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A Way Out – Friday Fictioneers

Good Wednesday morning, my Readers!  Yep, it is snowing again.  The upside is, it is only -9°C (16°F), with barely a windchill of -11°C (12°F) – positively balmy compared to the past few days!  AmIright?  To keep us warm – those of us “enjoying” winter, how’s about a little story?  A thank you must go out to Rochelle for keeping this show going for nigh on seven years now, and to Ted Strutz, for sharing this wonderful photo.

Do join in on the fun why don’t ya!  Click on the blue frog below to add your link to your 100-word story.  G’head.  It’s fun!

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A Way Out

After days of walking in the woods, creating shelters out of twigs and leaves, Georgie was thrilled to see the old car.

“Hey, Fred! Looks like we found tonight’s shelter!”

“Yeah, well, I dunno.  If the windows are intact, it will be great, if not, we’ll be no better off than we’ve been so far.”

“Spoilsport.  Cushions for our poor hips!”

“Gotta hand it to you, Georgie; you are the most positive person I know.”

“You want positive?  How ’bout this?  Tomorrow, you MacGyver it and we get the hell outta here!”

“There’s positive, and there’s dreaming in Technicolor, Babe.”

185 thoughts on “A Way Out – Friday Fictioneers

  1. Love the last line! How could anyone still be so cheerful after days of walking in the woods and sleeping on twigs and leaves?? I’d be grumpy after the first night (if not sooner).

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    • It has been used as a verb since the first show way back! Oh come now… pish posh. Don’t be so demanding 😉 We can pretend it’s still in their for my story…


    • No worries, Shrawls! You got to me, so that counts 😉 And glad you liked.
      And he could make something outta nothing 😉 The newer version isn’t quite as good but they do throw in the humour and sarcasm, so there’s that. And he’s too “pretty” for my tastes (besides being way too young) 😉

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