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Weekend Writing Prompt #86 – Mask

Such a rush to publish, I forgot to insert my intro!!

Christmas is around the corner and for many, it is a difficult time… I hope for all, to find the joy again.  Thank you, Sammi Cox, for hosting this weekend prompt.  Today, I felt inspired….

‘Tis the time of year where masks are found aplenty

To hide the pain

To pretend joy

To make believe

To soothe others

To convince one’s self

To fake it till you make it


The day comes

You remove it

You no longer need it

Sun behind cloud

49 thoughts on “Weekend Writing Prompt #86 – Mask

  1. Q,

    To tuck such beauty into brevity, it’s the literary equivalent of making a delicious fruitcake! Seriously, you nail it every time with these and this one . . in keeping with the reason for the season, it tastes like marzipan icing.



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  2. So true for so many! And I hope that more will find that they can be who they are, as they are, with all their complicated feelings and realities … and know that it is all as it should be. Any day. Every day. Hugs! Well done!

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