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Making the Best of It

There are those days when you want to throw your hands in the air and just say Fuck it!  Yesterday was one of those days.

As I prepared for my “date”, the skies were beautiful and so full of promise…

Why I don’t listen to my gut, is beyond me.  Must be that little naive bit of me that I refuse to let die.  Or maybe it’s the optimist that once and again shoves the realist out of the way because maybe, just maybe, you’ve got to give it a shot.

Well phooey! Gave it a shot.  Wasted my time.  Most of that time was spent idling in the insufferable traffic jam that is the island of Montreal.  For what?  To clean off my car in this sub-zero, digit-stealing, toe-numbing, nostril-freezing friggen blast of arctic cold we are going through this past week.  To thaw out in said car, heaters blasting, nose now running, fingers and toes now tingling, to sit through one log-jam to get onto the highway, to pass those who cannot seem to follow the speed-limit, to cross the bridge, then slow to a crawl to get to another highway, only to be redirected, to finally realise this has all been for naught.  To decide then and there to say Fuck It and to get off at my first chance.  (All this “Fuck It Attitude I am blaming on Grace and Frankie – gotta love this trailer, totally uncensored, by the way.)

To decide that this will not be a total waste of my time as I turn around and make my way to the Montreal Forum Cineplex and park inside where is is snow-free and warm. (Because really?  I am NOT gonna putz around looking for parking on the still-uncleaned streets from our latest dump of snow, only to actually find one and then have a snowplow (miraculously) completely box me in so that I now need to shovel to get out, after I have frozen my ass walking from the cinema).

Notre-Dame Street (Shhh… there was no one behind me and I stopped and snapped but still managed to have a blurry pic)

Driving up St. Marc Street, on my way to the Forum, I am struck by a beautiful mural (this is your fault, Resa McConaghy!) and wish I can pull over so I can take a proper picture but this street looks pretty much like the one above, plus I have someone right behind me.  Thankfully, I am stopped at a light and can open my window, brave the cold, and snap a quick pic.  I will definitely have to return to take some better shots without the bloody parking signs and do Resa proud 😉  I have to admit I’m surprised at just how nice and bright this did turn out.

I walk up to the main level of the forum, re-bundle up so I can then cross the street outside because, why is this the one non-underground connecting section of Montreal?  Fucks sake.  Or is there one and now I am even more of an eejit for not knowing it?  Goddamn! It’s cold.  The wind rendering my face instantly numb, I wait inside for the light to turn green, then hurriedly make my way to Roasters, a little BBQ Grill & Bar, because at this point, I’m gonna have me a Rickard’s Red with something decent to eat.  I have over half an hour before my movie starts and I am NOT having an A&W or McDonald’s burger after having wasted an hour and half to get here.

I am more than pleasantly surprised by my chicken wrap.

With almost ten minutes to spare, I re-bundled up just to cross the street.  I swear, this is not a day to leave your coat open and dash…  Upon Merril‘s recommendation, I purchased my ticket for “Cold War”, a beautiful 89-minute black and white escape into another world.

The movie is sent during the cold war in Poland, Wiktor and Irena are driving through Poland, recording various people singing old folk tunes.  They then want to create a choral ensemble to tour.  During these auditions, Zula appears.  Wiktor sees something in her and decides to accept her into the troupe.  They fall in love and so begins a most difficult relationship.  Can people be too in love with each other?  They go from bliss to separation, back together and apart.  Between all of these comings and goings is beautiful music and gorgeous cinematography.

I probably shouldn’t share this particular video with you but I really, REALLY wanted to share the whole choir singing “Two Hearts” because it is heart-breakingly beautiful.

Feeling warm and happy that my evening turned around, I got into my car and made my way home.  Of course the tunnel leading to the Jacques-Cartier bridge was closed.  Sigh.  Slowly forced to take an exit which is, of course, very slow going, and once I get up the hill, the bridge is not lit up in green or purple or whatever, as per usual.  I fear it might be closed I might be taking the long drive along Notre-Dame to the tunnel to get home but no.  Miracles of miracles, it was just a section of the tunnel being worked on which caused the redirect.  Through the thick snow I drive, across the bridge, onto properly moving traffic on the highway and back home before 10 pm.

I wash off my face, change into jammies, pour myself a glass of wine and I catch up on my blog readings.

That’s definitely what I call making the best of it.

102 thoughts on “Making the Best of It

  1. I confess…I won’t even bother going out in weather like that, especially at night when it’s 10 times colder. So long as there’s dog food in the house, it can wait. And if I’ve timed by autoship orders right with Chewy’s, said dog food arrives on time without me having to go outside shoppng in it. I’m a total wimp when it’s cold and windy and that’s what it has been the past few days. Cold, I can (sort of) deal with (not so much traffic jams in it), but wind…that’s when I draw the line and say 🤬it. Stay warm. Tomorrow will be a better day. 🤞🏼

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  2. Well now. Various things seemed to put you into a snit. So the beautiful opening pic was a deception. Then again, frigid temps can do that. Hey – I recognized the Montreal Maroons uniforms (only Googled to confirm my thoughts). Thanks for the movie tip.

