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I Wanna Sleep With You in the Desert Tonight – Friday Fictioneers

Good Wednesday, my Peeps!  It is time for this week’s episode of Friday Fictioneers.  I looked at this pic and many ideas floated around but none truly tickled me fancy.  So I asked my buddy Marc, over at Sorryless, his thoughts on this pic and he said, “Lotta ways to go with that one.” and I responded with “Gimme an idea or three”.  He responded:  “You got your Native American angle, of course. In which you go all Rochelle and add some history to the story. You got your Eagles (the band) angle”.  Oooooh.  I was sold.  Thank you, Marc!  And, of course, thank you to Rochelle for hosting this weekly party.  And thank you to Renee Heath for the use of her pretty picture.

©Renee Heath


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I Wanna Sleep With You in the Desert Tonight

“Whaddaya say, Carol, wanna spend the night in the desert?  You, me, a fire, the stars…”

“And whatever other beasties creep and crawl out there, just waiting to eat us up..”

“Nothing to worry about.  I’ll protect you.  Plus, I’ll bring a nice sturdy tent for when we wanna, yanno, go inside.” He smiled and wiggled his eyebrows.

Laughing, “Protect me?  Mr. Daryl, aka Bear Grylls?  Where did this crazy idea come from, anyway?”

“Don’t you think it would be romantic?”

“I do like the idea of the stars, you and me…  What inspired you?”

“That song by “The Eagles”…

183 thoughts on “I Wanna Sleep With You in the Desert Tonight – Friday Fictioneers

  1. He might not last long.
    ‘What inspired you?’
    The song by the Eagles,, mmm yes but does he have to tell her.
    Not the the inspiration of being alone with her then. Not her lovely eyes and warm sweet voice.
    I like how you brought in the music to the picture. Nice.

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    • I dunno about that, James. We get inspiration from all sorts of places. That he wants to spend time with her is the thing – and who says he’s not inspired by her eyes, her voice, etc. 😉
      Glad you enjoyed!

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  2. Q,

    A delicious merging of song and series into an age old mating ritual to which the stars applaud!

    Your dialogue is fast ball. Combine that with wit and mood, and his ying to her yang and you have yourself a FF original. Good on you to go with the dialogue . . . 😉

    Another classic, chica.


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    • Oh dear! I camped for many years, going from tent, to pop-up tent-trailer to finally, trailer. You could not pay me to return to a tent… unless a “Daryl” charms me beyond my ability to refuse 😉

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  3. I know, for the young that’s romantic. And I did my share of it. Though the worst nasties we get are horse flies and mossy (don’t tell me Mother never knew where I’d been). But out your way, and in the desert, there are nastier things. A good thick inflatable bed, and a sturdy tent with insect-proof groundsheet. Then he’d better be good.
    Oh, have I taken the romance from it? Sorry, Dale. But I liked how you told it. 🙂

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  4. Dear Dale,

    Once more your dialogue sets the stage in such a wonderful way. Sounds like it could be a romantic tryst of a night of scratching and slapping. 😉 (Go all Rochelle, eh? :D) Love the song. They might be happier booking a room at the Hotel California. On the other hand, I’ve hard it’s a hard place to leave.

    Shalom and hugs,


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    • Dear Rochelle,

      So very glad I did.
      Slap and tickle vs scratch and slap 😉
      Ya like that, “Go all Rochelle”, eh? LOL
      Yeah… that song has a totally different ending 😉

      Shalom and lotsa love,


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  5. Kind of funny, I’ve heard that song a million times and I don’t think I ever noticed the I want to sleep int he desert with you tonight part – as you might see from my answers to Frank’s concerts, I hear music, not words. Anyway, a round about way of saying I like your mixing of photo and song to make your story.

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  6. It sounds like these two are “already standing on the ground”–that is, they seem grounded and whether the answer is yes or no theyll probably find a way to stay together. Definitely avoid the Hotel California! And Im not sure we can trust advice from Sweden on how poisonous scorpions are (Bjorn!). The worst I ever saw camping was a rattlesnake and that was plenty scary enough even ten feet away! Didnt give me a peaceful easy feeling at all! Funny enjoyable story.

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  7. Interesting. Reading your intro, the title of your post and then looking at the picture, what struck me was a Neil Young song, not the Eagles. The song is Pocahontas. There is a line in it … “I would give a thousand pelts to sleep with Pocahontas and find out how she felt.”

    If you don’t know the song already … here’s the video of him performing the song years ago on MTV’s unplugged. It is one of my favorites.

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  8. I really enjoyed the dialogue, the bantering, the wiggling of his eyebrows, so many details. I really enjoyed this story!! At least he is trying to be romantic and hopefully all well go well. Also, love the Eagles so there’s that too. =) Hope you have a wonderful weekend, Dale.

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  9. Dale – this was so well done – the music connection and the story was brilliant

    I also enjoyed the comments and Andreas really did have a brilliant reply with the comments and the other eagles song lines!
    But it was not better than the original – cos it was different –
    It was a comment and so there is no better or best – ya know?
    And lastly – I am with frank – no tent for moi (but no hotel California either)

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you, Yvette! Much appreciated that you so enjoyed it.
      And comments are part of the whole fun of blogging.
      And hey, I’m with Frank, too. I am done with tents. Way too roughing it for me, now!


  10. Hope I can add a little something to your comment box, mi amiga. Many thoughts by many readers. Let me start with how much I dislike camping ⛺️ YUP … we did the camping thing from tent, to pop up, to tag along trailer, to class C beauty. It was great with the kids. Easy and simple although one was whiny 😫. Ha Ha 😀 I digress! I wouldn’t find it romantic. Yes, I love the idea of a star ⭐️ lit sky. Love the quiet isolation. I think it’s romantic. But, no room service, no maid, no cook. Should I go on?
    BUT, it’s a super story. I’ll pass on joining you guys. Mmmmm …. unless there’s wine 🍷 lots of wine 🍷
    Have a Rockin’ Weekend…!!!!
    Izzy 😎

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    • hahaha! Don’t forget, Isadora, this couple is younger 😉
      I’ve done all the stages too, and frankly, would still be doing it, maybe, with hubby. Because the boys are now too busy so we probably would have sold just like my sister did last summer.
      OF course there would be WINE!!

      And yes… rocking to Neil Diamond 😉

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      • Hell Yeah !!!! Neil Diamond is a fellow Brooklyn-nite. We rock our Brooklyn. I love him. 😍
        YUP … youth is so cool. Wish I realized that way back when. Gosh … I’d dance 6 hours and was as high as high can be from endorphins. NOW … where’s the Aleve. LOLOL 😂😂😂 or wine 🍷 I think that we go through stages in life. Camping and hanging with my kids had its time.
        Now, I’ll sit by my pool and enjoy my medicinal m and be glad for it. Ahhh … aging can be cool. 😊😎

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