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Advent Calendar – Day 24

In the spirit of Christmas and the Advent Calendar that has been revamped and re-purposed in myriad ways, I have decided to do one of another sort.  Instead of taking one chocolate per day (or wine or whatever goodie is in vogue) or adding one item into a box to donate for a good cause (a very good thing, indeed) I have chosen to send a little love to my favourite blogs.

How did 24 days fly by so fast?  I cannot tell you how much I have enjoyed sharing with you some of my favourite blogs and that each “nominee” expressed pleasure at being a part of my calendar.  Such a little idea that did more than I could have hoped.  It was hard but I had to force myself to stop at 24, respecting the Advent Calendar principle.  So, last, but not least:

Day 24 – Yesterday and Today:  Merril’s Historial Musings

Merril D. Smith is a wonderful writer, poet, and fan of musicals, whom I discovered, I believe, through Frank – though I’m not 100% sure he can get full credit as we hang out with a couple other peeps 😉

I have never been much of a poetry buff.  Oh, there are some that I’ve enjoyed reading and do I ever admire those who can recite their favourites off the cuff but I’m far from that – unless Dr. Seuss counts.  So much poetry goes way over my head but not Merril’s.  Hers is a friendly style, for lack of a better term.  From her magnetic poetry, inspired by the Oracle, to her weekly recaps in her Monday Morning Musings, to her haiku and haibun, mostly triggered by the various challenges she participates in, there is something for love.  She mostly spreads joy with the occasional frustration – she is human, after all – in her lyrical verses.  And it’s all her fault I attempted a Cleave Poem (having no friggen clue what it even was)!

She has a lovely family and fabulous husband willing to be dragged to plays, movies, restaurants… and thanks to her enjoyment in the various arts, my “to-read” and “movie-and-plays-to-see” lists keep expanding!

42 thoughts on “Advent Calendar – Day 24

  1. Cheers to Merril. A talented poet, a smart lady, better yet – a kind and good person.

    Dale – thanks for your work on this. It’s been a lot of fun in many ways. Not only am I delighted to see the number of people that are truly connected through me, but I’m proud to say that I visited all of your honorees. You gave me a mission!

    Cheers to your mission of spreading the goodness of what others offer.

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  2. Dear Dale,

    You don’t lie. Merril’s writing is wonderful! This is the end of the advent calendar? Sigh. I’ve really enjoyed it. Brilliant idea, my friend. Sweet, generous and fun to meet new bloggers. A very merry Christmas to you!

    Shalom and hugs,


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    • Dear Rochelle,

      Yes, it truly is. And sadly, it is the end. So happy you’ve enjoyed it, my friend. I never thought my little idea would go so far and touch so many – that’s the best part!
      Merry Christmas to you and Jan and the boys and their families!

      Lotsa holiday love,


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  3. Thank you for another great suggestion,Dale. I know this advent calendar must have been a lot of work but it is one of the more unique creations I’ve seen on here. This was fun and enlightening on so many levels. As you know, you are appreciated by so many. Have a wonderful Christmas🙂

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  4. Q,

    Here’s to Merril, whose poetry inspires and provokes and incites a footloose feeling!

    And here’s to you, dearest Q. For a beautiful idea that reminds us all what this season is supposed to be about. Because it is easy to forget sometimes. So here’s to reminders, and to the special people who provide.


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    • B,

      To Merril!

      And thank you, kind B… I feel I’m the one who received more than I gave with this little venture. Your sweet words proof again. So thank you for joining in!

      Lotsa love,

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      • That is what makes Christmas . . well, Christmas! The joy of giving, right there.

        You are a lovely person inside and out, and the proof is in all the love you have received as a result of this Advent series. You weren’t looking for kudos, of course. You just wanted to give something back, to all the peeps who have made your world a better place.

        And wowza, did you find a way!

        And in so doing, you inspired others to try their hands at giving something back as well. Season? Meet the reason.

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  5. OHHH…. me stalk right over. 🙂
    Happy Season of Light, my friend! This was fun and thank you for sharing your faveees with us so we can also discover them (well, ain’t really a discovery when it is total stalk-a-thon, but still … ;)). Hugzees! Na’ama

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