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Weekend Writing Prompt #87 – Ignite

In such a rush, I forgot my preamble!Β  Thank you Sammi Cox for giving me something to think about while I struggle over another prompt!

Do you remember when

With just the right smile

I was able to

Ignite your wildest passions?

77 thoughts on “Weekend Writing Prompt #87 – Ignite

  1. Q,

    I ain’t even ATTEMPT a 17 word prompt challenge, and you pull it off as easy as peasy with some weak in the knee-sy! Bravasima for lighting a fire to these seventeen words, and doing so with verve for the curve.

    To brevity, fiery passages and challenges owned!


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          • I ain’t tried because I know my limitations. And seventeen words? Yep . . that there is a line to which I do not cross! Out of respect and reverence for those who can.

            My vote of confidence was not tampered with by the Russians, either. It’s all mine, to you.

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          • It’s the same as ‘looks’.
            I was telling Linds how I might change up my look when I shave my head. Maybe go with a bandanna. Of course, just because Linds can pull off that particular look, ain’t mean I can. I mean, I’ll try it and all. But in the safety of my own home, after which I may or may not go public with said look.
            You gotta know your wheelhouse, I guess.

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          • Right. What looks fab on one, may not be so fab on another. I don’t have the cohonas to go too far out with my hair other than to go from long to short and maybe a few streaks (but natch looking as I ain’t that cool)
            Ya definitely gotta know your wheelhouse or your tolerance for how far you are willing to go.

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          • So the shaved head, I’ve been there. It turned out better than I imagined. It simply because a pain in the arse to shave like, basically almost every day.
            The bandanna throws a whole ‘nother monkey wrench into the equation.
            It would be as if KC of the Irish Mafia came to us with a challenge prompt based on something she heard on the train. And then followed it up with “in 17 words,”.
            I would definitely have the 17 Word Flu in that case . . .

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          • I so can’t picture you without a head of hair… so I’ll trust what you say. Must be a royal pain in the arse to have to shave the whole noggin…
            The bandana would give you reprieve – if you like it, of course.
            I don’t think KC of the Irish Mafia is any better than you at writing short pieces…
            Tell you what though, would be the first time I actually complete a prompt first!!

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          • I couldn’t either! Until I did it.
            Yes, yes it is. And here I thought that shaving it would be easier. It was not. Of course, if I didn’t have dark roots, I wouldn’t have had to shave just about every day.
            That’s the million dollar question. Will the bandanna work? I’ve done the look before, like a lifetime before.
            Maybe that will HAVE to be a future prompt. Just not . . umm, seventeen words?

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          • Rock on! And anyway… if the two-day shadow is a hit on the face, why not on the head?
            Maybe it depends on the bandana…

            Ooohhh… that could be interesting. And no, leave the uber short ones for me… the normally volubile one

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          • It doesn’t carry over to the head, for whatever reason.

            But hey, if the bandanna works, that could help things along quite a bit. And I could get really creative with my bandanna rotation . . so there’s that.

            Voluble. Word O the day!

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  3. Excellent, Dale! You just keep getting better, and your take is always unique.
    Hey, so, I went for 2.5 hour walk yesterday, took lots of pics of street art, had a light dinner.
    WTF! I’m a pound heavier today. 😬

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