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What? For Me?

“Blessed are they who expect nothing, for they will be pleasantly surprised.”
Marty Rubin

I worked the last Christmas party at the golf club Friday night (yay!). Finished at 3:00 a.m., got home by 3:15-ish, changed into comfy PJs – coz there is no way in hell I was gonna just hit the hay and fall asleep.  Doesn’t work that way.  Got take it down a notch, yanno?  Poured myself a brewskie, started reading blog posts and answering comments and, once I started yawning, went to bed by 4:30-ish.  Was still not sleeping by 5-something.

Finally did conk out and was wakened (woken? awoken? awakened?) by my damn dog at 8ish.  Managed to hold back and NOT kill him, let him out, returned to bed and fell back asleep until 11:00.  Not what one would call a proper amount of ZZZs.

Gave up on the idea of getting more sleep and dragged my sorry ass downstairs to make myself a coffee.  Made like a slug in front of the computer to see what was new and exciting and by 11:50 got a text from Sophie asking if I was home.  I replied in the affirmative and she said she and Charles would be right over.  I answered with an “I guess I better get dressed then!”

I totally didn’t blog about it (and if I did, I tagged it horribly because I can’t find it) but last August, I helped out at Sophie and Charles’ wedding, wrapping bread, lighting candles, but mostly playing bartender.

Anyway, they must’ve been around the corner because I was not finished dressing when the doorbell rang!  Sheesh!

Their mission was to give me a gift as a thank you for helping them out!  How sweet.  And how wonderful.  How totally unexpected. I’ve been given a spa package including an exfoliation with a massage.  Can you say PERFECT timing?  To receive this type of gift right after my last day of work?


Only, it ended up NOT being my last day.

At the beginning of Friday’s shift, Hélène, my boss looked at me, practically batting her eyes and whined said:  “You really don’t want to come and brunch with us on Sunday?”  Read:  “You sure you don’t want to work with us on Sunday?”

I laughed and said… “Are you saying you really need me to come and work?”

“Yes.  It’s the members.  You surely want to say goodbye to them? (No, I really don’t).  They’ll be happy to see you. There will be 100 of them.”


I’m such a suck.

So all my going on and on about the 14th being my last day of work for the season for real?   Nope.  Not only did I agree to work today, on Sunday.  But I had to be there for 9 am.  Now, I know for most folks, this is more than reasonable.  However, I have been on the start at 4:00 pm, finish in the wee hours beat for the past month.

Alarm clock at 7, coffee, breakfast, shower and work at 9.  I kinda have to admit that though I was okay with NOT seeing the members one last time?  They were kinda nice and sweet and every single one asked me if I’d be back next season.

I answered with that vague, “We shall see…”

So NOW I can celebrate and book my two-hours of relaxation…

Which I now feel is even more deserved.  No?

I know this is a Thanksgiving song… and I am giving thanks so…

63 thoughts on “What? For Me?

  1. Q,

    You’re such a softie (see how your words come back to bite you in the posterior?). But so what? It was nice and it was chill and it was sweet and Will Ferrell didn’t make a guest appearance and nobody lost an eye. All very good things.

    And isn’t it the best when you receive something you didn’t think you were going to receive? And the time in between made the surprise that much sweeter I bet. How cool is that.

    Enjoy your much deserved spa day! And great song choice!


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    • Thank you! I swear, six months working in a golf club is worth 12 months elsewhere. And then, when the season is over, the Christmas parties start. THEN we can say we’re done!
      I’ll cherish that treatment, I can tell you! 😀

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  2. Just shows that your friends were thinking of you and you didn’t know it. They were choosing you a gift and were doubly kind, delivering it in person. And what a beautiful gift, so thoughtful. Your post is a vivid insight into the world of Dale that I thoroughly enjoyed along with my breakfast. As for the golf club, well, it’s nice to be wanted 🙂

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    • It really did touch me, Jilly. When such a thing happens you kinda step back and marvel that it happened to you.
      So glad you enjoyed my ramble that I almost flushed as rubbish!
      Yes, it is very nice to be wanted. Dunno that I want to keep doing it though! 🙂

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  3. Oh Dale; you’re such a pushover 🙂 🙂 🙂 – I would have done the same thing too. And I’m a rather (very) lousy waitress/server…. AND I’m married to the absolute King of Accident-Prone-Ism – so I know what you describe only too well – broke a Champagne flute (of my own!) on the day I had the visit of wonderful friends from Switzerland, 10 days ago. Which was fine as about a month before, HH broke one too – so we’re down to 10 from 12…. mustn’t forget not to invite more than 10 ppl at any time when Champagne is being served.
    A wonderful gift, one of the best! Your friends obviously very, very much appreciated your help – and they knew exactly what would give you the best benefit. Enjoy it!
    One of my greatest pleasures is getting mail from the world over – cards and greetings just for me – little words from the heart and many a ‘secret’ joke and often a small token of their love. This pre-Christmas time I already had, together with my Christmas card (to which I haven’t sent any at all myself….), a tiny notepad with a firy red metal casing sporting roses (name of our house), a desk calendar for 2019, cutouts of articles and quotes of ppl I enjoy reading, a real Advent Calendar I can open up (my bad eyesight doesn’t allow me to find the tiny doors on the smaller calendars) and by personal delivery a Christmas Stollen (a sort of a fruitcake known in Switzerland and Germany and Austria) made with love and lots of nuts/fruits/calories….. Gifting is beautiful, receiving is even more beautiful! 😉

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    • I am, indeed! I’m actually, supposedly a good waitress but hey, we all have our days.
      As for klutziness, I can’t tell you how many glasses I’ve broken at home.
      It is a wonderful and thoughtful gift and I am beyond touched to have been though of like this!
      Hand chosen or handmade – both are equally wonderful.
      I love to give my goodies as gifts and do, regularly (reminds me. I needs must get a box to stop our some biscotti!)
      And getting mail. Who doesn’t love getting that nowadays?

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  4. This little video is MAGIC and beautiful. I play the cello myself and I’m singing in choirs and small ensembles…. so this was a special gift for me too. Thank You

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  5. Dear Dale,

    Your spa day is well deserved. Enjoy! I’m sure your patrons at the golf club adore you. I can’t imagine you giving anything but great service with that $1,000,00 smile of yours. I agree with Sandra, you are a human dynamo. I raise my morning coffee in your honour. 😉 ❤

    Shalom and hugs, my friend,



    • Dear Rochelle,

      It’s starting to feel necessary! Some really do.and the feeling is mutual.
      I do my best and can’t lie… my smile has gotten me out of some sticky situations…😁😉
      Human dynamo needing recharging!
      Where’s my coffee? ☕
      Guess I’ll have to go make my own…
      Then I can clink my mug with yours! And always like it when my humour makes others laugh!

      Lotsa love,


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  6. Well, NOW you can relax–and with a few more hours of pay, I guess, so that’s nice? I was exhausted just reading, but you know I’m such a morning person. 🙂 I hope you enjoyed your spa outing.
    I love this version of Simple Gifts. It’s a Shaker hymn, so it’s not actually a Thanksgiving song. 🙂

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    • Yes. NOW I can recuperate! I’m still exhausted 😉. I used to be a morning person…
      I haven’t gone yet but I assure you, I will😁
      I then I am even more pleased I chose it. It’s so beautiful.

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