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A Way Out – Friday Fictioneers

Good Wednesday morning, my Readers!  Yep, it is snowing again.  The upside is, it is only -9°C (16°F), with barely a windchill of -11°C (12°F) – positively balmy compared to the past few days!  AmIright?  To keep us warm – those of us “enjoying” winter, how’s about a little story?  A thank you must go out to Rochelle for keeping this show going for nigh on seven years now, and to Ted Strutz, for sharing this wonderful photo.

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A Way Out

After days of walking in the woods, creating shelters out of twigs and leaves, Georgie was thrilled to see the old car.

“Hey, Fred! Looks like we found tonight’s shelter!”

“Yeah, well, I dunno.  If the windows are intact, it will be great, if not, we’ll be no better off than we’ve been so far.”

“Spoilsport.  Cushions for our poor hips!”

“Gotta hand it to you, Georgie; you are the most positive person I know.”

“You want positive?  How ’bout this?  Tomorrow, you MacGyver it and we get the hell outta here!”

“There’s positive, and there’s dreaming in Technicolor, Babe.”

185 thoughts on “A Way Out – Friday Fictioneers

    • Hah! That it does. Methinks there will be no “MacGyvering” that beast…
      It is winter. Have to expect some of the white stuff. We had twice as much last year at this time, but way less cold.

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  1. Dear Dale,

    Funny, I never watched the old McGyver and haven’t the new one either. Cold here, too. They say the front comes to us from Canada. :p Thanks. Love the dialogue here. I can picture them. Well done.



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    • Dear Rochelle,

      The original was none other than Richard Dean Anderson. He was way smarter, sexier and sarcastically funny than the new one, Lucas Till, who is merely cute and funny.
      Sure it does! Blame Canada! 😉
      Glad you enjoyed my little story 😉

      Shalom and lotsa love,



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  3. Macgyvering it… that’s positive positiveness for ya. I like the idea very much! Splendid take on this great photo prompt. (from threefoldtwenty dotcom)

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  4. I doubt if even MacGyver could get that thing rolling again. Now if he had a booby pin, a pack of matches and some tinfoil as well, possibly 😉 I walked the dogs this morning and was surprised at how warm it was. Hot, almost. i checked the temp and it was -8C/18F. Uhm, it did feel warm, honest!

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  5. Q

    Great last line!

    Fred is right, when it’s a lost cause, you best understand that you’re gonna be hoofing it! No amount of McGyver is getting that puppy to rev. I mean, they can use it for shelter and to play as if they’re at the movies: one of those joints where you sit in a car, eat and watch movies.

    Technicolor and such. 🙂


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  6. Ha ha! Well, you never know what you might find in (or under) that car! (yeah, shameless plug for my entry … )
    And … I’m with the positive-thinker, because a ROOF over one’s head, even if the windows are not ‘intact’ is still … well … better than no roof over one’s head. And them hips. Yeah. Cushions are good. 😉
    Stay warm, friend!

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    • Right? Plug away! Besides, you just never know when you have a tinkerer as a boyfriend. Cushions are very good. I can say that I no longer tolerate the hardness bringing on the numbness of the hip. Cushions are a necessity!
      I am. You, too! 🙂

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          • LOL! Hey, hey, how do YOU know I have no extra padding … 😉 (but, yeah, true, I don’t). FWIW, I think padding is good. I tell my friends who lament whatever padding I don’t got (or they got), that if there’s ever famine, I die first. … 😉

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          • You done TOLD me you didn’t… 😛
            Oh, I’m not complaining about my padding, some like the curves… And yeah, might be able to last a tad longer during a famine…


          • I did done told you, didn’t I?
            Well, comes to show not much room to hide secrets anyways on this here frame. So there it is, open book me. Skinny for all to see.

