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Advent Calendar – Day 15

In the spirit of Christmas and the Advent Calendar that has been revamped and re-purposed in myriad ways, I have decided to do one of another sort.  Instead of taking one chocolate per day (or wine or whatever goodie is in vogue) or adding one item into a box to donate for a good cause (a very good thing, indeed) I have chosen to send a little love to my favourite blogs.

Day 15 – Live and Learn

How or where to start?  I’ll first say that his blog is aptly titled because not only is he constantly learning, by sharing with us, he is constantly teaching.  David Kanigan is one of those bloggers who always has something to say even if he says nothing.  His wonderful pairings of gorgeous photos with fantastic quotes or sections of the book he is currently reading or favourite poetry are shared on recurring themes some of which bear the titles of T.G.I.F.: It’s Been a Long Week; or Guess.What.Day.It.Is? (A picture of camel(s) for Hump Day); or “Lightly, Child, Lightly”.

My favourite posts of his are his “Running” or “Commuting” series.  This well-read, Mint-Chocolate-Chip-Gelato aficionado (really, click the link, I do not lie!) has a keen sense of observation and creative pen when it comes to sharing what he sees/experiences.  His humour (he was born Canadian but has eschewed the “u” after adopting the US as home), self-deprecation (must be a left-over Canadian thing) intelligence, empathy, joys and occasional frustrations shine through on every one of those posts.

My reading list has grown exponentially since following this guy… And I do thank you for it, David!

41 thoughts on “Advent Calendar – Day 15

  1. Another good choice. If memory serves me correctly, he and I had a time of joint visits (way back in the pre-Dale era), but then drifted apart. I recall have good memories. Thanks for the possible reconnection.

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  2. DK and I have followed each other for years now. He is on my bucket list of people I want to meet in person some day. He does have the unique ability to create compelling stories.

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  3. Q,

    He’s allowed to eschew (great word) the “u” as per the change of address. And besides, he more than makes up for it with his genius for tucking rhythm and rhyme into a simple subway ride.


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    • Dear Rochelle,

      David is hors pair, for sure. And he’s not afraid to laugh at himself as he did on his last one. But mostly he shares thought-provoking bits. He’s definitely a good ‘un!

      Lotsa love,


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  4. Ack, Dale, was going back through email this morning and realized that this one had slipped through the cracks. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE DK’s blog. He’s the real deal, and every day he brings it in some new, interesting and often hilariously funny way. Been with him for 5-6 years now, and can’t imagine my days sans DK. Wonderful to see him recognized in this way….. 🙂

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    • Kinda funny that THIS one did 😉 We LOVE, LOVE, LOVE him both! He really is the real deal. He’s real. He’s funny. He’s smart. He’s got a huge heart.
      I couldn’t NOT include him. No way. 😀
      And thanks to him, I now know you!

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