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Advent Calendar – Day 5

In the spirit of Christmas and the Advent Calendar that has been revamped and re-purposed in myriad ways, I have decided to do one of another sort.  Instead of taking one chocolate per day (or wine or whatever goodie is in vogue) or adding one item into a box to donate for a good cause (a very good thing, indeed) I have chosen to send a little love to my favourite blogs.

Good morning!  (Shoot, I think I forgot yesterday’s salutation! My bad…)

Day 5 Candidkay

However did I meet the beautiful Kristine?  I have zero clue.  All I can say is I am so glad to have found this fabulous woman from Chicago who’s got a way with the “pen” that I admire.  On top of that, she has raised two boys solo and, shares the joys and sorrows that come with that job.  I feel we are kindred spirits and we have, more than once, said we shall one day meet and chat over a bottle of wine and lots of laughter.  I have no doubt this will happen one day.

I love that she is not afraid to put herself out there and most often then not with humour.  I’m talking the good, the bad and the ugly.  Only with her there are more good and inspiring than bad, sad or ugly.  Even when sharing something sad, she has a wonderful way of doing so that is uplifting.

When I receive a candidkay email, I know I should just get myself a cup of coffee and pretend I am sitting across the table from her.



40 thoughts on “Advent Calendar – Day 5

  1. Thank you, Dale! I’m blushing, and it’s not easy to make me do that anymore😋. Someday we will have that wine together and all the laughs that come with it. I just feel it in my bones. And as for the glam shot? This is me on my very best day :-). You should see me when I’m walking the dog.😮

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    • Blush away, dahlink! It’s well-deserved. 😊.
      And yes, that someday will come.
      And yanno… we are still fabulous sans make-up, hair in ponytail and butt in sweats! Don’t even try to convince me otherwise (as I try to hide the bags under my eyes this morning…)

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    • She most definitely is a radiator! I don’t follow any drains 😉 And if they do become so, I unfollow them. Life is meant to be enjoyed not have it sucked out of me…

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