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Through the Camera Lens – Friday Fictioneers

Good Hump Day my Readers! Yes, it is that time of the week where Rochelle Wisoff-Fields entices us with an image and challenges us to write a 100-word story about what we see. This week she uses her very own intriguing picture. I cannot lie. I wrote something, flushed it; tried again and well. There you have it.

If you want to add your own vision, please do! It’s fun (most times!). Just click on the blue frog below and add your link.

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Through the Camera Lens

She loved walking past the old viaduct. Her friends thought it was too dangerous to walk in that area alone but she always felt a sense of peace and calm. People were so paranoid, believing they should fear every little thing.

She always carried her camera, knowing something new would catch her eye. It was her journal of sorts. Observing her surroundings, recording what was new. What secrets lay beneath the stones? How did those plants thrive?

Today, the stones moved. Curious, she leaned in, zooming her camera lens.

They found her camera but the blurred images told them nothing.

126 thoughts on “Through the Camera Lens – Friday Fictioneers

  1. Nice foreshadowing of a potentially gruesome but definitely mysterious disappearance. The stones moving made me think of a) some black and white star trek monster made of stones, and b) someone lurking in the shadows and moving a stone inadvertantly as he went to attack. I dont know which is worse! Definitely makes me want to turn the page…

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  2. I can’t believe those people who think only violence and destroy everything. What a waste of a photo! I’m sure she would have captured those rocks like no other if they didn’t interrupt her! Oh, and too bad about the main character as well… πŸ˜‰ nice, brutal story.

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  4. I’m absolutely enchanted by the fact that reading this piece, before the one that follows it, feels like a gift I didn’t know I was getting. Now, the eeriness I sensed in the second part of the tale reads more like magic. Thanks a bunch for pointing me back. πŸ˜‰

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