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Travel Tube – Tell Me a Story Challenge

Di, over at Pensitivity101 decided to tag me in this chain of sorts… Seeing the photo and feeling it was way out of my comfort level, I, of course, could not refuse.  It’s a glutton-for-punishment thing…

Travel Tube

Jules felt the dizzying twist, spin and pull that always accompanied portal tube travel.  She didn’t think she’d ever get completely used to it even though she did notice that with each successive trip the nausea eased somewhat giving her the hope that one day she would actually fly through that ring and come out the other side with her peachy complexion intact rather than this greyish-green tint. She could also do without the burn of bile at the back of her throat just waiting for a moment of weakness.

How she managed to remain upright when she emerged was beyond her!

She could feel her senses return to normal and gingerly patted herself down to make sure all was intact.  Which was utterly ridiculous as she had been told to stop worrying about it.  Still, once satisfied, she surveyed her surroundings.

Dammit!  All that and I’m not even at 5th Avenue and 57th Street?  Gawd, she missed the olden days when you could use the subway…

167 words

So, here’s how it works… I had to

  1. Write a story based on the photo above,
  2. Pick a picture of my own, see below
  3. Tag three bloggers to play along (not easy, because not all like to play these sorts of games…)

So, without further ado, I nominate the following three bloggers, who, I want you to know, are under no obligation to play along at all…

  1. Crispina at Crimsonprose
  2. Lynn at Word Shamble
  3. Merril at Yesterday and Today

And here is my photo:

As mentioned, this is a totally voluntary thing!

72 thoughts on “Travel Tube – Tell Me a Story Challenge

  1. And there was me enjoying the story!
    I have what you might call ‘a day’ today, so my acceptance might depend on how deep my hands plunge into the washing up water, and how often? My response might have to wait on the morrow.
    No mention of word count? Can I use a haiku?

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    • Were ya? I am so very glad you were!!
      There is no time limit on when you play, if you want to… and anything goes! How cool is that? There was no mention of word count limitations. I just noticed Di indicated her count and the one who nominated her included his, so I did, mine!
      Kinda like your challenge… so, yes, a haiku is definitely allowed.
      Hope you play!

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  2. Q,


    This is so sci-fantastic! You brought the funk to your futuristic tale, tell you what. You locked and loaded these one hundred and sixty seven words with plenty of details and imagery, and it flows and feels a good deal stronger than the brevity you wielded.

    Stay out of your comfort zone if this is what you come up with. That’s all I gotta say.


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    • Thank you, Liz.
      Nope! My niece’s. I think you should try your hand at this story challenge! Darn that I didn’t think of you when I posted.


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    • Dear Rochelle,

      Apparently not… but then, maybe she’s just not adept at using it! Glad you though it good enough to call it snazzy… and yeah, I figure it’s good to challenge myself.

      Shalom and lotsa love,


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