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Morning and the Sun is Just Rising

I am awakened earlier than I want to.  It’s 6:45.  Zeke waited until Iain left for work to need to go out.  I get up, go downstairs and let him out.  On my way up, I see Aidan is awake, say good morning. I get a mumbled “good morning” back.  Excellent.  I return to my still warm bed, tuck and roll and snuggle.  And wait for sleep to come. But one ear is open, listening.  Will Aidan let Zeke back in?  I look at the time.  It is 7:10.  No such luck.  He gets up, dresses and leaves the house as he has an 8:00 class and will probably be late.  He doesn’t even grab a banana-chocolate muffin, made just last night.  There is no way I will be able to fall asleep now and on cue, less than fifteen minutes later,  Zeke is scratching at the door.  I take that as my sign to get up, open the curtains and start my day.

Plug in the kettle, measure out my coffee for my one-cup Melitta and turn on the computer.  Get a joke from Tracy who is back at work after a three-week African trip with her daughter.  She asks what the hell I am doing up so early when I don’t have to.  I fill her in on my crappy night:  asleep by 11:30, awakened at 1:30 by, who knows what, still not sleeping by 2 so I take a little aid and am back asleep by 2:30-ish and then the rest.  To which I get a sympathetic “Ugh. Sleep is overrated” response.  Smiling, I take my now-ready coffee into my office and check my emails, respond to comments, read blog posts while observing the goings on outside.

I can understand Mick’s joy at sitting at this same desk every morning.  He loved watching the neighbours getting ready to leave for work, or running for the bus, walking their dogs.  It was one-thousand fold better than his office in our old house, which was in the basement, a small window above his head, facing the backyard but under the balcony.  In an attempt to get more light, he ripped out the trellis that had been installed to keep out critters.  It was a depressing place to work for sure, and one of the main reasons we moved.  That, and my request that he build a second bathroom.  That was it!  The For Sale sign went up.  He was done with the renovations!

Hands wrapped around my cup for warmth, I watched my neighbours across the street.  The garage door was open and I could see the Toyota SUV was parked inside (so hubby took public transport to work).  The Audi was parked outside and running to warm it up and I watched the young daughter get into it.  Meanwhile her brother remained outside throwing snow chunks into the street.  Mom shuffled her way gingerly to the open garage door to collect salt to spread around.  Yesterday’s rain has made all of our walkways, driveways and streets dangerous ice rinks.  And not the smooth sort, either.  The previous dump of snow left bumps and ridges and ankle-breaking crevasses.  She sprinkles the salt in the necessary places and slip-slid her way back to her son.  Breaking off chunks of snow with her boot, she supplied him with more “snowballs” to throw.  She then grabbed him in a big hug, planting a kiss on the top of his head.  So sweet.

Just then the school “bus” (Dodge Grand Caravan) arrived and, with another hug, mom let him climb in, chit chatted with the driver a minute or so and, as soon as the minivan left, got into her car to drive the daughter to her school.  I now wonder why both kids are in different schools when they are so close in elementary school age… Inquiring minds want to know.  Our neighbourly relationship goes no further than:  “Hello, how’s it going?” so I’ll never know…


87 thoughts on “Morning and the Sun is Just Rising

    • Good morning, Rochelle,

      So sorry you didnt…
      I wrote this post yesterday morning and thought I was going to add to it and realised it needed to stand on its own so just hit publish at stupid o’clock because my damn dog woke me up at 5 am AGAIN this morning, and pissed me off so now I can’t sleep! Though I shall tuck and roll and try again since I went out till late and needs must sleep!

      Shalom and Lotsa love and good coffee,


  1. I’m reading this Saturday morning, and the sun is not yet close to rising. I’m drinking coffee while I read your post. It’s too dark for me to see anything, but one of our cats, “the watch cat,” is on duty at a dining room window. He’s pushed the shade up enough for him to look out. The ice on top of snow sounds awful. I would not do well where you are. I remember first year our older daughter moved to Boston was one of the worst years for snow. She was not too happy. 🙂 I like the photo of you with the coffee cup in front of your face.
    Perhaps one of your children’s neighbors has special needs–or interests.

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  2. I’ve been up since 5 AM. It’s Saturday, still dark, and I’m sipping on my coffee, using the cup to warm me up since the heat feels more like air conditioning than heat. Actually, it’s not really dark. The waning moon is still casting a lot of light and the stars are bright, too.
    Ice on top of snow is probably one of my least favorite features of a cold winter.
    I enjoyed reading your peaceful start to the day and love that photo of you with the coffee cup.

