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CCC10 – Prisoner of the Password

Every Wednesday Crispina, over at Crimsonprose posts a photo (this week it’s that one below.)

We are to respond with something CREATIVE.  It’s pretty open and there are many forms this can take, as you can see if you click here. Whatever form we do take, must keep it at 150 words or less.  I kinda had forgotten that part so I snipped here and clipped there and hope it still comes across half-assed decently.



“ENTER PASSWORD TO MOVE FORWARD TOWARDS THE LIGHT!” the voice bellowed. I enter my password.

“INCORRECT!” The branches closed in a little.

Right, I had changed the password recently. I enter the new password.

“INCORRECT!” More closing in.

Shit. I send a request for a new password, hoping I’ll get the email in time…

Yesss! Thank goodness! I receive it and follow the instructions…. and get … ‘Password cannot be the same as previous one.’

Seriously? Are you kidding me?

I feel the cold creeping into my bones. Shivering, I reset, hoping this one will work and allow me to go towards the opening and heat offered by the sun.


This forest had quite the sense of humour. I shake my head as I move closer to the clearing, entering my new password in a note on my phone.


77 thoughts on “CCC10 – Prisoner of the Password

  1. Q,

    It’s the way of the world, sadly. And what a clever way to frame the way of the world. Because yes! It is like a forest, deep and dark. Whose tangle will trap all who enter, whether they are aware of it or not.

    Smart tangle of words!



  2. Dear Dale,

    I just spent 20 minutes wrestling with the cable company (Spectrum Bad) trying to reconcile my user name to my password. Timely and well told story. Imagine needing a password to go to the light. Clever



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    • Dear Rochelle,

      I swear… I thought I was going to remain in the dark! Spent half the morning on this crap, only to call my Internet provider and snap, crackle, pop! Done!
      Glad you enjoyed 😉

      Shalom and lotsa love,


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  3. Well this was nicely planned……….. I guess you just reminded me to find my passwords for tomorrow when I have to… dread…….. install windows……..
    I have tried to get my passwords sooooooooooooooooo many times, but this damn computer keeps on reminding me, no matter how many times I enter it wrong…….. Your password is incorrect………..
    Thank you for reminding me….

    Nice job and I felt the cold, I still do……
    It will be colder tomorrow with a hit of snow.

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    • It appears it was nicely planned for a few of us!
      Passwords are the biggest headache of the technological age.
      Good luck with you installation!

      IT will be bleeping cold tomorrow…


  4. I so love this. Then you enter the magic realm, meet the elves who just ran an update on MagicKeeper 3.0 — and now you need to have an iris scan as well. The next update though will be much better. You sing a song and hop on one leg in a circle, the tree analyzes your voice and calculates your hopping pattern, and voila, you’re in. 🙂
    Can’t tell you how often I request a reset… at work I use keepass, but my private pws are here and there, and I’m usually there while they’re here.

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