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Weekend Writing Prompt #92 – Woolgathering

Can’t resist these prompts, especially when the word count is under 50.  Thank you, Sammi, for challenging us weekly.  The spelling can be with or sans hyphen so, choose that which you prefer!

A word prompt to get your creativity flowing this weekend.  How you use the prompt is up to you.  Write a piece of flash fiction, a poem, a chapter for your novel…anything you like.  Or take the challenge below – there are no prizes – it’s not a competition but rather a fun writing exercise.  If you want to share what you come up with, please leave a link to it in the comments.

Word Prompt



Woolgathering again, they accused

Wasting time, lost in daydreams

Didn’t they know?

Some of the greatest minds

Created masterpieces during their reveries

Jung, Kerouac, Dali, Nolan

Science, literature, art, theatre

Creativity’s muse

Takes many forms


70 thoughts on “Weekend Writing Prompt #92 – Woolgathering

    • I know, right? Sometimes, FF look like more than 100, I copy/paste them into Word and nope… 100 bang on. I did this one through Word as well to make sure…
      Thank you, ma’am! 😀

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      • No, seriously, I was just amazed, it looked so many words. Unusual for me I have an entry for this though, rather than post more than one in a day, this has to wait til Tuesday, And mu offering seems to much less than yours. Gosh, now I sound jealous. Nah, she’s got more than me! 🙂 😀

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        • You are like me. I really don’t like to post twice in one day (and man, some people are really, REALLY prolific. When my inbox contains 4-5 from one person, I just usually pick only one to read. Sorry.)
          You are so funny!
          It does look longer…
          And pfft! Yours is going to rock.

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          • True. I read all the other ones (so far) and the horizontal ones do look smaller.
            The shorter the word count, the more I am prone to do it poetry-style (not that I lay any claims to knowing what the hell I am doing)


  1. Dear Dale,

    The world belongs to the daydreamers, doesn’t it? Love this. Without the daydreams of such people where would we be and how dull would existence be…if we didn’t perish for lack of dreams. Lovely piece.

    Shalom and hugs,


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    • Dear Rochelle,

      It does indeed! Sure, movers and shakers get some things done, but I like to think dreamers give us the beauty in the world – as well as the useful and necessary!

      Shalom and lotsa love,


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  2. Bravo! What a fun post. Looks like everyone covered it. I just read it after looking at the ceiling for 19 minutes, then saw the sun peek through the curtain. I’ve been summoned to take my dreaming outside. Enjoy your weekend!

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  3. Q,

    Yanno, with most things in life, when it’s cut to the lean it means there is zero flavor to be had. Excepting when it comes to your challenge posts, where few words pack lots of punch.

    For example, I’ve already exceeded the word count!

    Your passion for these diminutive ditties is apparent. You love being pushed to find just the right word. And, as per, you have done it again.



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    • B,

      I really appreciate you chiming in with such positive notes. Glad to find out there is some flavour to these 36 words.

      I always fear I’ll lose flow or rhythm or sense!

      So, yeah, means a lot to hear “I done ayt”


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      • Umm . . it’s flavor.

        And yes to the 36! You went 17 once, so this must have felt like a novel in comparison! I admire your ability to tackle the limbo line the way you do. I would probably just write “All work and no play make Jack a dull boy” until I ran out of words!

        Better than ayt. 😉


        • Oh. My bad. I keep forgetting you don’t know how to spell…

          And. I don’t honestly know how I do it… I search for extra words in places, worry I’ll bugger up my thought, putz around here and there and then finally, close my eyse and release it, hoping I did a half-assed decent job!

          And you probably would have just one fabulously beautiful sentence. Boom!

          You’re sweet. 😉

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          • Boom! And they say Canadians play nice. Pffftt!

            Half assed decent job? Oh puhleeze! Err, I mean . . 😎 You did a sensational job of it, and it was as a result of working and whittling and re-arranging and knowing the words. No putzing in the recipe.

            Believe me, I ain’t got the brevity gene. Maybe it’s a result of my Catholic upbringing, I don’t know . . .


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          • Course we are. ‘Cept when we talk about ‘Muricans. Well not the ones we love- so you’re good.

            OK. OK. Was that needy writer in me looking for acceptance… 😜

            I know. I’m positive you could do a beautiful 36-word sentence.

            And um. I’m Catholic- maybe they were more lax with me… there’s no Hispanic blood in me (that I know of)…


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          • Phew!

            Buahaha! I do believe that needy writer was looking for a literary hug, yes I do.

            Imma take your word for it, Ms Lit Limbo. What you got cooking on brevity makes a yummy dish indeed.

            You’re not Cathoulic? 🙂


          • Ya… rest easy, friend…

            Yes, yes, she was. She often doubts herself.

            I think you would (probably already have) write a beautiful one.

            But of course I am. But, as a divorcée, I am going straight to hell, so there’s that.

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          • I mean, I was somewhat hopeful this would be the case. 😉

            Wait what? Oh . . you mean like every single writer ever in the history of writing?

            Hmm. Thirty six words? Gimme another thirty six in the conversion, and then maybe one more thirty six as a gesture of goodwill between our countries and then we have a deal!

            Meet ya in the fiery pits! Bring marshmallows por favor? I’ll bring the tequila.

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          • Somewhat? Now who wants reassurance? 😉

            Yeah, yeah, OK, point taken.

            One sentence. Just one. 36 words. I know you can do it! Now, I feel I must challenge you.

            Meet ya there for shizzle! Marshmallows – check! Tequila – check! Nachos, I’ll bring (coz you need the salty/sweet thing going on)

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          • Nah, I know bettah. 😉

            I’ll start with greeting cards and work my way up from there, how’s that?

            I got the lime, chocolate and graham crackers . . because ‘smores in Hell is the height of irony. We don’t need the hot peppers, because . . yanno!


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