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    • I have been, too, again. Unwillingly. Damn dog.
      Nothing like a hot mug on a cold morning.
      I love a “morning” bright moon.
      It is so dangerous. We later got a dusting of snow making things all the more dangerous.
      Glad you enjoyed my peaceful start that went full speed ahead after that – Which is why it didn’t get posted when it should have!
      Hiding my fave 😉

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  3. Since you wrote this yesterday morning, maybe you had a better sleep last night? I’m up early today — 5:15 am —, but had a fairly good rest. Now for morning coffee. 😉
    My sympathies to you folks about that ice rain. I remember those! My phone says -10 C here, not bad, and a bit of snow to come. It’s supposed to go up this weekend, then down, down, by Tuesday.
    I’m cooking at the Villa today and generally taking a weekend break from the long slog of “sculpting” the allegory, which has occupied me for weeks. 😦 I’ve hardly noticed this month and now it’s almost gone. All resolutions postponed for now.
    Have a good weekend and watch your step. 😉

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    • I wish. After writing this post, my day took off. I thought I was going to add to it but never got a chance then realised this morning, when I should have been sleeping, that nope. It’s gotta go as is.
      I am working on 3 hours sleep approx… will be trying to go back to sleep!
      Snow, ice rain, regular rain then snow on top. Don’t we have fun in Canada? You guys get your share of yuck, too. And I like how you and I think -10C is not bad! 😀
      Good on you to take such a wonderful break
      Resolutions? Whazzat? 😉
      You as well!

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  4. Q,

    It’s the mellow slices that birth the creative juices sometimes. And the observational queries, in which you construct stories out of the mysteries of strangers and neighbors, both.

    The first cup of java means there is no turning back. Because once I start dishing it up, Imma be up regardless. Sometimes I wait to see if I might fall back to sleep before I fire up the burner. And when the answer is “Hell nawh” . .then I know.

    Nice, warm brew for a cold morning!



    • B,

      The same thing happened to me this morning… I was re-reading my post – I had had intentions of continuing it after my appointment, then one thing after another happened and next thing I knew it was almost 2 am… so this morning, I figured, to hell with it, it goes as is because it needs nothing else!

      I was trying to get back to sleep this morning and guess what? Am warming my paws on a cuppa joe. Still gonna try and go back later for a nap. 3 hours ain’t what I would call a full night’s sleep!

      Glad you enjoyed my musings of the morn.


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  5. Well then. Here’s to dogs making sure that their owners do not oversleep (on a free day or a weekend day or any day when they might be allowed to snooze into the morning). I hear my friends cats – though needing no help in finding the litter box on their own or helping themselves to some dry food already in the bowl — conduct 4am marathon sessions of jump-on-chest, sit-on-forehead, whine at ear, and other quite-effective-wake-’em-up methods, demanding to be fed …
    In comparison, our roosters growing up were just noisy for noisy sake … They crowed, we slept … 😉 (guests, however, were a whole other megilah … they often wondered how anyone could sleep through the racket …
    Lovely description of the street waking up. Your neighbors (many neighbors in NYC keep a distance of “hi, how are you” and “nice weather/horrid weather” conversation — perhaps it is the forced close proximity that makes for some wanting to keep a distance in other ways? I often wondered. It is not universal, of course. Some neighbors become friends. Just many do not go beyond the neighborly nod or very-small-talk comment).
    Here’s to a good day for you, I hope. And a hug. Just because.
    The photo with your mug is very evocative. Thought you’d wanna know …


    • Uh huh. So very kind of them to make sure we seize the day. Thankfully the two cats are not allowed in my room nor on my bed because I can assure you, I’ll take pacing in front of the door over jump on the face any day!
      And we can sleep through anything we become accustomed to (like our train beside our old house).
      And here’s the funny thing. The THREE neighbours, to the left, to the right and across the street, we had great times with. The ones on the left are great (and he is my podiatrist), the ones on the right I have not even said hello to an their brats are really noisy, and the ones across the street, sometimes go past the good morning but she is petrified of Zeke – no matter how much I tell her he is gentle and loving..
      Now that I have slept an additional three hours, I feel fab! And a hug back, Just because.
      Is it? 😉

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      • Well, SOMEONE’s gotta make sure these two legged (relatively) hairless beings that need a leash to feel safe outside, get up in the morning and not miss out on the lovely world of smells and flying and running and sniffing things … 😉
        I hear ya re: neighbors. A bit like family, in the sense that you cannot choose them, so you might as well choose how you relate (or not) to them. …
        Poor Zeke – being accused of being scary when he’s a gentle one. I’d give Zeke a hug and a scratch between them ears if I saw him. So there’s that.
        Yay to 3 more hours of slumber. Wasn’t in the stars (ahem) here, because I had a professional meeting to go lead (every other month peer consult and study group of trauma professionals, been going for 15 years or so!). But now that I’m back home, with a fantastic pastry in my belly (picked up from the French bakery on the way home) as a pre-lunch snack … I’m thinking a little nap after lunch would be a lovely thing indeed!
        (and yes, living in NYC, one does get used to all manner of noises, too!)
        xoxo Na’ama