            Speaking of, I was going through security at the airport one summer a couple of years ago or so, wearing skinny jeans and a rather huggy t-shirt. The guy pulled me aside to pat me down and I let him, because a lotta them people have their humor surgically removed as part of their job application and I had me a flight to catch, but I was thinking to myself–what exactly does he think I’ll be hiding and WHERE? … 😉


          • Yes, you done did. I remember you specifically telling me them there arms of your’n may be skinny but give good hugs…

            And I’m sorry, and I know I shouldnt, but I am LMAO! I was thinking you were going to say: and I let him because, hey, he’s copping a feel and that’s better than nothing and he obviously can see there ain’t nothing being hidden here… 🙄😏😎

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          • Yep, I did say I got skinny arms that give good hugs… and, Nope, I did not think that about the airport security person (even if that person was good looking it would not be what I thought, and … well … that person was decidedly NOT … or at least, not um … that way …). I was just rolling eyes (inwardly — again, sense of humor surgically removed in too many of them to take a risk or being seen as ‘having an attitude’) about the ‘really? you think that’s necessary for WHAT security?… 😉

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          • That you did.
            And I’m just jesting!
            Surgically removed sense of humour – but ya gotta wonder what goes on inside them thar brains of theirs… like DUDE! If I were packing something, you would SEE it!

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          • I know you were jesting! No worries! 🙂
            Truth is, I think their job is difficult, they are underpaid and under-trained and put in situations where they have too much power while also being quite helpless in a system that does not see THEM as human beings, either. I think most of them want to finish their shift and go home, and that most of them are worried of what would happen if someone ‘bad’ slips through on their shift, and maybe some of them have issues and are taking it out on people they know cannot confront them or who for some reason represent for them someone who had wronged them (or they’re just jealous that some are going on vacation when they cannot afford one on their salaries or whatever…). So … I don’t really know what’s going on in their brains (and half the time I’m not sure I’d wanna know … ESPECIALLY if they are trying to get some … um … contact … through people who don’t even know their name — that’d be plain sad, wouldn’t it?).
            And … yeah, if I was packing anything, there would be NO WAY it could be hidden on me the way I was dressed which was basically “what you see is what there is …” 😉

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          • Alas, some things DO get by them, but I don’t think they are the things they’d need to worry about with my and my skinny jeans (heck, my phone and keys barely fit in the pockets they make in pants for women my size) 😉

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  7. Nice one, Dale 🙂 Enjoyed the dialogue. I used to watch the original McGuyver. Haven’t watched the new one. Yes, Richard Dean Anderson was what you would call ruggedly handsome. He used to be on General Hospital back in the day. We have been having a really cold spell here in Canada. It should be warming up, though, in the next couple of days.

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    • He was/is a hottie, for sure! The new one is cute and all but way too pretty for me 🙂 Where in Canada are you? I’m on the south shore of Montreal… The snow falling now is supposed to turn to freezing rain 😦
      And thank you!

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  8. So, you’re on the south shore of Montreal. I visited the city years ago as well as Quebec City. Very quaint and Europeanesque. I’m in Toronto. On Monday, my son’s school cancelled because of the extreme cold weather. I think we’re supposed to get rain here today. Who knows? I can’t wait for Spring to come.

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    • I won’t hold it against you that you’re a Torontonian 😉.
      I heard about the school closures. We used to laugh at that but I swear we are becoming wimps here So we can no longer mock you 😁
      Spring is too far to start dreaming…


  9. Like the friendly banter here and in the comments. I guess you guys dont want know that its a breezy 77F here in North Florida. It got down to 40 F and people were bundling up! How we suffer, this time of year!❄️❄️

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  10. Great story, Dale. I like the way you have found a new use for the abandoned vehicle as a shelter. The last line is a hoot!
    I used to enjoy the old McGyver, both for the crappy theme music and to laugh at the number of times they got the science totally wrong. I seem to remember one episode where the laws of physics were broken six times…

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  11. Dear Grammar Nazi,

    I tremble as I type this, hoping that I leave not an errant mispelled word or improper usage of there (or is it they’re or their). I love Georgies optimism. Let’s hope MacGyver has enough duct tape and baling wire to get the old Chevy back on the road.

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  12. Very good story Dale. Well done. The MacGyver reference is fab, Great take on the prompt.
    We had -2C and we were freezing. Hate the cold. Oh and we did have a little flutter of snow, although some people blinked and missed it and therefore denied all knowledge of it ever happening.


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    • Thank you, Marian. So glad you enjoyed my MacGyvered story 😉
      -2C! That’s practically bikini weather 😉 No, really but for us, in Quebec, is not so bad!


  13. I love these two and I hope Georgie’s positivity rubs off on Fred. I think he needs it. I’m envious of your winter weather. We’re sweltering down here in 40 degrees C and humidity over 90%.

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  14. The power of positive thinking, eh? Fingers crossed it works – sounds like they could do with a break. Love the characters you build with very little interaction – they feel very distinct. Lovely stuff Dale

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