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  3. Sounds a nightmare, the chicken looked really good, what’s a Rickards Red? If snow like that existed in Worcestershire where I live, everything would come to an immediate halt and people would be panic buying car ice scrapers which would then all disappear and turn up when spring comes.

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  4. After all that, I’m so glad you loved the movie. I’m STILL hearing the song, and that’s without playing the clip–again! 🙂 That mural is great, and you did get a good photo for a quick out the window picture.

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    • I think I enjoyed it all the more because of it!
      I’m still hearing it too. Oh wait, coz I just listened to it!
      Thank you. Just wished there was no sign… it would have been an almost perfect shot!

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  5. Q,

    Relationships are overrated. But if you are so inspired, no chance is a loss, no night out a waste of time. There was a time when I thought my failed marriage had been all for naught, and we still could have had the kids in sin, LOL. But it wasn’t for naught. It taught me who I am. So nothing is ever a loss or a wasted opportunity. Everything is worth the time you put into it.

    And to get fries, drinks and a good movie out of the frigid night is always bonus round! I’m big into the meals in a pint glass right now, as I’ve been having ’em in place of certain meals recently. Froth and heft equals my happy place.

    To beating back the cold and moving forward. Always moving forward.

    Love and peace,


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    • B,

      Who said anything about a relationship? Was supposed to be dinner and a we’ll see… And I lived in sin with Mick for seven years, had three children and then got married because we… hmmm.. why did we?

      Yep. To me from me with all my love. I never disappoint myself 😉 And hey… pints filled with hops are cereal, so, they can count as a meal, no?

      Always moving forward. It’s the only direction I ever go in.

      Love and peace and good movies and better beer and good friends,


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      • You did. When you were talking about the movie silly.

        And see? It’s all in what we want, and everyone’s wants are different. And we’re in an age where they can all fit. Hopefully.

        It’s not about disappointments, Q. Unless you believe it is. So what if this wasn’t it? The next one might be, or the one after that. As I said, you move forward and you’ll find what you’re looking for. Fo shiz.

        Peace of mind. It’s where it’s at. 🙂

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        • My bad. I thought you were referring to me!

          I like to think so. As we get older, we know what we want and don’t and what we are willing to put up with (not much).

          Not so much disappointment as maybe frustration at lack of integrity. However, and that said. I am good. And still don’t know what I’m looking for so. Fo shiz.

          Yep, Peace of mind.

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          • Being of a certain age is like being in one of those air traffic control towers. You can see from all directions. You can see landings and takeoffs. And unlike being in one of those towers, you drink for enjoyment, LOL.

            You’ll find it, you really will. And as far as integrity goes, I could write a book on all these peeps who preach about happy marriages and how important stable relationships are. I dated them!

            Peace and love of mind.

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          • Amen, Brother! Amen!

            You are funny. And sweet. And funny. Oh, sorry, I already said that. As for integrity, I just don’t understand how it has become such a rare commodity. Well. I do, but I don’t. 😀

            Peace and love. The kind that makes you happy

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          • Life has. And not all of it for the better, that is fo’ sho’. Perfect analogy. It ain’t never going back.
            So, with that thought, all we can do as imperfect humans, is our best to not fully fall into those cracks and hold ourselves to higher standards. Those who don’t even try, don’t make it to the inner circle. Coz. Fuck it. I ain’t got time nor inclination for it.

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          • I’m of the opinion that as long as their lies ain’t put me or mine in a compromising situation, then it’s on them. Because as a writer, we are adventurous souls who don’t mind examining the inner workings of why people do what they do.
            I’ve found that if you treat everything as a journey and an adventure, you good.

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          • That is definitely an important point. And hope that there is no trickle-down effect.
            You are especially good at that 🙂
            Yep. Life is an adventure to be taken, enjoyed, learned from and teach!

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          • It’s funny, but peeps are quick to judge a person based on the way they live their life. As if we’re templates, destined for the same points of light. It’s important not to play ping pong with these peeps. Because most of these peeps wouldn’t want it known the way they conduct THEIR business.

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          • So very true. Not married, you should be; no kids, you should have; one kid, you should have more; three kids, what the hell are you doing; working part time, why not full-time; working as a waitress, why are you wasting your life, you’re better than that; going back to school, what for? And so on…
            None of anyone’s biz but your own but folks feel the need to let you know that you don’t know what you want, even if you do. And you are so very right, again about peeps not wanting it known how they conduct their shit.
            And don’t let all this “you’re right” stuff make you too big for your britches…

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          • It’s how it be. Peeps is always better at conducting someone else’s business than they are at tending to their own.

            Nah, I ain’t got the big britches syndrome. As the old saying goes, I may not be right, but I am always certain, LOL.

