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Weekend Writing Prompt #88 – Foundations

I usually participate in these prompts when we have less than 75 words. However, I felt like writing and my thoughts went towards love. Why? Why not?

Thank you to Sammi for hosting this weekly party. It really pushes me to try different things.

From whence came my notions of what love is?

Where have I learnt what love I deserve, or don’t?

Dare I assume I should be loved in a certain manner?

We go through life with certain assumptions

Though “they” say it is best to not have expectations

That way we are guaranteed no disappointment

How realistic is that?

If we have properly witnessed what real love is

How can we not expect to believe we deserve it as well?

With foundations solidly built

We would have no need for these questions

78 thoughts on “Weekend Writing Prompt #88 – Foundations

  1. Well done! I do wonder, if perhaps even the best foundations do not stop these questions from being valid ones to ask, only that having strong foundations perhaps allows one to truly explore these very questions … Hugs!

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    • What I wonder, is if the foundations are sound.
      There are instances where one thinks love comes with physical pain. How do they understand the “real” thing when it comes without? And can they believe in it?
      Hugs, right back.

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      • Yes, absolutely. I agree. I know too many people for whom love equates with an inevitable measure of pain (or they believe they are expected to endure pain to be loved or that it their fault if pain is inflicted, in the supposed name of love). It becomes so very hard, let alone if pain and love have been entwined since childhood, to understand connection that does not involve cruelty, control, intimidation, and pain. I do, however, believe that the separation of love from pain is achievable, though it takes a lot of hard work and a goodly bit of luck besides. Great point, my friend! xoxo

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  2. Q,

    It reads like a classic love song! And you did it in how many words? Of course I know, 91. Which is wordy compared to your last challenge, πŸ˜‰ But it’s not surprisingly in the least that you stuck the landing on this challenge. Again!

    You do brevity with such flair and loveliness.


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  3. Have you seen the comedian Daniel Sloss’s special Jigsaw. He does a bit about how life is like a jigsaw and the center piece is the thing that makes us complete, but people get some desperate to fill it that they’ll shove anyone into it and keep smashing at it until it fits. They get stuck in relationships that are wrong because they fall back on ‘but they love me’ when really they it isn’t love because they don’t love all of you and in the end, that doesn’t work. Expectations are important sometimes to keep us for settling for relationships that in the end, don’t make us happy.

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  4. This “no expectations” crap is nothing but a recipe for failure. Someone lazy came up with it.

    And you deserve what your precious heart desires!

    Beautifully written ❀

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    • Don’t I know it. We say it to convince ourselves that what we want is not really what we want…

      Everyone deserves love. What one’s perception of love is the thing…

      Thank you, dear Sawsan.

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  5. You nailed this on so many levels. Style, tone and POV. Yes, don’t assume/ expect and don’t be disappointed. But, when you know what love is, and while it will never be the same twice, you know it’s possible. It makes you an optimist. I loved every single word. You filled my heart with hope. Thank you Dale.

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  6. Blimey, Dale, you ARE far more profound than you let on…… A beautiful piece of advice to look into our own heart and soul! I believe in LOVE anyway, so I’m not surprised – everything goes better with a little love added!

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