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Crimson’s Creative Challenge #14 – Juste Milieu

Ahh Crispina.  You’ve done it again.  You have enticed me to join in on your CCC challenge again this week.  Of course, it is Valentine’s Day today.  Of course, love is on so many people’s minds, and to a certain extent, mine as well.  That Google “Remember this day” sure didn’t help by reminding me that five years ago today, my husband and I celebrated our last one together with him decorating the dining room with all things heart, making me a meal and gifting me with my camera.  On my own since December of that same year, many thoughts on what I want or don’t want have criss-crossed my mind, going from, I really hope I meet someone, to, well, how about I meet someone who doesn’t need to have me 24/7?  There is something to this doing her own thing that quite appeals, even if occasionally, it can be lonely.  Enough rambling.  To my submission!


Choosing Me

“You don’t need a man to make you happy”

“You’ll be lonely remaining alone”

“Don’t be so picky”

“Don’t lower your standards”

Words thrown from all directions, including internally


What happened to making your own choices?

Trusting your own judgment?


A tasty meal with the perfect wine, wonderful conversation, followed by delicious sex

Why can’t that be enough for you?

Friendship, movies, a walk in the woods, holding hands, kissing, star-gazing

Why can’t that suffice?


Must it be all one?

And none of the other?

Where is the “juste milieu”? for me? for you?


One wants it all

The other wants just some

Neither can be forced


So, for now, I shall remain firmly planted at that junction

Forced neither left nor right

And should someone come along that makes my heart sing

And for whom I do the same?

Then let that path open wide.

(150 words)

63 thoughts on “Crimson’s Creative Challenge #14 – Juste Milieu

  1. I love the music choice. The title is what you must do, and, if your own way ends in finding a super new partner to share your life with, that is great. If not, that is also great because you can be content as you are.
    Love and hugs to you this Valentine’s Day!

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  2. This is really beautiful. And real. Like you. Love that you can still put your essence on the table, unabashedly, and make us feel. Thank you and Happy V Day, Ms. Dale. I hope meteors of joy are headed your way at this very moment.

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  3. Q,

    The problem is, people are judged for doing what’s right for them. I know I’m judged for being a perpetual bachelor, not that judgement has swayed me to consider something that, for me, is not what I want. Being comfortable in your own skin and doing what YOU know is the right thing is the important thing. Hell, it’s everything.

    And let’s face it, drinks and sex and Chinese take out, followed by going to sleep by yourself IS having it all for some peeps. It’s all in what we want, what we choose.

    To life, love and knowing what matters most.



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    • Dear Rochelle,

      I dunno about being heroic or just learning how to be me in this crazy life I landed in. I might never have come to such realisations if my life didn’t take this turn. I guess that finding myself single for the longest period of my life – ever! has forced me to take a good long look (gaze, survey, gawp 😉) at just what I want from this point forward.
      I’ll take it and be da woman! 😘

      Shalom and Lotsa love,


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  4. Aw, happy/sad memories. But yay for doing your own thing. You know I’m a fan! Twas a serial relationship person until one day, I just said, “Enough.” Then just me. And what an adventure I’m having with myself!

    It’s good you’re open to the possibility of love (as I am) again, but awesome that you’re more than OK with just you (ya know, because you’re awesome).

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  5. That’s so beautifully written and moving. Being yourself, doing your own thing, not needing someone but chosing someone when he/she comes along (no ifs with you), that’s the way to go. You rock, girl.

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  6. Hi – tried to leave a comment here twice
    – and both times it kept logging me out when I’d leave the reader – hm – but now I am
    Able to stay in the reader and all
    Is well (not sure why the change- )anyhow…this was beautifully written – nice word choices and then love the “Neither can be forced”

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