    • I’m wondering if it’s just a symptom of getting older, or the fact that often when the boys get up around 6-ish, he wants out (sleeps in my room, on his pillow or shower) and the only reason I do close my door is said boys can be so noisy!
      It is wonderful to watch the goings on…

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  6. Know what you mean about dogs, warm beds, and trying to get back to sleep. Luckily Maggie is currently of the ilk that when she’s asleep, she’s like ‘gone’ and will only stir to turn round or snuggle closer if she’s got chilled. She’s not even bothered if one of her babies falls off the bed at the moment.
    7am ish is her pee time, and I am usually stared awake if I’m not moving already. After the initial morning pee, it’s rare to go back to sleep as she thinks it’s time for both of us to get up.
    Tea for me rather than coffee…. appreciate neighbourhoods too. Although we have properties opposite, we cannot see into drives or windows. We have a good rapport with the residents here who know us by sight and always chat.
    Have just seen the kestrel fly in low between us and next door. Beautiful markings.

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    • No way he’s allowed to sleep with me. Way too big and furry! And that’s what he does. He just stands there and wills me awake, the bugger. And you should hear him snore when he IS asleep!! 7am-ish I can deal with. 5 am after going to bed near 2, I cannot.
      I like my tea in the afternoon. 🙂
      And there is a good rapport and I can see across from me very well,the rest are hidden by my own bushes and such. And nothing wrong with that.
      Oooh… nice!


      • Hubby’s fault I’m afraid. He encouraged her once despite my warning and that was that. Lately he’s in the spare room as he is so restless with reflux and/or in pain. Maggie and I snore on, most of the time, though I’ve had some bad nights lately.

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  7. Early morning is when the interesting things happen..,I love sitting by our kitchen window with my computer and listen to the birds chirping or watch the snow flakes fall..as for our neighbours, it’s sometimes hard to get even a hello out of them, so i’m still working on that! 🙂 Maybe a little nap today will do ya good 🙂

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    • So very true. There is a peacefulness to early mornings – even when those outside are running or throwing snow chunks!
      I went back to bed and slept from 8:30 till almost 11:30. I feel like a new moi!


  8. This is why I don’t have a dog. 🙂 Me and sleep are like peanut butter and jelly and nothing gets in between us. EVER.

    Ice is the worst part of winter. If work and schools decide to open in the ice, I wave at them all as they skate to wherever they’re supposed to be, then hunker down. I don’t skate without skates.

    BUT! This is good information as I’m planning to visit Canada when snow might be falling. Note to self: if it’s icy, that’s the day to stay put and look out the window (much like you did here in this post).

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    • I really do love Zeke but as he gets older, he gets more needy, I guess… or like old folks who need to pee in the night more than once – that must be what it is. It’s annoying as hell, is what it is.

      Ice does blow for sure and now we are getting a nice little dusting of the powdery white stuff, hiding the ice so there will be no running in the street today.

      AND when you DO visit, if you do come to this neck of the woods, I make a mean hot chocolate to drink as we watch those brave (read stupid) enough to go out there…

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      • I experienced life with an older dog back in the day. He ended up in doggie diapers – helped with his any time is a good time to pee issue and also sleep for his owners.

        As I’m planning on one day ignoring the other parts of my DNA and becoming fully French, I’ll be visiting Montreal/Quebec only on my in the near-ish future trip. Hot chocolate sounds delish — one of my all-time faves.

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          • The older dog I spoke of was *very* sick and should have been let go from his suffering a lot sooner than he was, but he wasn’t *my* dog so … … …

            I will be visiting you! 🙂 (Think I got that right?). I’m sure you’ll make Asiago in an undisgustingly smelly way that will make me a convert to smelly cheeses. I’m looking forward to it!

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          • I am with you on that type of thinking. It’s just being selfish to keep them around longer than they should be…

            Yes, you did get that right and you better!
            Voilà! I have challenged myself as well to create this non-disgustingly-smelly dish!

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  9. I’ll finish the kid story for you. The boy goes to a special school since he was released from the juvie mental hospital. He accidentally killed his older sister while practicing his knife throwing act. She had agreed to be on the spinning wheel when his allergies caught hold of him and his sneeze, unfortunately, came just as he released the last knife. Other than that, nothing unusual about them.

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  10. Good morning! I hear you on the dog, the boy, the muffins:). Except I made pumpkin blueberry version. I loved reading this and thinking of you–a fellow mom and warrior–starting her day as I start mine. And sleep was sketchy earlier this week, so I feel your pain. Glad you had the coffee (mine is in front of me right now) and the time to moodle a bit. I hope a good book awaits somewhere in your day.

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    • Good morning! I know you know what I’m talking about. Mmm pumpkin blueberry… now I want to make some!
      Yes, Warrior Mom! And yes, a book is definitely awaiting me… as well as for you? It is Sunday… let us enjoy it.


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