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A Frank Angle’s “The She/He Challenge”

Frank over at A Frank Angle, has challenged us to play/dance with him.  The rules and regs are here.  For ease of participation, the “She” sentences are here.


She’s the one for the next dance.

He is headed right for me and I feel a sense of panic as I can’t dance that well.

She displays a slight smile as I approach.

He must be looking at the girl behind me.

She changes her face into a glow as I extend my hand.

He really does want to dance with me!

She graciously engages my offered frame.

He is such a good dancer that I feel like I’m floating.

She transforms my leads into beautiful motions.

He has somehow made my graceful side appear.

She glides the floor with grace and elegance.

He twirls me around like I’m the belle of the ball.

She makes me feel like the king of the ballroom.

He makes me feel like Cinderella.

She smiles in appreciation as the music ends.

He kisses my hand and bows to me.

She is the one.

He smiles as I curtsey then asks me for the next dance.

45 thoughts on “A Frank Angle’s “The She/He Challenge”

  1. Q,

    The dance is such a complicated arrangement. It relies not on one thing but on so many different variables to come together in order for the dance to reach its zenith. I guess that’s why people refer to it as “walking on air”, because it must feel that way when you connect inside of a dance.

    I, would not know, LOL.

    Here’s to the Belle! Although you should’ve flung those dancing shoes off and gone all Jennifer Grey. The fun Jennifer Grey . . .


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  2. Well done, Dale. On the social ballroom scene, dancers are at different levels … and yes, some of the newbies get nervous. So it is important for the lead to guide them through the dance within their ability. Yes, I like your play … and thanks for participating. Love the video, too because it fits!

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