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Who Needs Help? – Friday Fictioneers

Welcome to Wednesday, my Readers! This very snowy day (here in Montreal) brings us rosy cheeks and tired muscles after shovelling over one foot of snow dumped on us overnight. And lo! It snows still! I canna lie, it is really pretty. But treacherous, as under that fluffy blanket is sheer ice. Let us (fellow sufferers) warm up with a little story. I’ll be interested to see if anyone sees where I got my inspiration from. πŸ™‚

A thank you, always goes to Rochelle for hosting this weekly party and this week, J.Hardy Carroll‘s picture was lifted chosen to inspire us. Do join in the fun and tell us a 100-word story and leave your link by clicking on the blue frog below. Till then, hope you enjoy my little “out-there” attempt.

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Who Needs Help?

Head bowed, he shuffled along. Hearing a muffled sound, he stopped, cocked his head to listen intently. “Don’t! Don’t make me! Leave me alone!” Looking up, he saw what appeared to be someone’s head hanging out of the window.

“Are you okay?” he asked, not too loudly. “Do you need help?” Silence greeted his query, and without thinking things through, he found the main door and ran up, taking the stairs two at a time. The door was ajar to the apartment and he silently and carefully pushed through.

Stunned, he stopped. It was himself, alone, leaning over the ledge.

186 thoughts on “Who Needs Help? – Friday Fictioneers

  1. A gripping lead-in and a super surprising twist. Lots of possible interpretations and explanations, but who needs everything pinned down like that? It’s a wonderfully enigmatic story. And I think I’ll have to investigate Mr Robot. I love a good robot story.

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  2. I love me a good time loop, what fun. Actually, it reminds me of a story from the Polish SF writer Stanislav Lem. The cosmonaut Ion Tichy meets several of his older and younger selves … fun.

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  3. Intriguing and unsettling… definitely gets the imagination going. The beginning suggests to me that he’s hearing voices, so he may be delusional. But then again, he could be completely sane, perceiving other dimensions that “normal” people do not. Superbe, Madame!

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