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Crimson’s Creative Challenge #15 – To Come Full Circle

I have been drawn in, once again, to Crispina’s CCC challenge.  First of all, because the sunflower is my favourite flower – even when she is spent and ready to be put to rest.  I didn’t want to focus on her death but could not avoid it.  And then, what the hell was I thinking?  I decided to try my hand at a double etheree (didn’t even know what that was before Willow introduced me to one a good while back).  And then, yesterday, Merril went and posted a beautiful one and somehow here I am trying my hand at writing crazy stuff that I know nothing about.  Call me crazy.

To Come Full Circle



Time is up

Served my purpose

Seeds and glory, gone

Sadly, I hang my head

I was beautiful, before

But now, I fear, am fading fast

The birds come no more, I am spent

My green once so bright has dulled to yellow


But wait!  I have lost sight of my purpose

I have fed nature’s smallest creatures

I have given, with all my love

Facing the sun, I spread joy

I replenish my stock

Letting some seeds fall

To plant themselves

Born again

To give



(Word count:  89)

59 thoughts on “Crimson’s Creative Challenge #15 – To Come Full Circle

  1. Q,

    That circuitous route from life to death to life again, all in eighty nine sumptuous words!

    I love how you pushed the rhythm from end to new beginning in such a melodic way. It felt as if I was reading a book from the last page to the first page. Cleverly opening it up again where it appeared closed.

    And that sunflower looks like a natural shower head.




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    • Dear Rochelle,

      Thank you, my friend! I dunno what I am thinking sometimes, when I decide to try my hand at these genres 😉

      Compliment accepted with a Shalom and Lotsa love,


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