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A Colourful Monday Walk

“The World is divided in to two, One is vibrant with colours and the other is drab and colourless..”
Biju Karakkonam, Nature and Wildlife Photographer

There are days where nature is most gracious in sharing her colours.  Monday was one of those days.  Strange, really, as the sun was not shining and the skies were mostly grey.  Or maybe it was just me.  Searching for and finding colour to brighten the day.

Though my full-time days at the golf course came to an end October 30th, I feel I’ve been running around doing stuff yet getting nothing done.  Back and forth to hospitals for Yvon, my mother’s spouse; notary, financial adviser and bank to finally settle my  mandatary duties for my mother-in-law (still not completely done, but close); readying the house for visits – all for naught – bloody thing is still not sold and that mandate is up in three days.  Next!!  Time to take the time for these walks of mine.

On Monday, Zeke and I decided to go for one of our long walks.  He kills me.  I cannot say the word “walk” without him getting excited.  He sees me pick up my camera bag and he loses it.  Before doing any of that, all I said was:  “Do you wanna?”  and this is the look I got:

Then I picked up my camera bag…

We decided to go way over to the other side.  The weather was pretty decent.  I didn’t need my snowpants nor my big mitts so happy days!

Crossing the pedestrian shortcut we came face to face with this fella.  You can tell there are snow enthusiasts who will do what they can to create their own Frosty!

We got to my favourite willow tree in de Normandie Park.  I know, I know.  I take its picture every single time I see it.  Can’t help it as I’m a tad obsessed.

Ya gotta admit it’s pretty spectacular, eh?  And look how colour-coordinated Zeke is!

We moved on towards the Parc des Coutances and I was struck by these trees.  One marcescent- not planning on losing any leaves this winter, one, that didn’t finish shedding theirs before the snows came and then the two different conifers.  Colours and textures.

“Let me, O let me bathe my soul in colours; let me swallow the sunset and drink the rainbow.”
Khalil Gibran

We moved on towards what I once called my dog park because way back before we lost Mick, I used to get up much earlier and would end up meeting up with the ladies and their dogs around 8:30 am.  Those days are gone!  Maybe I’ll get back into an early to bed, early to rise rhythm one day.  Just not yet.  Was amused to see the two seasons mixed together.  A carpet of leaves on a rug of snow.  Or is it the other way around?

On we went towards the Parc de Provence, leading to our secret (hey, I’ll call it secret if I want to!) woodland path.  Upon entering the path, I was struck by the white branches against the blue wall.  How strange!  I have been down this path many times and never did I see a pure white branch like these.

We kept walking towards the centre of the pathway and I, again, saw a series of colours.  One grouping after another

Cutting through, we returned to the Park des Provences from another entrance and there, again… an unexpected duo of colours

Back to Parc des Coutances and this time it was a pop of yellow that caught my eye.

The anemic sun that was, was slowly disappearing and I could feel a chill so we picked up the pace towards home.

“One should be a painter. As a writer, I feel the beauty, which is almost entirely colour, very subtle, very changeable, running over my pen, as if you poured a large jug of champagne over a hairpin.”
Virginia Woolf, The Letters of Virginia Woolf: Volume Six, 1936-1941

Before getting making it to Parc Marguerite-A.-Tellier and that much closer to home, the skies darkened.

No wonder I felt so cold suddenly.

Just before crossing the boulevard towards home, this pop of red shouted at me.  Another caught by the snow before it could lose it’s petals!

Zeke was quiet for the rest of the evening.  The boy was spent.  Maybe the walk was too long?  I’ll have to ease him in more gently.  The boy is now 9 and probably felt like I do when I overdo it!

Have a fabulous weekend!



46 thoughts on “A Colourful Monday Walk

  1. A beautiful walk, Dale. Thanks for sharing. I was noticing the bits of color when I was out walking the other day, too. I smiled at your willow tree comments. I have a ton of photos of a willow tree in Old City Philadelphia.

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    • Thanks for joining me. Despite the dreariness of the day (or because of it) the colours just popped.
      That willow is spectacular, isn’t it? I smile at a fellow willow tree lover…

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  2. I always enjoy your photos, like taking the walk, or sharing the meal with you. And you’re right: winter doesn’t mean a monochrome world. Trees, particularly, can blaze with colour even though they’ve lost leaves.

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    • Thank you, Crispina. So very glad you do. Oft times the colours come from objects but during this particular walk, I was struck by nature’s unwillingness to give up just yet.


  3. Beautiful walk indeed. I enjoyed it because it seems to me that this is the first one in a while. Well, you used to do them more often. Good job of making Zeke tired! Good choice of music, too. Seeing the snow I wondered if you will have to wait until April to see the bare ground again. Meanwhile, here’s the song that your title brought to my mind because it was ready in the queue at last week’s music. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=swHjpyrV1e8 … Besides, the pics will provide a warmth feeling.

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  4. I like walks where I can enjoy the sights and not feel cold. 🙂 That white branch and leaves… weird! What’s up, Mother Nature? I love snow, though. It makes everything so pretty.

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    • It is rather nice when you don’t feel like your fingers will fall off every time you go to take a picture! Like yesterday. Brrr.
      Very weird those “albino” branches and leaves…
      Snow sure does brighten up the winter. I’ll take it over rain any day – in the winter, I mean 😉

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  5. A really fab post, Dale!
    I am especially attracted to Zeke. Please give him an extra pet for me. He won’t know it’s from me, but I’d like him to have it, anyway! ❦

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    • Thank you, Resa,

      My next one will include a couple of murals – though I hesitate as I had to take them at night. Dunno when I shall get a chance to go back there during the day. Unless I make a trip out of it!

      I shall certainly give him a good pet. He’ll take it!

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  6. Q,

    Zeke is living his best life when you go for these walks, I tell you what. I love that look he gives you when he knows the deal and gets all puppy like in the moment.

    I love that the colors are still so vibrant, even inside the clutches of winter. And for some reason, Zeke’s pic under the willow tree reminds me of Andrew Wyeth’s “Christina’s World”. Maybe it’s the perfect framing, maybe its the perfect blending of colors into one big moment. Both, yeah . . I’m thinking both.

    I love that word . . conifers.

    You gots to get the ladies back out for the morning constitution. At least every now and again.

    And the quotes, perfectly dovetailed to a wonderful gallery of photographs!

    You make winter look goooooooood!


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    • B,

      He does absolutely love it. And that look… Gawd. No way in hell I could NOT take him out!

      See? You did me some learning now. I had to look up “Christina’ World” and I can see that colour and style-wise, yes… there could be. And wow. Thank you. I do kinda like it! 😉

      It’s a cool word, conifers is.

      I wonder if they still meet? Maybe I’ll have to go early one morning and see…

      So very glad you enjoyed my little additions, too.

      It is gooooooood!



  7. Bee-you-Tee-FUL! Wow. What a walk! (did look cold from the get go, to me, you know, but … hey, all’s relative on cold and walks). Lovely photos. I love the contrasts, and the story. Zeke ain’t so bad, either! 🙂

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  8. Thank you for a wonderful walk, Dale. I love the willow tree, too, and would probably have to photograph it every time I saw it. Colors have a way of popping out on cloudy days, don’t they? 🙂 (By the way, I think I get as excited as Zeke at the thought of a walk. lol!)

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    • Thank you for joining me, Robin. They so do pop on cloudy days. As for that willow… I just can’t help myself 😉.
      Walks are the best, as you well know!


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