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The 2018 Annual Attitude of Gratitude: Bloggers Flood The Internet With Happiness & Positivity!

Dawn Quyle Landau of Tales from the Motherland has issued the 5th annual “50 Happy Things/Attitude of Gratitude” challenge and I am more than pleased to join in once again.  For instructions on the “how-to”, please click here.  Once you’ve figured out how to do it and have been inspired to do it (Why not?  How much can it hurt to bring forth things that make you happy?) click here to add your link.

There is absolutely no order to my following list.  I have set the timer for 15 minutes and this is basically stream of consciousness stuff (i.e. as it comes, I type).  All embellishments are added after the clock has run out and I’ve spell-checked my list 😉

  1. My boys – they remind me that I am human
  2. My home – protects me from the elements
  3. My family – all the way down to second cousins thrice removed
  4. My sisters – despite whatever goes on in life, they are there for me
  5. Mom – without her, I would not be
  6. Friends who are the chosen family
  7. Blogosphere – a world I could not have imagined ten years ago
  8. The friends I’ve made on the blogosphere – I cherish the connections I’ve made
  9. Going to Old Montreal for New Year’s Eve with good friends
  10. Getting on the ferris wheel for the midnight fireworks
  11. Friday Fictioneers – for teaching me how to cut the fluff and get to the point
  12. B – for pushing me to be a better writer while becoming a close friend
  13. My ability and joy of cooking
  14. Sharing my food with those I love
  15. My boys when they help me before I have to ask
  16. My computer – as a tool to connect and write
  17. Internet – bringing the world to my fingertips
  18. Brothers-in-law who help out for stuff that I just cannot do on my own
  19. Girlfriends – to share those things that you just can’t with family
  20. Blogging community – I keep learning
  21. Rochelle for her friendship and for trusting me with her lateest WIP (and any other writings)
  22. Julie for being my “culture friend” and my trusted date for stuff no one else is interested in
  23. Feeling part of my close knit gang
  24. Food – the diversity, the sensuality
  25. My taste buds – which permit me to enjoy all the flavours out there
  26. Good wine
  27. fun work colleagues
  28. New colleagues who seemed to really appreciate me
  29. Clients who appreciate me
  30. My legs for allowing me to take my walks
  31. My big-ass bathtub for when I need to get away from it all
  32. Reading – opening my world to other realms
  33. Writing, which allows me to let go of stuff
  34. Writing prompts that push me to do better
  35. My bed, where I get the rest I need or at least pretend to
  36. My hands which are capable of so much more than I thought
  37. Heating which protects me from the cold
  38. My capacity to love no matter how many times my heart is broken
  39. Being appreciated for what I offer
  40. My wit and sense of humour – keeps me sane
  41. Travel – I need to do more; experience other cultures
  42. The communities I’ve built – virtual and real
  43. Connections I’ve made with people from around the world
  44. A cozy fire, to gaze into, to snuggle with someone
  45. Zeke – who is not getting as much love as he should but will
  46. Eyes – to appreciate the beauty around me
  47. My smile, which seems to be what people remember about me
  48. My camera, which helps me to look at things differently and record the memories
  49. Being able to express myself and be open to others’ opinions
  50. Widow’s pension, which helps to make ends meet
  51. EI which permits me to take the time to rest between jobs
  52. Working a seasonal job which allows me to take the other seasons off
  53. Sense of smell, without it, I would never appreciate food and cooking so much
  54. My body – it may be quite as I would like it to be, but it’s mine and it functions
  55. Dishwashers – because sometimes, doing the dishes just blows
  56. My car – I can go anywhere when I want
  57. My resilience – even though it’s a word that bugs the shit out of me, it is the right word for me
  58. The close friends who will always include me in their happenings
  59. My ability to adapt to whatever life throws my way
  60. My boys – I am so proud of them both for the young men they are becoming
  61. That Iain has decided to go back to school to get a diploma in electricity
  62. That Aidan has decided to pursue an education in animation (yeah, yeah, it has another title that I always forget)
  63. That I know I can count on my sisters for anything
  64. My lack of cynicism – despite the world we live in
  65. My charm that can be helpful when I screw up
  66. Dark chocolate
  67. Camaraderie – that can be found
  68. Facebook – say what you will, I have kept in contact with many because of it
  69. Book, books and more books
  70. Potential for love – I’ve not given up

93 thoughts on “The 2018 Annual Attitude of Gratitude: Bloggers Flood The Internet With Happiness & Positivity!

  1. I love the timer idea! The bath tub is the best! I love mine too!
    I’ve looked at the post for next time! Hopefully I can join in next year! I did do a post on ten things that make me happy! Somewhat Similar – if you’d like to pop by my blog.

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  2. Dale, whoa!! How did you do so many in 15 minutes?! I though I was slaying it, and I had time to think about it, before I started. Lordy, I’m impressed! Love the items you’ve included here–– so many connections and meaningful relationships. That’s really what it’s all about I believe and you’ve captured that. SO wonderful to have you join us; I love reading each of these lists. Happy New Year, Dale!

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    • I dunno, Dawn. I kept the main items short and embellished a bit after the clock ran out. And I removed those I accidentally repeated. (I checked my list from a couple of years ago – surprised/not surprised quite a few items repeated 😉)
      So very glad to join in on this most positive of challenges. Thank you for hosting again!
      Happy New Year and enjoy Israel!!

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  3. Dear Dale,

    Wow. I love where your stream of consciousness took you. Of course 11 and 21 are my favourites. 😉 You do inspire me, my friend. Love it the list. Love you. ❤

    Shalom and hugs,


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    • Dear Rochelle,

      I thought a bit before sitting down to let ‘er rip and am happy with it. No over thinking just poof! 😉
      Love you too, my friend.

      Shalom and Lotsa love,


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  4. Q,

    What a list! The more gratitude you have, the more you appreciate life in all its many splendored ways! Like fireworks to ring in the New Year, there is wonder to wishing upon stars whilst keeping your feet on the ground.

    To hope, love, peace and friendship in 2019 and always.

    Chin Chin!


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    • Thank you, Francine. I like to think it is a great way to start the year…and on that day when I’m not feeling it, I’ll take it out!


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  7. Great idea, Dale, and great list! I haven’t been feeling very thankful this week, so this is a good reminder to get myself back into the positive groove. Ain’t nobody gonna get me there but me!

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  8. SUPER list, Dale. I’m with Dawn – how did you do it? You muts be a fast thinker and typer. Anywho … you have covered so much. I forgot the FF gang, my cat King Pelu and sunsets. : ( But, it’s been fun participating and reading the lists that evryone has created. Isn’t it wonderful to be so blessed. Happy New Year 2019 – Gratitude
    Isadora 😎
    ps – I haven’t been able to click ‘Like’ on any of the blogs I visit today.
    Grrrr … WP … oooppsss – lost my positive for a moment. : )

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    • Thanks, Issy! I have to go and check out some of the others. I dunno how. I was a secretary for 30 years and can type really fast. But I admit I was thinking about my list before I started. I did, also just put a few words for each and then went back to embellish – so, if that’s a cheat, so be it!!
      Happy New Year to you and yours!
      Damn WP can be so annoying… through the phone is one thing, through the computer a whole ‘nother…
      Lotsa love,
      Dale xoxo

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