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No Water, Please! – Friday Fictioneers

Good Thursday evening, my peeps!  Spent a few days away up in the Laurentians, taking in the fresh air, enjoying the snow and cottage life.  Back to reality…

I canna lie… looked at this hear picture for two days and finally asked my son what he saw.  A silly story was born.  Thank you, Rochelle and Priya for stumping me this week!

If you think you can play along with something original, please do!  Click on Rochelle’s name for the how-to’s and add your link by clicking on ze bleu frogue below…

©Priya Bajpal

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No Water, Please!

“That’s a pretty jar.  Quite colourful.  What are they, love notes?”

“Nope.  Not love notes.  Not even paper.  They’re magical, though.”

“Really?  Why are some on the table?”

“I’m not sure they’ll fit.”

“Whatchu talkin’ about!  There’s lots of room.”

“Don’t be fooled.  One drop of water and the whole thing blows.”

“Hah!  What?  Do they turn nasty like in Gremlins?”

“Something like that…”

“Wait. What? You mean if I pour some of my water on these things—

“NO!  Don’t!”

Too late to stop him, I watched in horror as the pieces on the table grew into giant foam dinosaurs.

147 thoughts on “No Water, Please! – Friday Fictioneers

    • Dear Rochelle,

      I am so glad you are! Gizmo was the cutest, wasn’t he? Those nasty-when-wet-or-fed ones, not so much! Glad Aidan’s offhand remark, which inspired this gave you the giggles.

      Shalom and lotsa love,


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  1. Q,

    Hahaha! Of course, when we’re told we can’t do it . . then we GOTS to do it! Kids I mean. Us adults would never dream of being so impetuous. 😉

    I remember when my kids were little and these were a fascination. We would play a game called alphabet soup. They each got a foam thingy and three chances. Once the three chances were exhausted it was into the soup!

    Funny, silly and water absorbent!


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