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  6. Dear Dale,

    You do inspire me. However, given the same set of circumstances, I would’ve skipped going out in the cold and gone straight for the jammies and the wine. Of course I have 4 more seasons of Downton Abbey to catch up on. 😉 Sending warm thoughts and just want to thank Canada for the arctic weather making its way to Missouri. Yep…jammies and wine time.

    Shalom and warm hugs,


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    • Dearest Rochelle,

      Inspiration, Inshmiration. It was pure folly, that’s what it was! Guess where I am right now? Yes ma’am. In my jammies with a glass of wine on hand. Done the Downton Abbey thing and already done the Grace and Frankie thing so looking for the next binge-worthy thing.
      Oh? And it’s Canada’s fault for the cold now? G’head… We are used to the abuse…

      Shalom and lotsa warm love,


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  7. A blessing in disguise, I think that’s what it was.
    Trust your gut. I know exactly how you feel. I myself went out in -3000000 C to what? I didn’t want to go in the first place either……. but the ” you never know kicked in ” and I had to top that off!! I had to shower too!!!!
    Stop chasing something, it will happen, when the time is right, that day it wasn’t. A movie was right, and the chicken wrap.

    Like always, I love the way you write. I felt your pain, the cold, the emotions. You put me right there next to you, again.

    BTW, you still owe me sushi……..

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    • Absolutely. That’s how I take all things, really. One of the benefits of writing is you can take your experience and add to it. In reality, I barely even cussed once whilst driving. I had half-decided this is what I was going to do on my way out of the door. I feel you on the having to shower (and shave and whatnot).

      Oh, I am so not chasing. And whatever will be, will be. That chicken wrap was the bomb! The movie a feast for the eyes.

      Thank you, Tony. I am lad you do.

      How’s that? I didn’t know I did! Dang. I don’t like owing a debt!!

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  8. Whoa! Well, if the you-know-what hits the fan, I wanna hang out with ya. Because I think at the very least we’d make a little lemonade. 🙂
    Thank you for the beautiful mural and for the absolutely beautiful and haunting movie clip. Now I gotta see it (preferably not in arctic temps …) XOXO

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  9. When I saw the opening scene in the clip, I thought: Are Canadians truly masochists? Freezing your tits off and then watching a movie about the cold…? 😆 Good on you for making the best of it. Sometimes we are truly our own best dates. And those fries looked amazing!

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    • Buahahaha!!! We can be nuts! Was worse on Saturdayn, when I actually walked around Old Montreal with that “date”.
      You are right. We are our best date sometimes and those fries were delish!

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    • Mel, as I said to Dale; I can only underline your every word! And you know what? (AND of course I have no idea about your situation, but….) I have realised at one point in my life that I’m pretty good company to myself (or a great date if you wish) and that I like it! 🙂

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  10. I just thought to write the same thing as Mel did…. 😉
    You ARE a bit of a nutcase, aren’t you? NO rendez-vous, with a man, a woman or god could have tempted me out in that kind of weather!
    But, apart from the swearing, your writing and telling a story, is just second to none – you’re a gal on a mission and I bless the day I found you. You always cheer me up, make me smile, give me some sunshine (ha ha, this in Canadian winter!) and I love you for that…. And for sharing your life with us.
    I have now seen so many interviews with ‘Grace and Frankie’ that I just NOW ordered the first 6 DVDs to indulge myself in the coming times…. As if I’d have the time to watch DVD’s. I’m probably a bit too naive myself, or too hopeful, or too …. let’s stop here!
    I did love the clip, and so did I your ‘dinner’ – the fries look amazing and the wrap too. I also know now what a Rickard’s Red is… I would have preferred ‘just’ a glass of Red myself but with the hazardous driving it might have been the wiser choice. The mural is truly amazing, what a colour-popper…
    Have a great day, love – you’re beautiful, inside and out!

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    • I am at that. We Canucks are known for our crazy.
      And I apologise, I don’t usually cuss so much – if you watched the G&F clip, you can understand I channelled them. Glad you enjoyed my rant, I mean story, despite it. Each episode is only half an hour so, you’ll find the time. And.then you’ll be hooked.
      That dinner turned out great, the beer money and the movie a delight for the senses. The mural was icing on the cake…
      Thank you, lovely lady, you’re a sweet one. Have a fabulous day yourself!!

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    • Ha ha ha! Sorry I put so many words for what was just a long, slow drive towards a different destination than originally planned… the evening was great as the food was delicious and the movie wonderful!

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  11. Just listening to the singing while commenting! It goes with the snow, somehow… beautiful, but dirge like.
    Oh, so it’s my fault, hey? Well, the street art is the most colourful image in the post! Love it!
    So, I’ve been over on my Art Gowns blog, working on my funny art.
    Will be back on GLaM in a day or two, and okay the pingback!
    Thank you, Dale, it’s wonderful to be thought of!

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