning how to play it 😉

And then Jordane had to sing that song that she had been listening to since she was a young girl… Patsy Cline’s Crazy:

A lovely twenty-minute set, I must say.  To hear her sing in French, just click here.

A short break and in came Serena by herself with nothing but her guitar.  She interacts with the audience and of course, she was right there so we felt we were in her inner circle.  She sang a few songs alone on the stage before her band of two came in… a guitarist and drummer (which, unfortunately I cannot remember their names and have given up with the Internets).

A little “Weak in the Knees”…

The Corona is such a great venue.  Would be fabulous if there were seats, but hey… I sat for Andy Kim’s Christmas special and I sat up on the balcony for George Ezra.  Now I can say I’ve had the full experience!  Numb toes and all (you realise after a certain amount of time that the floor is on a slight slant…)

Of course, I shall leave you with a few snippets…  “Oh What I Wouldn’t Do” and “A Little Bit Red”

I was most pleased to have been able to see Serena live in such a perfect venue.



57 thoughts on “Belt It Out Serena!

  1. Q,

    That little girl has pipes, rhythm and an endless supply of soul. Add it all up and you get what she’s serving up. And seeing it live is bonus round stuff! Ain’t nothing wrong with getting reheats, but to get a home cooked musical meal? Yum!

    The venue, dare I say, would have been perfect if they had seats. I ain’t much for standing in one place for that length of time. But hey, it was definitely worth it compared to say, going to an NFL playoff game where I froze my butt off!

    Love the tunes! I can see how Melissa Etheridge wanted her up there doing her thing!

    You hit the high notes, as per. 🙂


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  2. Thanks for sharing the song snippets – I sometimes do not always click the videos or songs in s post – but I listened to every one and like both of their voices and jams.
    And cool
    About the way he learned the banjo –
    They each have such great voices and so different – I can see why you bought tickets to see Serena live –

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      • yes – the diversity was great and also – it says a lot for serena so start with a powerhouse voice like that (she must be very secure).
        and side note about standing – my husband has a cool new standing electric desk –
        and I would much rather sit.
        He can stand and work – i cannot – bothers my knees.
        anyhow, I admire that you made the best of the concert with having to stand – were you swaying and jamming a bit – ? that would help the standing

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        • Indeed! The woman has been singing some she’s 8…
          The standing thing sucked balls. No, I couldn’t work standing either. My knees would not take it. Yes. Some swaying and moving to the beat. But still. Was very happy to plant my butt into the seat of my car!

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  3. Sounds like a great evening out!You are so lucky in Canada you have so many brilliant singer songwriters male and female! Avril Lavigne, Sarah McLachlan and Alanis Morissette, just to mention three women.💜💜

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  4. Not knowing you were to include videos of Serena Ryder, I first checked her out on YouTube Music. Great drums. Shiversome vocals. And it sounds like you enjoyed a great concert.
    I don’t share your problem with radio stations. I listen to YouTube Music. After checking a few likes, it compiles a neverending stream of similar music. I listen all day long. I don’t hear repeats. Plus it sneaks in a few newbies, just to test my tastes.
    Alas, since the peeps at YouTube have launched this service poor Led, G&R, & co don’t get a look in. Unless I’ve lost connection. It happens.

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    • She has got quite the set of pipes on her. It just comes out, no forcing at all.
      That is great Crispina. I know many who have gone the YouTube route. If it works for ya, why would you not? As for them dropping the likes of Led Zep…wonder why?

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  5. Jordane’s Crazy was fab, but Serena is fantastic. Love her sort of smokey voice. I know what you mean about oldies stations. How many times in a day can I listen to Heart, who I adore?

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    • I kinda wish I had recorded an original Jordane song but yanno… sometimes you think there is more and then, there isn’t! And Serena. What a voice! (Though way more nasally live, weirdly 😉 )
      To the point that I don’t adore them anymore!! That’s how often 😛


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  7. Dear Dale,

    Belt it out is right. Wow! What a voice. Thank you for sharing the videos. Made me feel like I was there. And your writing always makes a person feel “take your shoes off, set a spell” welcome.



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    • Dear Rochelle,

      Such a voice she has. Glad you enjoyed my little snippets.
      Wouldn’t I have liked to take my shoes off 😂.
      And I love that my writing does that. Thank you.

      Lotsa love,



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