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Advent Calendar – Day 20

In the spirit of Christmas and the Advent Calendar that has been revamped and re-purposed in myriad ways, I have decided to do one of another sort.  Instead of taking one chocolate per day (or wine or whatever goodie is in vogue) or adding one item into a box to donate for a good cause (a very good thing, indeed) I have chosen to send a little love to my favourite blogs.

Day 20 Sorryless

I met Marc through A Frank Angle’s (yes, Frank, this one is all yours) “If” Challenge last February.  It was a sign of things to come.  Miles and miles of comments back and forth, first on Frank’s posts, then on Marc’s, then on mine.  Can’t lie.  Didn’t take long before I was totally smitten.  In the relatively short time since, we have become the best of friends.  A friendship I cherish deeply.

Now… onto why I’ve added this blog to my Advent Calendar!  This guy can write.  I mean seriously WRITE.   He has a way with the phrase that just flows and meanders and roars and soars.  It can punch you in the gut and make you cry.  He is passionate about the subjects he tackles and is not afraid to put it and himself out there.  He’s funny, snarky, rude, romantic (though he’ll deny this one), smart, witty and ironic, to name a few.

And I am far from alone in singing his praises.  His followers all say what I do:  that his skills as a writer are exquisite.

Now, if I can just convince him to write and publish a book…

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  1. Quebec,

    You are a wonderful trouble maker. And of course, by ‘trouble’ I mean fun. Your Advent series is a testament to the person you are, and it’s why we became the best of friends. Because the world feels so much less complicated when you have people in your corner who give you the straight shot, real deal truths.
    And comments? Wait, what . . us? I’ve no idea what you’re . . . okay, I couldn’t do it, buahahaha!
    This was completely unexpected, and I am grateful and humbled by it. Thank you for this fab post, thank you for your friendship and thank you for being blog pals with Frank. 🙂

    Blessings, peace, friendship and love,


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  2. Dear Dale,

    When Sarah came up yesterday, I anticipated Sorryless being next on the hit parade. And a hit Marco is. I couldn’t agree more about his writing. I’ve felt privileged to get to “know” him a bit through you. I hope one day we can all meet in one physical place. Meanwhile, I’ll keep reading and enjoying.

    Shalom and hugs (to you both 😉 )


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    • Dear Rochelle,

      Stands to reason, me following the alphabet and all… And he’s actually surprised… which is fabulous. He is a wonderful writer, crush notwithstanding 😉
      Definitely keep on reading!!

      Lotsa love and holiday hugs,


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  3. I first met Marc in his days as Cayman (and I think through Guapo). Oh yes, he can write. Just has a way of stringing words together that also brings out his personality. Meanwhile, I’m glad the be the link between you two chatterboxes. Reading through the numerous long strings of comments could be the making of a book: Tales of The Cook and The Snark.

    Meanwhile, hey Dale – how many more of these?

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  4. You hit the nail on the head with this one, Dale. Sometimes I read Marc’s writing and want to throw my Mac into the Gulf knowing I could never in a million years rise to that level of good. Marc and I have been around for a few years and he never fails to impress me with what he is able to express with words. Why no book? Who knows?

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  5. I am sold! Well, I was sold when you mentioned him and his writing last time, but this was even more convincing. Always in the mood for excellent writing and a sense of humor to boot. I zipped over and hit the follow button, although I won’t have much time to read up until after the holidays, as I’m super busy and then leaving town at dawn-o-clock tomorrow. (Technically shouldn’t even be on now — I’m at work, don’t tell on me!)

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