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Speechless – What Pegman Saw

I hope you brought your hiking boots because this week Pegman takes us to the Grand Canyon in Arizona, United States. The Grand Canyon is one of the seven natural wonders of the world, and wonder of wonders you can actually hike into the canyon via streetview. There are also photo spheres across various locations.

The virtual hikes aren’t immediately obvious on google maps, but when you zoom in, you can hike Bright Angel Trail, South Kaibab Trail, Grandview Trail, or even visit the Phantom Ranch

Your mission is to write up to 150 words inspired by the location. Once your piece is polished, share it with others using the link up below. Reading and commenting on others’ work is part of the fun!

Thank you, Karen Rawson, for hosting this weekly challenge.  Glad I could participate this week.


The trek to the top of Grandview Point was breathtaking — as in both were gasping for breath when they arrived.

They found a ledge for a bench and Paul immediately plopped down, elbows on knees, head in hands, trying to bring his heartbeat down to a reasonable rhythm.

“You’d be better off standing and walking slowly, Paul,” Nicole chastised, as she practiced what she preached, taking deep breaths, regaining control.

Oblivious to Paul’s struggles, she rhapsodized:  “Oh my gosh! Isn’t this just amazing?  The view!  It was so worth that workout, eh Paul?  C’m’ere!  Get up!  What the hell are you doing?”

Paul sat on his ledge, eyes unfocussed, mouth frozen.  Inside his head, his words were loud and clear: “I can’t speak! Help me, Nicole.  Look at me!”  All she could hear were guttural mutterings.

“Jesus!  Are you having a stroke?”  Trying not to panic, she looked around helplessly.



60 thoughts on “Speechless – What Pegman Saw

  1. Q,

    The art you proffer is a sobering imitation of what’s going on presently. And the idea that one minute all is well and the next, everything is very different. You just never know.

    The respective POV of the two characters adds so much. Nicole is disbelieving and Paul is simply trapped inside himself. Also, I’m feeling the symbolism in the hike, the view, the satisfaction of having made it so far . . and then.

    This one took me by surprise. Strong stuff, Q.


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  2. What a terrifying journey that story took me on, from thrills to panic. And even more scary because of how realistic it sounds. I wonder how many medical emergencies hikers face in that huge park, and how many of them are rescued in time. ((shiver))

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    • Thank you, Francine. A place like this is not like Mt. Washington, where at the top are gift shops and potential help. It would be terrifying to have such a thing happen.


  3. Wow, just wow, you ARE a right drama queen, Dale, aren’t you?! 😉
    To scare the sxxt out of your readers with this well-conceived story! I’ve seen the grand canyons AND hyenas feeding on a killed deer and the vultures touring over them, the incredible depths and colours and a-ma-zing beauty of them all, and may I add, I’d never ever venture on any of these trails now that I’ve read your story… My heart was nearly stopping just reading 🙂

    PS: I also learnt the meaning of POV – I seem to learn something every day! 😉

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    • Am I now, Kiki? Just trying to get your own heart a-pumpiing 😉 !
      I’ve only seen it from the plane, sadly. However, it is on my “to-do” list!

      You know, every time I read POV, I have to stop and think. Oh yeah… point of view 😉


  4. Poor Paul, being nagged while having a stroke! And poor Nicole, the panic and feelings of guilt she’ll carry around with her – just awful. As others have said, you take us through the changes in tone well, Dale, though it’s a scenario that makes me cringe at the very thought

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  5. Ditto to all the above. Gripping story, and you leave us hanging by our fingertips. A beautiful view. but Im sure at that moment, hed prefer the dullest hospital wall…nothing is more terrifying than losing the ability to communicate, especially if your life is on the line.

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